25 Things I Wish I knew When I was A Little Girl

  1. Those siestas (a.k.a afternoon naps) that your grandma keeps shoving down your throat will be missed as you grow older.
  2. You will lose a lot of sleep in college.
  3. You have to eat a lot of bananas so you wouldn’t have potassium problems.
  4. You will loathe the pink princess dress that you like right now. You’ll start hating it when you turn 10.
  5. The “relationships” your elementary school classmates have is not as serious as you thought, though some of them did get pregnant early… just be glad you are not one of them.
  6. You and your younger brother will stay close.182289_189873001034079_5985894_n
  7. Your younger brother who looks like whale will grow up to be way taller than you, he’ll also have a better active life than you.
  8. You will end up looking like a whale when you turn 16 and in your first year of college.fat-ass-sonuvabitch
  9. You will not graduate on time… But no worries I haven’t graduated as well. 😛
  10. Your parents will go on their separate ways when you turn 15.
  11. You will rarely draw anything at the 19.
  12. You need to learn how to save money.
  13. The makeup that you loathed so much in your early teens will be your creative outlet when you reach 17-onwards.
  14. You will get bullied in high school, bring a lot of courage with you on your first day.
  15. You’ll still love anime.
  16. You will be an avid shipper.
  17. You’ll still like wearing heels.
  18. You’ll have a baby half-brother on the year 2007, and a baby half-sister on 2015. photo1584e001
  19. Mestiza girls are going to be your type.
  20. You’ll stop chorale singing at age 16.
  21. You’ll learn to sing properly at 18. You won’t struggle with high notes anymore. 😉
  22. You’ll end up being a cat person instead of the dog person that you were raised to be. 😀 photo5763
  23. You can tell your mom that your crush right now is a girl.
  24. You’ll fell in love with a girl (or three).
  25. Everything won’t be easy, but it’s gonna be okay.

different versions of jehg.jpg


Warning: Fake Makeup Advisory

Okay, just so you guys know… I found other brands that should be added “HERE” in my brands that were being faked list.

  1. L.A. Girl- I saw fake matte Liquid Lipsticks.
  2. Dose of Colors- Liquid Lipsticks.
  3. Sleek- I saw fake Matte Me liquid lipsticks.
  4. There are new fake the Balm Liquid Lipsticks.
  5. (update 04/27/2016) I also found just a few hours ago; a fake Elizabeth Arden makeup palette…

That’s all for now folks and see you all later!


What to Pack For a Philippine Vacation (Makeup) Part 2

-Bring a foundation (preferably, powder) and a setting powder that is your shade. Because if you plan on buying your base makeup here; you’ll get in trouble. Because the shade range of local cosmetics here is pretty limited. By “limited” I mean 3 shades of foundation is the most common shade range, and most of those shades won’t even reach my shade, that is the main reason why my foundation is lighter than me… I always pick the darkest shade available; but it is always lighter than myself.

Although; you might find your shade if you go to malls and scan the international brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon and e.l.f. though I’m telling you; they are 3x more expensive here compared to the US, or if you get them online. A one dollar e.l.f. blending brush costs Php149.00 (Usd3.12) here.


Spot the difference! Hint: it’s my skin… and to think that, that powder is one of the darkest ones here! I look like snow! 

– Bring a concealer… because it is the same shade range as the foundations and powders… sadly.

-Bring your favorite bright lipstick; because blue, violet, black and green are hard to find here. Unless you want to buy counterfeit lipsticks… or you want to buy lipsticks online.

-Your favorite eyeshadow palette, because if you like your Naked 3… you won’t be able to buy it here. You’ll have to get it online, and if you see someone on Facebook selling one for Php300.00 (Usd6.29), then it’s fake. Because local online resellers who sells legit Urban Decay Products sells the Naked Palettes for Php3000.00 (Usd62.89)-Php4000.00 (Usd83.85).

So, I suggest just bring your own! Not mention the drugstore palettes like the e.l.f. 100 eyeshadow palette costs about Php899.75 (Usd18.86) here.


And that’s the  list of things you might need to bring; makeup-wise if you want to have a vacation in the Philippines. But just a disclaimer; I do not mean that local Philippine cosmetics are bad. Most color or base cosmetics from local brands are actually very good, but then again if your skin is darker than mine you really need your own foundation. But everything else is good, to be honest my favorite Matte eyeshadows are from San san and Ever Bilena, my favorite Mascara is from San san, and my favorite lipstick is from Sophie (not really local but you can find it everywhere in the Philippines and it’s only Php95.00 (Usd1.99) which is even cheaper than fake MAC lipsticks sold by people in Facebook)!

