31 Days of Makeup: Day 14- 3 lip looks is to 1 Eye look + Beginner’s Guide

Okay, so now we are going to nail two posts in one. This is a 31 days of makeup post as well as a beginner’s guide post. You can expect this to be a little longer than my other 31 Days of makeup posts since it is a beginner’s guide. And since I’ll also be posting this on my personal facebook account (since a beginner’s eye and lip coordination post was requested by a friend) I’ll try to refrain from saying/typing any profanity in this post… Yes ladies and gentlemen this is the first general audiences friendly post in this blog.

So, like what I said in this “post” (which you should probably look at first) where I discussed the do’s and dont’s when you are still starting with makeup, I said that you should stick to neutrals at first. Why use neutrals and not those blue, pink, and pastel shades that are being sold at teens section of makeup stores? Because neutrals are the most newbie friendly eyeshadow shades that there is. For one, you can still get away without blending these neutral eyeshadows. If you are still new and you can’t blend to save your life, yet; these shadows are more forgiving, compared to purple that can look harsh if you don’t blend it properly.

Also, I recommend matte shades to start with, why mattes? Because mattes, specially lighter colored ones can work as a single shadow eye look. Single shadow eyelook means that you’ll only use a single eyeshadow from lid up to the crease, then you’ll put on your mascara and eyeliner then call it a day.

Not to mention that you can do a lot of looks with just a small all matte palette like these two:

These two matte palettes are also the palettes I used on the first two photos in this post as well as the photos below. I used a mixture of some of the shades. And with only that one neutral eye look I managed to coordinate three lip looks.

As you can see here a neutral eye can work on nude lips or bold lips. it can also work on matte lips and glossy lips, these eye looks will definitely look good with some metallic lipsticks as well.

A neutral eye is the safest choice there is; since it can work with almost any lip color there is. And not to mention that it will look good with any eyeliner shape, eye shape and eye color.

So I hope this post helped you in any way, shape or form.

That’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀




You see… I realized that I’m slowly becoming the person that I’m trying to avoid being. A lip product hoarder. Here’s the deal; I’ve always seen myself as a makeup palette/eye shadow hoarder; and I can actually say a semi-valid reason for it, since eyeshadows can last up to 3 years and up, depending on how you take care of your stuff… and lipsticks, and lip products can only last two years tops! So now, I really want to kick my dumb ass for letting it get this far.


I know that that doesn’t look much to most of you but… Dammit I don’t see how can I fucking use these all up by myself. If I wasn’t a freelance makeup artist I do not see how the fuck I can use them all up.


Here they are when they were all arranged… So far I have 14 lipsticks. I used to have more but I already tossed 3 or 4. I have 11 lip glosses, I have 2 magic lipsticks, 4 liquid lipsticks, 8 lip liners, 3 lip balms, a small 6-pan lip palette, a lip paint and two lip crayons, I used to have 3 more but I’ve given those away to a friend and a cousin.

So you see, compared to most bloggers and people in the beauty industry… I have way less; but compared to a normal functioning human being; this is an obscene amount. And to think that I was thinking of getting more. Since I saw that Sophie Paris released their liquid lipsticks, I also remembered seeing a L.A. Girl liquid lipstick in SM Department Store. So… I’m fucked. I need a new job, pronto!

I’m becoming someone I don’t want to be… and I have no one to blame but myself. Humanity including myself sucks.

Also, an update on the fake ABH Liquid Lipsticks I was trying to get my hands on… turns out the supplier of the person I’m getting my products from while my friend is taking a break from selling stuff, didn’t foresee that there would be an out pour of people buying and pre-ordering the ABH replicas. In the end the resellers (which the person I’m buying from) suffered a major set back in orders. So in the end it might still be another month or a month and a half before I get my order and I’m having none of that shit so I just changed my order. I just told her that I’ll get the ABH ones when she get her stocks.

And what I got in the end are those two lip crayons called MeNow Powder matte Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks “Kiss Proof” Lipsticks in short. Which I’ll be reviewing later.

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀

The Sophie Paris Products I Own

I just realized that I have posted a lot of things about different stuff from AVON products, Dept. Store items to even counterfeit products… then I forgot about posting a single thing about my Sophie stuff, I’ve been loving these items mind you, and I have been using these stuff for months already. That is why I was left wondering on why the flying heck did I forgot to write a review about them?

Okay, you might notice that the photos that I’ll be using have different resolutions. That is due to the fact that the higher resolution photos were taken a long time ago, back when our SLR is still alive. The lower resolution photos are those taken with my beat up phone, Samsung Corby 2; that I’ve been using for a whopping 4 years now(Yeah, I know, I’m broke…).

First of all, Sophie Paris is a company that started in Indonesia years ago. And it came to the Philippines in 2002. Like AVON, Natasha, Red Logo and Boardwalk; Sophie Paris is also a direct selling company, their main focus is on bags and RTW clothing, but aside from that they sell beauty products too. They have three makeup lines (that I’m aware of) and a separate line for skin care.

Now on to the list:

The first things I bought from Sophie are their single dual ended brushes.


The next one Is a lipstick sample box, containing four mini lipsticks.


These two I got at the same time; A lip gloss in Suede Copper,


and a Moisturizing face mask in Strawberry Milk.


Okay, I gotta say it so far; none of the things I tried from Sophie has disappointed me. Most if not all of these items even exceeds my expectations. Like the gloss for example, I never thought that a Php120.00 lip gloss could be that awesome, and the lipsticks, A full size of their lipstick cost Php85.00, that sample set cost Php85.00 as well. And those lipsticks are no joke. The brushes might seem pricey (the small one is Php.180.00 the big one is Php235.00) for some people, but for the quality, steal! The mask is pretty good too.

