Second Hand Mac Palette ;-) (Not a review)

I bought a second hand Mac Palette, and I am happy. Since I can’t afford these shit on full price.

I got this from a friend who has a relative that works at a Mac store in Dubai. The said relative sent my friend a lot of barely used Mac products, this one in particular was brand new when she got it, she used it once and she decided that these shades are not her style; so she sold it to me for Php650.00 since she used it already.

Now I’m going to tell you a story, my friend got two of these times 9 palettes, an Amber one and a Burgundy one… I bought the burgundy one, when I got at her house the other girl that was there was buying the Amber one, both that girl and I got curious about each other’s palettes and we took them out of their boxes to compare, both boxes looks exactly the same, after we looked at each other’s palettes we went our separate ways, I was already home when I noticed that we accidentally interchanged the boxes… the box I’m showing you up there is the box for Amber Times Nine…

This is how the packaging looks like, it came with a pretty unique plastic sleeve, it has magnetic closure and the finish of the packaging on the outside is matte, the inside is glossy.



Here are some swatches… I gotta say, I was pretty impressed with the quality of these shadows all it took to get that color pay-off from these swatches was a single swipe, that’s it. I didn’t need to work hard to get it to work. But really, to me if you are paying more than Php500.00 for makeup, it should work like that. This palette in full price is about Php1547.99 which is a lot…

Over-all I like this palette and I’m glad I bought it.

That’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀

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Fake Kat Von D Makeup

Months ago, I bought these fake Kat Von D stuff together with the Fake ABH highlighter that I reviewed “here”. Later today or tomorrow, I will post a review about each of these products, I would just like for you to see these stuff for yourself.

That’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😉


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Kiss Beauty PRO Shimmer Palette


Hello people of planet Earth!

In my last makeup post, the one directly before this one, I explained to you, even apologized about categorizing a certain product as a counterfeit despite it being not… You can read it and the details about it “here”, and see for yourself, the dumbass that is I…

Now to the product.

This is the Naked 4 PRO Shimmer Powder Palette by Kiss Beauty. Kiss Beauty is a Chinese brand that I’ve seen everywhere here in the Philippines. And as you can see that company also used the “Naked 4” tag on this product, despite it being no way connected to Urban Decay.

This is actually a highlighting palette. A pretty good one too, and cheap. I got it for Php400.00, back when it’s clients season (June, since it was graduation season for University of the Philippines and some other State Universities and it is also a wedding season since lots of brides are obsessed with the idea of being a June Bride…), and so far I’m liking it.

When I bought it, it was nicely sealed with plastic, and it has a cardboard sleeve that looks exactly like the palette itself, the only difference is that the sleeve has the manufacturing and expiration details on it and the palette itself does not.

honestly… that girl on the right kinda freaks me out… just a little bit… 

The palette says that you can use the shades inside as powder,
highlighter and bronzer… I do not see “powder” happening though because all of the shades in here are very shimmery/glowy, which is not something you want for setting powder. I also do not see bronzing happening here, at least for my skintone because the bronzers (That also happens to be shiny and glowy) are too light for me; maybe it can happen if you are fair, but I doubt that you’ll love a very glowy product as a bronzer either.

Now back to the packaging; the cardboard used in this palette is actually pretty nice and sturdy, and the magnet is so fucking strong to the point that there are some days when I can’t open the damn thing; so I really think that this won’t just open up and shatter the contents if you drop it, the pans are also well glued on the palette. The outer packaging is cream colored(Majority) and has pictures of three pin-up women.


When you open the palette, you’ll see a pretty nice quality mirror that huge enough to see your whole face in. And the mirror’s frame is pink that has PRO. Shimmer Powder written on top and My skin, My shade, My makeup! on the bottom. It also came with two plastic sheets to protect the product inside. Why two? I really don’t know, but the seller says that all of the PRO Shimmer palettes did came with two plastic sheets each.


Now to the product itself,  there are four shades in this palette, the first one is a a very shimmery white that has a little bit of a gold shift; great for fair skin, and also great for inner corner highlight. The next one is a very light bronze shade, good for medium skin tone. The next one is a light pink, good for fair to light skin tones. The next one is my most used one, it is a little darker than the first bronze in this palette, it’s still a bronze shade though almost the same as my skin tone, I use it mostly for a very nice glow on my cheeks.