If you want to read the first one, please click “Here”

And that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀


15 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Buy that Liquid Lipstick/Lipstick

  1. You already have that same shade of red in THREE different finishes.
  2. You already have 10 shades of red.
  3. You already have 5 shades of gray.
  4. You already filled half of your acrylic lipstick organizer.
  5. You already spent $500.00/Php5000.00/Whatever your country’s currency is as long as it has a 2-4 zeroes; in lipstick, last year.
  6. You already have 10 lipsticks. Do you really need more?
  7. You already finished your monthly allowance… in a week. But look on the bright side, you have 3 high end lipsticks. -_-
  8. You already have 3 shades of pink, but you don’t wear that much pink.
  9. You already have 5 lipsticks that gone bad.
  10. You already have no more space left.
  11. You already have that color, do you need the same one in a different packaging?
  12. You already have a wine lipstick; just wear a different lip liner.
  13. You already have 20 posters of that T.V. Show/Movie/YouTuber/Actress/Model… Do you still need to buy that lipstick that you don’t even know if you’ll ever wear.
  14. You already have that lipstick in this finish.
  15. You already have that lipstick in the regular line. Do you need that limited edition one? (or vice versa)



click “Here” if you want to see 55 reasons why you should buy that lipstick. 😉

55 Probable Reasons Why You Bought That New Liquid Lipstick/Lipstick

  1. Because that lipstick you saw on the department store screams “winter”…
  2. Because you don’t have that shade of “red” yet.
  3. Because the packaging of that lipstick screams “you”.
  4. Because the lipstick gods whispered in your ear to buy that plum lipstick.
  5. Because you can still buy one more lipstick.
  6. Because there is still enough left in your allowance to buy 2 or 3 lipsticks.
  7. Because you need that matte red.
  8. Because you need that matte nude.
  9. Because there are still spaces left in your acrylic lipstick organizer.
  10. Because it’s already another season.
  11. Because you want that one that says “enriched with vitamin E”.
  12. Because you want that black one.
  13. Because you need that white one.
  14. Because that lipsticks has a name of a T.V. show plastered on it.
  15. Because that lipstick has a name of a movie plastered on it.
  16. Because it’s (insert a makeup brand here).
  17. Because it’s so cheap!
  18. Because you need at least one high-end lipstick.
  19. Because it’s METALLIC!
  20. Because it says “madicated”.
  21. Because it is enriched with a lot of vitamins, not just vitamin E.
  22. Because it’s a new color/shade.
  23. Because it’s BLUE!
  24. Because it has an unusual packaging.
  25. Because you need to collect all the lipsticks from that brand.
  26. Because the sales lady says it’s good.
  27. Because you saw a demo in which that lipstick was used.
  28. Because it might look good with that lip liner that was given to you last Christmas.
  29. Because your mom/sister/best friend  has the same shade.
  30. Because it goes well with everything.
  31. Because it looks amazing with that blush.
  32. Because it looks amazing with that eyeshadow look.
  33. Because it was used by your favorite blogger/YouTuber/actress.
  34. Because you saw it on T.V.
  35. Because you just got a tan.
  36. Because you got fairer.
  37. Because your old one broke.
  38. Because you used up your last one.
  39. Because you just happen to pass by it at the mall.
  40. Because you lost your other one.
  41. Because someone stole your other one.
  42. Because you need a gift for a friend.
  43. Because you want a gift for your self.
  44. Because it has a “revolutionary/innovative” formula.
  45. Because it’s a bad-ass color.
  46. Because while you’re in front of the cash register; it happens to accidentally got in your cart and you don’t at to put it back.
  47. Because it can be used as an eyeliner/eye safe!
  48. Because it’s vegan and cruelty free.
  49. Because it’s a popular shade.
  50. Because you just love purples!
  51. Because you need it for your kit.
  52. Because it will look good with your current hair color.
  53. Because you know how to use it.
  54. Because you can afford it.
  55. Because you can.

Cosmetics Shopping in the Philippines: What Do You Really Need

I’m the type of person who doesn’t travel light. But when I do; I only bring the absolute essentials. So if you are a foreigner who wants to travel to the Philippines; here are the things you need to shop for and why.

  1. Sunscreen, one with high SPF. SPF 15 won’t do; go for higher. The sun is almost always present here. And if you don’t want to walk under the sun with an umbrella, like most locals do (including myself, at times), then use a sunscreen.
  2. Powder Foundation, if you have dry skin; then you can get away with liquids and cream. But if you have combination to oily skin, then the humidity will, and it really will melt your liquid and cream foundation, and if you plan on strolling outside all day the best choice is to go for powder.
  3. Anything to hydrate your hair; Like a leave in conditioner. Humidity is not good for your hair, there was a case when I was in college that I stayed under the sun for my NSTP, and my hair almost got fried.
  4. Hydration for skin; even if you are sweating, it doesn’t mean that you’re skin gets proper hydration. Get a nice body lotion.
  5. Lip Balm. Because you lips will get chapped under the heat; I can guarantee you that.
  6. Insect repellent. MOSQUITO BITES ARE NOT FUN…
  7. WATER, because even if you are pretty, if you die from dehydration, shit will not look good.

Generally, bring things that would be great for the hot weather. And if you like to tan… then bring your own toiletries, since most of the things you’ll find here has the word “Whitening” in them.

I hope you find this helpful. ❤ Thank you for reading! 😀