31 Days of Makeup: Day 15- Neutral

Hello there! This is a continuation of yesterday’s shit. But this time I can actually say random out of the blue profanity because this one is not going to be on my personal FB account!

In this look I used a very dark glittery metallic shade on the lids, I gotta say 1/4 of the glitter/shimmer on that shade ended up all over my face, my pillow my body every-fucking-where, and that is just 1/4 of the shimmers, most ended up on my lids since they are not chunky as fuck. Anyways, my point here is even shimmery neutrals are very workable, dark shimmery neutrals to be specific. If you read my post yesterday, I stressed out that the easiest eye looks are made from light matte neutrals. Here I’m basically showing you the opposite.

Here is the catch though, these types of looks requires a lot of blending but not as much as blending bright shades. This requires less transition shades and less blending compared to your purples, pinks, reds, blues and greens and black.

Like I said neutrals are the most basic shades you can use.

That’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀


31 Days of Makeup: Day 1-1960’s Mod Inspired Smokey Eye

31 days of makeup or 30 days of makeup has been done a lot of times… And it is a very over-used concept, but it is a challenge: Can you do 31 looks that are different each day?

Challenge accepted, I can do 31 very different looks… can I upload every single fucking day… I don’t fucking know, but I’ll try. For the 1st day I’m going with this look, this is inspired by the 1960’s Mod trend, but not exactly like it. Why, because back in those days smokey aye is not that popular, the thing I borrowed from Mod in here is the black and white color scheme and the very pale lips.

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