Photo4916 (1)

So, This product cost me Php400.00 (Usd8.63) and the the product weighs 20 grams (o.705 oz.), which means, you get 5 grams per pan. Which also roughly translates to Php100.00/5 grams (Usd2.16/0.176 oz.). Which is not a bad deal for the quality of this product. Though I could’ve gotten it on sale and pay less for it… This shit sold out easily during sales though for some reason, so I had to get it reserved.

I really like this… it is not that finely milled, and it smells fucking powdery but I really like it; since it does its job well.

I think the dirty as fuck palette and mirror proves that I like using this little fucker, if that’s not enough of proof then just look at the dents I left on the pans.

I used this palette as a highlight in all three pictures above.

So really, all in all I like this palette. It is definitely not the best highlighting palette there is but it is amazing for how cheap it, also the shade range is pretty nice. You can also use these shades as eyeshadow if you want too.

Rating: Price-7.5/10, Packaging-8.5/10, Pigmentation-8.5/10, Shade range-8/10, versatility: 7.5/10, Overall: 8/10.

So, will I recommend this product? Yes, if you want an array of highlighters in nicely sized pans that will last you for a long time, then yes.Also it’s better to just buy these than buying fake Anastasia Highlighters (that is the same price as this palette).

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀

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Ever Bilena 6-Pan Eyeshadow Palettes Review (GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO FAKE PALETTES)


Okay, so these are actually one of the first local brand products that I will be featuring in this blog, at least after I reviewed my Sansan CYO eyeshadows that I loved so much, but they got discontinued; I WAS VERY FUCKING SAD (a little bit angry too, since I didn’t get to stock up) WHEN I HEARD…

So, this is not really the first time that I’ve used Ever Bilena eyeshadows, the very first palette I ever owned was from this particular brand and I really loved it at the time. But then I forgot about it when I tried some better eyeshadows.

And as you can see here… I banged that palette up quite badly…

Now they released two new,small palettes,both containing 6 pans of eyeshadow. One is called Pink, the other is called Brown. The first one I got was the Brown one, because hey, it is the cool toned one; no fucking surprise. It is also the one that has the most amount of mattes in it, and it is the easiest to work with between the two. But in the end I got the Pink one too the very next day.

So, let’s talk about the Brown one first. It cost Php150.00 (Usd3.23) in the Watsons that is located inside of SM Calamba. But I think the price will vary depending on where you get it. The packaging is a simple box with a cutout to show the shades inside the palette, it just a plain hole, no plastic that acts as a barrier between the palette and the outside world.

The box also have the ingredients at the back of it. I really don’t know why the 2nd and third shades look white in the Photo, but the 2nd one is a very light pink and the 3rd one is a little grayish.

Now for the palette packaging itself. I gotta say, this packaging reminds me so much of a discontinued NYX palette line that existed years ago. They have minor differences, but still looks the same packaging-wise. It is made of plastic, but still feels sturdy, durable and heavy. It has a small but still usable mirror inside of it and it came with a double ended sponge tip applicator.

As I said the shades inside are very cool toned. My Favorite.

swatches: Left-Finger swatches (No primer or base), right-swatched with brushes, synthetic brushes for the shimmers and natural hair brushes for the mattes (still, no primer or base).

This palette has two matte shades, two satin shades and two shimmer shades. These are very pigmented too, and they blend nicely, the first shade which is a white, has a shimmer finish, good for inner corner highlight or even as a lid shade, you can use it on the brow bone too, but use a very light hand. The second shade is a matte cool toned pale pink, that is a nice transition shade, the next one is a matte grayish brown shade that I like for crease. The next shade is a satin champagne shade that is good for subtly highlighting the inner corner and the brow bone, you can even use it as a lid color if you want. The next one is a satin dark, grey with a little hint of purple, great for the outer corner, or the crease if you’re doing a cut crease. The last one is a black with gold shimmers, not really glitter; but very fine micro-shimmer, I use it to line my bottom lash line and I use it for the outer corner as well, and it will look stunning if you put it on top of a black base for a smokey eye.

This is actually a pretty good palette, it exceeded my expectations… but the only problem I have with it is that for a “Brown” palette, it does not have a true brown shade… what the flying fuck. But it’s still good nonetheless.

I used only the brown palette to create this eye look.

Now for the Pink one. It cost the same as the Brown one since I got them from the same place.

