2016 Makeup Purge

I already announced last night on my facebook page that I will do a makeup collection post. 4 or 5 people liked the post so I think that it is safe to assume that at least that much people will read it. But before that I will make a post first about the things that you won’t see in that makeup collection post.

Last year I made a “post” about the things I already gotten rid of. I’m in the process of making one right now, here things that I gave away or downright trashed… I’ll also say why I have to let each item go. This is actually something every makeup lover and enthusiast should do all the time, because let’s face it when you have a lot of stuff already you’ll forget to use your older stash.

(Since there are some replicas in this post I’ll add this…

Disclaimer: I do not recommend the replica/s I showcase in this post; we do not really know the ingredients used in these products and we do not have any concrete information regarding the way these products were packaged, I review/bought them for educational purposes. If you really want to try them, then do so at your own risk.)

These are almost all the things that I needed to let go of… I sanitized the things I gave away though, just so you know.

First of let’s start with the bigger things, I know you are seeing that huge gray palette that has Naked Written on it. Yes, that is the fake Urban Decay Naked 2 that I reviewed in a past “post“. Yep I needed to let it go.


Now, why did I have to let it go, it’s actually quite easy… because I rarely use it. This palette lacks a lot of things it lacks mattes, it lacks a nice mid-tone brown to use on my crease, also this is very warm. It’s been months since I last touch it, and to me that is a clear sign that I needed to let this go. My mom actually asked to have it, so I gave it to her. I warned her though about the probable risk, but she still took it.

Next is the Avon Fold-up palette that I bought on December 2013… I really loved this palette, I treated it like a baby. The blushes are great, but the shadows and glosses are all hit and miss.


I really wanted to keep it, I really do. Since we have been through a lot of shit together, to the point that some of the hinges broke(sadly they broke on their own; I have never dropped it even once, the packaging is just not good quality…). And this is my first big palette too, but the last time I used it was December 2015… I need to let it the fuck go, and give it to someone who can still use the most out of it. So I gave it to my best friend, and those blushes looked great on her.


Now this is another palette I really loved, it is from the brand Qianyu; I bought it last February 2014, it has two of the qualities I like in eyeshadows; 1) it’s cheap as fuck, 2) It is pigmented as fuck! That black is fucking ridiculous! But it is the same case with the other two palettes… I rarely use it, but I love the texture and the pigmentation of it, it feels expensive. So, I gave it away to a friend of mine who loves colors like these.


Another thing that I haven’t used in a while. This is a L.A. Colors lip palette in Angel’s Kiss. I gave this away, I sanitized it first and wiped that brush clean.


This is one of my favorite lip glos-I mean “Lipglass”, This is my San san Champagne collection Lipglass in 01 Goldmine, this was a part of San san’s Holiday collection I bought multiple of these when it went on sale, but then I realized that two of these is too excessive even for me; so I gave this to my mom.


(as you can see, this photo was taken in May 2015, back when we were still living in our old apartment building) 

This is Sophie Paris Lip gloss in Suede Copper that I bought last year, I really like this gloss, it is very pigmented, lightweight and non-sticky. It expired last July 12, so I trashed it, even though it still have 1/6 of the product left in it.


This is one of my most used gloss ever, it is my Careline lipgloss in 01… it is cheap and it smells like fake watermelons but it is pigmented and I liked it. It expired too, but not before I used it all up.


This is my San san lipgloss duo in Really Red, one side is clear one side is red. I already used up the clear side… the red I barely touched. My friend asked to have it so I gave it to her…


Okay, you guys all know that the review I made with this fake Lime Crime Velvetines is my most viewed post. I made that back in January, so, it hasn’t been a year since I bought it, I did not even use both of the shades that much but they already dried up. That is very annoying, I’ll update that post I made on these and change the rating from a 7.6 to a 6.0 or lower because now that I’ve tried other liquid lipsticks, I realized that these things are not good, even for a replica. Basically, I got rid of them.

My mom wants the Nyx one though so she took it, it was actually pretty good but I can’t recommend it to you because it is also a replica.


A lot of eyeliners and brow liners that I threw away, these all sucks,except for the Ever Bilena black liner (The second one from the top) that was actually good so I gave that away, but the rest, I just trashed. I tried my very best to make them work but they just won’t.


These are my two San san concealers that I got some time ago, about a year or so. I rarely touched them nowadays and I just have to give them away to someone who can give them more love. I sealed them too. One is in beige and the other one is olive, the beige one went to a friend while the Olive one went to my grandma.


I also gave away these two lipsticks, one is a Purple fake Mac lipstick that I got last December, I rarely use it and my friend wanted it, I warned her too,but she just told me that all of us will die one day so she’ll take her chances… well she has been using a lot of fake products since we were both in our mid-teens so I think she already has her mind set. The nude one is from San san it is a part of their HD collection, I used it quite a lot, but I haven’t used it for 2-3 months so  I have to let it go, my grandma loves that lipstick so I gave it to her.


This is my Careline BB cream in Fresh, I almost never used it. I got it for over a year now, but it stayed untouched, it was way too light for me; there were no testers in the store I bought it from and returning makeup is not allowed here in the Philippines. I wanted to use it for mixing, but  even with that I rarely used it. So I just gave it to my friend who asked to have it.

As you can see there are quite a lot of items included here, and I encourage you to do the same thing. I encourage you to look at your collection and examine it carefully. Look at things that you haven’t used for a while and give them away. Why should you give them away? Because if you haven’t touched those products for months you might not be able to touch them again even if you tried; why? Because you there is a reason why you haven’t touched them, it could be that you have a much recent purchase that does the same thing but better, it could be that the products differs from your current style now or maybe you have just forgotten about their existence already.

So please stop making yourself believe that if you just pull it out you’ll use it again, because there is a much bigger chance that you won’t. So why don’t you just give it away to someone who could make more use out of it and give it more love, rather than just let it rot at the bottom of your drawer.

So, I hope this post helped you in some way, and I hope you’ll also read the Makeup Collection post that will come later today.

That’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀

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