MeNow Kiss Proof Lipstick/Lip Crayon Review


Okay, so I bought this pair of lipsticks months ago (Way back in January to be precise). I got them from a seller that was recommended by a family friend. Along this I got a concealer/corrector palette. I bought the lipsticks for Php180.00 each which roughly translates to Usd3.78. I got a very light nude shade and a red shade. Nowadays, after 5 months they are still popular, but they have gotten cheaper, I encountered a store that sells two of them for Php150.00 and another store that sells them 2 for Php170.00… Which annoyed me to no end.

The lipsticks came with the other two things I ordered which were a lip liner and a concealer palette. They came in great condition and damage free.


so this is how the tube looks like… I took the picture with the True lips lip liner, which I won’t be reviewing as of the moment…

This actually the most expensive item that I’ve seen from this brand… because I’ve seen this brand everywhere and this is the first time that I’ve seen the price exceed Php100.00. Which makes me think why? Honestly I’ve been loving a green  eyeshadow pencil from them and that only cost me Php20.00. But well, I got that from gift shop, not from an online store. Let’s move on to the review!

a closeup of the lipstick, and a couple of swatches…

First let’s talk about the packaging. These came in a sealed box, that also contains a pamphlet that has information about their other products from their pro line. The lipstick itself came in pencil form, which I like since you can use it it both as a lip liner and a lip color. The pencil is black except for the end of it that states the shade that you got. It is 4.5 grams worth of product.


The only thing that irks me about the packaging is that both the product itself and the box says “Liquid lipstick” even though the product clearly isn’t liquid… it’s a fucking pencil dude!!!

The box also has the ingredients they used listed with the exact percentage of every ingredient from highest to lowest. It also has a Manufacturing date and an expiration date.

Overall, except for that minor flaw that I stated above… I liked the packaging of these product.

Now for the formula.

I’m going to say this straight up, I don’t really like these lip colors that much, yes they are pigmented, yes they are definitely kiss proof and yes they are matte as fuck but… there is something about these that I just do not like. When it says “Powdery Matte” it means I feel like my lips was REALLY CAKED in a lot of layers of powder. And they also crumble after a while. Not to mention that the finish and texture is not comfortable; also the shades I got applies darker but ends up getting lighter as they dry. I just don’t like that because I got them in that color because I like that color. Also are quite transfer proof.

They also smell like crayons.

But, it doesn’t mean that these are necessarily bad. A lot of people actually like these, including some local actresses. But this just don’t sit right with me. I like light weight lipsticks and a single swipe of this dry my lips to no end, and it feels very heavy, I always exfoliate and moisturize my lips before putting on lip products so I can attest to it that they really are drying.

But I’ve found a way to make some use out of these lipsticks. I used them for custom mixing, and mattifying my other lip products. And they actually work well for that task.

here are some of my lipsticks mixed with the nude Kiss Proof lipstick, the first one is mixed with Avon Over Nature Lipstick in Tropical coral, the second one is with that fake Mac which is a true violet lipstick that I reviewed before and the last one was mixed with Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 065 Hooked on Pink (this custom lip shade is my favorite!)

here are some of my lipsticks mixed with the red shade. The first one is mixed with  Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 065 Hooked on Pink, the second one is with My Avon Simply Pretty Love Struck Color Bliss Lipstick in Mysterious Mauve, the third one is mixed with my Sophie Paris Lipstick in Velvet Nude

They also work well as lip liners (but I think that there is something cheaper that actually work much better namely, the MeNow True Lips Lip Liner that I bought with these lipsticks.).

Now for the longevity.

They are not as long wearing as most of the sellers claim them to be.

Here is how I looked like when I started wearing the red one at 9:00pm, that is only a single layer of product.


Here is how it looked like at 11:29pm, the inside part is already crumbling off.


At 1:01 am the middle part has almost worn off, the sides are already fading quick.

By 2:04 it has almost completely worn off.