Packaging-wise, the Pink one is not very different from the Brown palette. The only difference is the name and the color of the font, nothing major.

It is also the same case for the palette itself.

This palette is very warm compared to the other one.

Left: Finger swatches, right: swatched with brushes, the only problem with those two pictures is bad lighting, but I think you can still see how pigmented they are despite the stupid lighting. 

Now, the shade range in here is very different from the Brown palette. This have one satin shade and five metallic shades. The first shade is a satin white, at first I thought it was matte, then I applied it and it had a very slight sheen to it, I use this shade to highlight. The next one is a metallic light pink, which is a fucking good inner corner highlight, can be used on the lid too. The next one is a nice metallic rose gold shade, I like it as a lid color. The next one is a metallic copper shade and it is fucking beautiful, good for the lid too. The next one is the generic bronze shade that you can see in every neutral palette ever, good for the lid too. and the last one is very dark metallic brown shade with bronze glitter, it is very beautiful, very nice for the lower lashline and outer corner.

Honestly, I find it hard to make a full look by just using this palette, because it does not have a matte shade, it does not have a matte that I can use on my crease, but it is a great companion palette though. And the middle four shades are great for cheek highlighting if you want intense highlighting.

I used only the pink palette for the eye look I created here.

middle four shades used as highlighters, I applied them using my fingers, that’s why they look so intense, but you can tone it down by using a brush. The first one is good for pale skin, the second one is good for light to medium skin, the third one is for dark skin, but medium can still pull it off if used lightly, the fourth is for medium skin tone. 

Both Palettes weigh 6.8 grams; each pan weighs 1.13 grams, which is not a bad deal considering that a single mac eyeshadow is 1.5 grams.It is like paying only Php25.00 for each shade. The shades feels very smooth too,  they are also very buttery and a little soft especially with the metallic shades, the shadows do not feel cheap at all. They feel expensive and good quality; I was actually impressed when I swatched them. 

They can also last nicely, especially when used with bases, and you do not need a lot to get the full color from each shade. I also see them as great companion palettes for each other, both balance each other out. These two might actually have been a single palette, because both makes a lot more possible looks together. And both only cost Php300.00 (Usd6.47) which is not a bad price for a 12 pan palette with this quality and shade range.

Both palettes were used in this eye look, except for the inner corner in which I used my highlighter.

Now, since these palettes are so good together; can you still get one without the other? Yes you can, because if you are not that much of a fan of cooler eyeshadows you can skip the Brown one and if you are not a fan of warm tones you can skip the Pink one, also if you hate metallic shades then the pink one won’t work for you. To me the more cohesive of the two is the Brown one, since it has three finishes in it. But if you really like metallics and warm shades then you’ll love the Pink one; just get one matte brown shade as a companion for that and you’re all set.

In my opinion this two palettes are a pretty good alternative to more expensive palettes, I recommend for you to just get these rather than buy fake makeup or SG Authentic. They’re even way better than all of the fake palettes (UD  Naked 2-Php350.00, The Balm Nude Dude-Php300.00, Kat Von D Shade N Light-Php350.00)  I’ve used which cost me about the same as the two Ever Bilena Palettes.

I’ll rate the brown one an 8.3 and the pink one an 8.1. If this is one single palette I’d rate this higher.

Brown: Price-9.0, Packaging-8.0, shade range-8.0, pigmentation-8.5, versatility-8.0. Overall=8.3

Pink: Price-9.0, Packaging-8.0, Shade range-7.5, Pigmentation-9.0, Versatility-7.0. Overall=8.1

(if it was a single palette that cost Php300.00 with the same type of packaging: Price-9.0, packaging-8.0, shade range-9.5, pigmentation-9.0, versatility-9.0. Overall=8.9) 

These palettes are really fucking great for the price and I really love them. These palettes’ quality  came a long way from the first Ever Bilena palette I ever bought.

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😉

My Makeup Collection (Part 1)


Okay, so last Friday I asked you guys if you wanted to see a “Makeup Collection” and freelance makeup kit blog entry; and some of you guys liked that post. So now I’m doing it! Okay, so I also recently did a decluttering post I called the “Makeup Purge“there are a lot of makeup that I managed to get rid of in that post; which directly affected the amount of makeup that I’ll be showing you here. Also there is no way in fucking hell that I am bragging about the shit I’m going to show you, because again these products are very cheap and my collection is very small compared to other bloggers out there.

So without further bullshit here they are!


Like what I said… Not that impressive. My storage is actually pretty damn simple, bordering mediocre in some way; I have a big tupperware where I store my palettes, highlighters, blushes and loose eyeshadows; and I also have three smaller ones, one for my smaller eyeshadow palettes duos and singles,one for my face powders and powder foundations, and one for my eye products that isn’t eyeshadow. I also have two bags, one is for my lip products and the other is for cream products.

(Please click the pictures to know what’s in there)

Now let’s go to the products; let’s start with the lips. 😀

So far these are all the lip products I own, and they all fit nicely inside this clear bag. The photo on the top right are the products I own that are either fake/replica or old but has a sentimental value, the one on the bottom are genuine products that I could use, on clients. Also, I really don’t know why, but I forgot to take out the fake mac lipstick on the bottom right part, but it shouldn’t have been there it should be together with the other replicas on the top right side.

Here are all of my face powders and powder foundations. None of them are replicas, but a lot of them has to be replaced soon. I do use all of them, some on myself and some on clients so I’ll be more surprised if they are in pristine condition.

These are all of my smaller palettes, singles and duos, again none of them are replicas, but the three six pans on the photo on the right are very cheap. My Max Factor duo and my Mac shadows are here as well.


Here are all of my eye and brow liners, brow powders, cream liners, mascaras, brow gel/mascaras and my lash glue. The picture on the upper left are the products that I could use on my clients and the bottom right are either old with a sentimental value or a replica(I only own one replica eyeliner though…). I also own some eyeshadow pencils that I use as eye bases. And just so you know, I do not own any fake/replica mascara; since that type of product is too damn close to my eyes.


Eyebrow powders from Ashley Shine and Avon, Annabelle eyeliner in Metal Daze, 2 Allue eyeliners, 2 ADS Cream Eyeliner, 2 Avon Mascaras, 3 Ashley Shine brow gels/mascaras, A & W Clear Mascara/Brow Gel, My Eyelash glue, San san eyeliner pen, Ashley Shine liquid eyeliner, 4 Baolishi Eyeliner duos that I use as bases over my eye primer, MeNow Green eyeshadow pencil, 2 San san Kohl liners, Avon Glimmerstick eyeliner in Lime Sensation,a Fake Mac liner in Sky Blue, a cheap Qiaoer eyeliner in dark green.

(all of the eye products; properly arranged)

Here are all of cream products,from eye bases to bb creams to concealers to primers… they are here. From that cheap concealer palette to my concealer wheel. to my foundations, they are all here, I also do not own any fake/replica foundation and I do not plan on trying one ever. I have foundations for every skintone I see here in the Philippines.However I do not use that blue concealer quad from Cadette, because that thing is old as fuck and I only keep it because it’s from my grandma.


Now for the fun part; the big box. This box contains my bigger palettes as well as my colored face products like blush.


2 Ashley Shine highlight 3d palettes, Kiss Beauty PRO Shimmer palette, a Clinique duo eyeshadow, a MonaLiza Collection Blush, a San san champagne collection blush mosaic, a San san Rosanne Collection blush, a CCV cosmetics blusher, ABH Illuminator replica, an Allue Pretty Cheeks Blush duo.

Here are my highlighters, blushes, and face palettes. The only replica here is the Anastasia Illuminator that I reviewed a week ago.


LOL eyeshadow palette in Neon Lights, 3 Avon True Color Quads, a NYC Individualeyes palette, Ever Bilena 12 pan palette, an Allue eyeshadow trio, Avon 8 pan palette in “the Greens”, Qianyu Eyeshadow Palette.

Here are my medium sized eye palettes, I do not use the ones with broken packaging like the 12pan one and that trio; those two are my very first palettes, my mom bought that trio for me in 2009 or 2010, and I bought the 12 pan one on the new year’s day of 2012. I keep both for sentimental reasons only.


JeColor Eye and cheek palette, Avon Over Nature Palette.

Now here are my makeup palettes; or my palettes that has something else other than eyeshadow. I used to have a lot of these types; but I gave them away, I gave three away on my decluttering back in 2015 and I gave one away in my makeup purge.


Allue roll-on shimmer eyeshadow, Aily roll-on eyeshadow, 2 Aily loose eyeshadows.

Now, here are all of my loose eyeshadows; two in roll-on form, two in pots. I have a pale blue one, a metallic blue, a gold and a silver one.