It only looked wearable for only around three hours, which is NOT LONGWEARING. I did not eat anything during the whole time I was wearing this, I only drink about a glass of water, nothing more, but I did rub my lips together a couple of times because it felt really dry. The nude worn off much worse, it only looked wearable for about 2 hours when I tried the same test the next night, then it crumbled all over the place. Not cute at all, mixing them with less drying lipsticks actually helped with the longevity.

If I’m going to rate these the red would be a 7.0/10 and the nude a 6.5/10. I will never wear both alone and I think I’m not buying more.

I hope this helps you in anyway, and I’ll see you all later. 😀

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December to March Haul!!!! (Yeah it took me Three Months to make a Haul…)

YEAAAHHHHH!!!! I have a haul… After months of not having one. The only difference is; this shit is huge compared to my other hauls, because it’s three months worth of stuff… Some of these items are cheap some are not. Well, there isn’t actually anything expensive here, since all I’m putting here are things I bought myself. I’m putting the gifts I got for my birthday and last New Year in a separate post.

-Lime Crime Replicas, this shit is the highest viewed post in my blog. I won’t link it here since you probably knew me because of that post.


-Fake Mac Lustre Lipstick in No.19, this is basically a bad, patchy Matte lipstick with shimmer.

-Avon Simply Pretty Long Lash Mascara, I actually find this pretty good but not as good as my San san one.


-A&W Clear Mascara, this is actually a repurchase; I like to use this as a brow base, if that makes sense.

-A&W Brush 007, and 008; these are brushes that I already have but I wanted multiples, so I got them again, while the store that sells them still have stocks.

-I got a fan brush… I can’t read Chinese so I don’t know the brand; but this is another multiple since I bought the same brush months ago. I use it for my cheek highlight.

-Careline Oil Control Powder in Tan

-Avon Simply Pretty Lip Liner in Nude, I love this lip liner… now if only Avon can make it a little BIGGER, it will be very much appreciated.

-Ashley Shine Fashion Color Brow Mascaras in 1,2 and 3. I really want to review these. I really do. But I need to hear from you if you want to see a review of these.

-CCV Blush in 08, I really love this, but not as much as Monaliza Series in 04… but I still like this nonetheless.

-MeNow Pro Kiss Proof Matte Soft Lipsticks in numbers 017 and 010; another item and brand that I want to review.

-Fake MAC 15 pan concealer palette. I just wanna review this too, just saying.

-MeNow Generation II True Lips Lip Liner Pencil in number 60. I like this shade, and it matches that lipstick I got for my birthday, coincidentally.

-Ashley Shine Super Liner Liquid eye liner.

-Avon Tropical Paradise Quad in Aquatic Life, I like this palette. It’s quite good.

-Avon Glimmerstick Brights in Lime Sensation; I like this as a pop of color on the bottom lashline or waterline.

-BaoLiShi Double sided eyeliners, I like them both as eyeliners and shadow bases.

-Sophie Paris Magic Liquid Foundation. The deal with this is the same with magic lipstic. It changes colour as rub it on the skin.

-Ever Bilena Face Powder with Vitamin E in Tan. I love this powder…

-Sophie Soft Matte Lip color in Hera… to me this shade looks more like an Aphrodite than Hera; since I view something named “Hera”as demure, sophisticated and classy, like a nude or a red , and this one seems flirty but, it is more sophisticated than those teeny bopper pinks out there, so… meh. And I like this pink BTW, just saying.

-Avon Simply Pretty Color Magic Lip Balm, as you can see… Filipino companies are obsessed with color changing products…

-Perfect Girl Wet Wipes, it’s cheap, it works; SOLD. Available in blue, green and pink.


-Nail. Art. Stamp.

-Fake Nails!!! I was supposed to use this last New Year’s Eve… But when I opened the glue, I found out that it was dry.

That was all the things I got that was beauty/Makeup related… from December to March, I didn’t really bought anything last april so… -_-

I hope you have a nice day and see you all later! 😀