Kat Von D Shade + Light eye palette replica, The Balm Nude Dude Replica, e.l.f Little Black Beauty Book Day Edition, L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection in Nudes.

And here are my bigger palettes, the two on top are replicas, the one on the bottom left is a real, genuine as fuck e.l.f. palette that I got from SM, the one on the bottom right is a bit questionable though since I got it from the same place I got the fake Anastasia liquid lipstick, it’s an L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Palette in Nudes… but that place has real Jordana lipsticks though and they did not advertise this palette as SG authentic, which they always do with their other replica palettes. This palette also smells the same as my NYC palette which my grandma sent me from the U.S.A, but I’m still a bit unsure so I’m going to swatch  the tester I saw at SM and I’m going to compare. I’ll give you an update on this one.

Also as you can see; all of my bigger palettes are nudes; but the rest that I own are all very fun and colorful. I don’t really know how to explain that as well, it just happened.

Now let’s move to brushes;most of the brushes I own came in sets of 5 or more. I only have a few singles.

Here are my brushes, the ones that I already used are gathered in a fox candy tin can that I recycled, because why the fuck not? The rest are either in a brush roll or an organizer bag.  As you can see my lash curler and my hair cutting scissors are in the tin can too, just so I can find them easily.

I also put other tools in bags, I have my powder puffs and blending sponges in a double sided bag, the other side holds my puffs and my disposable sponges, and the other side holds my blending sponges. And as you can see my blending sponges are quite dirty because I used them on clients the other day and they need to be washed.

So just to make this post shorter, I’ll cut it here, this will be just my “makeup collection post” my kit preparation and freelance details will be on another post, which will serve as a part 2.

Also if you have any questions, you can comment down below or message me on my facebook page that you can visit by clicking “here“.

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀

Just Some Cheap Makeup

Okay, you guys know that I like buying very cheap makeup in gift shops and bargain stores; these are not fake products though; but just some cheap made in China stuff. I know that the Philippines and China have a feud right now, but hey Filipino business owners already paid for these items, I’m buying them from Filipino sellers who pays taxes to our government and I am not mad at China, most Filipinos have the same sentiments, but I think China really hates us though… and If they wage war against us… we are fucked, big time; the military power of my country is next to bullshit.

Now setting that aside, I have bought and tried a lot of cheap makeup in the past, I’ve even tried a lot of counterfeit and replica items, Mostly eyeshadows, eyeliners and lip products. I rarely buy cheap foundation and concealers because that thing is pretty close to my skin I rarely buy mascaras too because that shit is too close to my eyes.

Now here are some stuff I bought recently:

So, I got these nice Meis palettes, these are all mattes and I’m loving them, I got the numbers 01(The pastels), 04(the warmer nudes) and 05(the cooler nudes). These are actually good and I’m going to review them later after this post! 🙂

Again, another thing that I need to review, this is a JECOLOR eye and cheek palette. I really fucking like this, the real star here are the blushes, but the eye shades are good too, I was actually originally going for the palette that has red, gold and orange eye shades, but it was sold out when I came back, I still like this one though.

This is an ADS gel eyeliner duo, it came with a black gel liner with two brushes that are actually usable and quite good. The eyeliners are a little bit disappointing though, because they don’t set, they do not dry. You need to set it with an eyeshadow if you want to use it on your lids, but you can use them for other things too, I used them for my brows when I recreated the “Instagram eyebrows” that I posted on my personal facebook page.

it looked like this:


Not too bad eh…

I also got two MeNow Generation II True Lips lip liners,  I like them, they are good. I have three actually and I think I should review them too.

I gotta say, all of these are a bargain for the price I paid for them and all of these are under Php60.00 (Usd1.27) each. And they work really well for their price.

So, that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😉

Beauty Care/Basic Cosmetology Graduation!!!


So last December 22, I graduated. My younger brother actually congratulated my by saying “Wow ate (a honorific used in the Philippines to address your older sister/ a woman you actually respect)! Na-unahan mo pa ko gu-mraduate ah!” Which roughly translates to: “Wow! You actually graduated before I do!” He’s a delightful kid…

Unlike other graduation ceremonies, we were not really required to wear anything too formal. We were only asked to look decent and wear white; And that’s the look I went for. Though there were people who went and wore dresses and heels. Also, unlike other commencement exercises; We didn’t start on time…

I swear they said the ceremony would start at 1:o0pm, I got out of my house t 1:28pm. I actually thought that the ceremony would almost be over by the time I get to our Municipal hall (The place where the graduation was held) ; but no! There were only a few people in the venue by the time I get there (about 1:38pm, it was just a 10 minute walk from my our house 😀 ), and the registration was in full swing. It was about 2:00pm when we were asked to get in line outside, it was another 10 minutes before things continued, a classmate of mine arrived and got registered within those 10 minutes… AMAZING!

After that everything went smoothly; so smooth that I was asked by my classmates to dance with them for a presentation… WASN’T THAT EMBARRASSING? We didn’t practice, it was a bit of a train-wreck, but fun nonetheless… especially because of the fact the at least three out of us four (including myself) can’t dance to save our lives! I was actually questioning my whole existence during the whole thing, with a matching Fucking idiotic smile on my face… FABULOUS!

But like I said it was fun, and a lot of us were happy.

Photo3289 .1

ahem.. My certificate… on close-up

Photo3290 .1

My certificate with a “proxy” diploma/certificate that the municipal hall people gave us during the ceremony…

Photo3291 .1

My Certificate, compared to another certificate that I received last October 30… The other program that I joined together with most of my classmates also had a graduation ceremony.

Here is how I looked like during that time if you’re curious… I was actually wearing a purple lipstick in both of the photos… But the Beauty Plus App that my classmates used when they took these washed the lipstick out…


See… PURPLE! These were taken using my phone… I asked my classmates to take the two above, because my battery died.


Now speaking of cosmetology, here are the photos of the look I made for the December 22, Graduation I’ll also quickly tell you the things I did to make it… Since I forgot what I did in Oct. 30 version, since I did that one in a hurry; I think you know that already judging by looks of my eyebrows on that one.

BTW if you are not interested on this part, you can actually skip it, and read another blog post. 😀

Firstly, I did my brows first (I’m redundant I know). I used clear mascara first to prep the brow hairs and shape it a little bit. Then I leave it alone, and let that dry for a while. While that place is still drying, I prep my lids using Beauty Treats L.A. Makeup Primer, and went and did my crease, by the way, I used my E.L.F. Little black beauty book Day Edition for the whole eyeshadow look, if you have trouble finding that particular palette, don’t worry, the shades in there are very dupable, I even saw one of the shades in there in another e.l.f. quad.

After I did my crease, I went back to the brows, I used my Ashley Shine eyebrow duo/kit in 04. I used the lighter brown in the inner part of the brows; I used the darker one on the outer part. I didn’t bother using a concealer to clean it up, since I’m running late…

Then I went back to the shadows! By the way,

Here are some pictures of the palette, like I said, these shades are quite dupable. (I might make a review for this palette, if it’s still available; so if it is, please comment it down!)

I used the matte white to blend out the crease, I used the peach one with fine shimmers under the matte white for my brow bone highlight; Both are from the right side of the palette. While I used the matte brown for my crease, I used the metallic gold shade for the lid, and the shade there that looks like a white with gold shimmers on the pan, but applies like a light yellowish gold on my inner corner.

Then I created my winged liner using a black liquid liner, the method I used is the “isosceles triangle” method. Then I lined the lower lash line with a champagne eyeliner.

Now for the face; I used a yellow-toned concealer on my under-eye, to correct the color of my eye bags, that is the only place I concealed. I didn’t bother to use a concealer my shade on top of the yellow toned one, and I didn’t use foundation because like what I said in my other post the humidity would just melt it right off and make me look like a melting jackass. I just set my whole face (including the concealed part of course) with a pressed powder a shade lighter than me because the pressed powder I usually use ran out. I just blended the powder down to my neck and chest, I also put some on my ears.

I also contoured very lightly (my nose, my forehead and my cheeks), using a matte bronzer, I used a matte peachy-coral blusher (I apply my blush starting from the outer part of my cheeks, a little bit above my contour, inwards, until there is a light wash of color on the apples of my cheeks) and I also highlighted lightly using a bronze highlighter on my cheeks, tip of my nose and my cupid’s bow.

Then for the lips I used one of my FAKE Lime Crime Velvetines that I’m testing out; The shade is in Cashmere. I didn’t use anything else just so I can see how long it will last and how drying it can be.

And that is that for now folks! I hope you had fun while reading this and see you all later! 😉