Tutorial: Glam Makeup on a Budget! :-D

Okay, here I am blogging again after I woke up… Don’t judge me I was up for 31 hours straight before I slept a while ago 🙂 so now I’m up again like a ball of energy! (just kidding I still wanna sleep. -_- It’s only 11:39 pm and I slept at like 7:45 pm-ish)

Right now, I’ll give you the step by step, steps ( 😛 ) in making/doing this makeup look that I posted on YouTube a while ago, if you want to watch (my crappy way of makeup application 😉 ) it click “here”.

I posted a video since my friend and a reader Ate (an honorific used in the Philippines for addressing your older sister, or a friend who’s older than you 😀 ) Paula, requested one. Believe it or not, I posted a video way back in December about my review on the Avon Fold-up Palette, which is Avon Philippines’ holiday palette for 2013. I since put it on private since the quality is really not good. 😦

What is this video all about? It’s about doing a glamorous makeup, but under a budget. n this video I used two very affordable brush sets, it’s up to you on which one you would prefer, since you can do this look even with just one of these brush sets, or whatever brushes that you have. It also features affordable makeup that even a student like me can afford without breaking the bank too much.

So now let’s proceed to the more detailed steps on this particular thing:

EYES: (as usual, I did my eyes first)

Step 1: Use a sticky eyeshadow base. (I used L.A. Colors wet to dry cream foundation) So why do you need to use a sticky base rather than a regular base, a white one, just a primer or nothing at all. Let’s admit it some of these cheaper eyeshadows has crazy fall-outs, but not impossible to work with. Another way of working with these shadows is by using them wet.

Step 2: Apply a bright pink shadow all-over your lid (I used the pink shadow on my San san makeup set in No. 3). I know that some girls are afraid of brights, for their eye makeup, and I know that pink specially a bright cool toned pink or hot pink is really intimidating. But trust me, if you wear it with neutrals, you can rock pink shadows even in the middle of the afternoon, not just for this glam makeup (which most will probably use for night makeup).

Step 3: Apply a neutral color, (which in my case a reddish brown by Nichido called Raisin Wine) on your crease. If you do not have a crease brush, you can apply it using a small paddle brush, and just blend it out using a blending brush.

Step 4: Blend the outer edges of the brown using a windshield wiper motion. And a little bit of circular motion and  windshield wiper motion to blend the two colors for a smoother transition. Two blocks of color on top of each other WILL look funny, so please blend them out. (Maybe in the future I will show you how to make a complete eyeshadow look using just a paddle brush and a sponge tip applicator… how does that sound? 😀 )

Step 5: Take a dark metallic color, (like San san’s Ash Gray) and use a pencil brush/ outer-v brush to map your outer corners. If you don’t have both like the person in the video (me) then use a CLEAN lip brush to do the same thing, then just blend it out thoroughly.

Step 6: Line your lower lash-line using the same dark metallic color. You can use either the same lip brush or an angled brush.

Step 7: Line your lower waterline with black pencil eyeliner. (I used my San san black kohl liner)

Step 8: A pencil eyeliner is very versatile. You can use it to up to 4 different types of usage: 1) As a lower lash-line/waterline liner, 2) To line your upper lash-line, 3) For your brows (but set it with something), 4) For lip liner. So, use the same eyeliner you used for your lower waterline to your upper lash-line. Make little dots or lines and then connect them with each other. You can also do a cat eye if you want.

Step 9: Curl your lashes, then apply generous coats of black mascara, pick a mascara that either lengthens or voulumizes, I used something for lengthening (San san Long Lash Mascara), You can use regular or waterproof, but I used waterproof since waterproof is known to hold curls better.

Step 10: (Optional) Line your upper waterline with the same liner.

Step 11: Highlight your brow bone and inner corners using a slightly shimmery white shadow (I used the white shadow on my San san makeup set in No. 3). Apply it on your brow bone using a sponge tip applicator, a small fluffy brush, or the lip brush you used for your outer corners, but please wipe it off clean first. And apply it to your inner corners using your lip brush or your fingers.

(You could use false lashes too if you have one)


FACE: (Before you put makeup on your face, please make sure that all of the fall-outs and oils were cleaned off your face.)

Step 1: Prime the face with a primer, to help control oils and matify the skin. (I used Beauty Treats L.A. Makeup Primer) apply little dots first then blend it out using a sponge, a brush, or your CLEAN hands.  But one of the tricks I’ve learned is to use baby powder for substitute if you do not have a primer, just apply a very thin layer evenly all-over your face before applying foundation.

Step 2: Apply your foundation (I used San san HD foundation in Olive since out of the three available shades it’s the closest to my skin tone),  first apply small/big dots all-over the face and neck. Then blend it out by using  a sponge, a brush, or your CLEAN hands.

Step 3: Blot the excess oil (Even if it says “oil free” it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain even a single trace of oil) on your foundation by using a tissue paper.

Step 4: Apply some concealer (I used San san HD concealer in Olive) on your problem areas (Mine are my under eye area, red cheeks nose and forehead). Blend it out using a sponge or your ring finger.

Step 5: Again blot out excess oil using tissue paper.

Step 6: Apply some powder (I used the powder on my San san makeup set in No. 3) to set the foundation. The shade will depend on the color of your foundation. If you used a foundation that is too dark, use a lighter powder, if it’s too light use a darker powder, if the foundation is right use a translucent powder or the same shade as your foundation. You can use a brush or a puff to apply the powder (put some powder on your ears too, to even the colors out).

Step 7: (I’ll put it here even though I did it after the lips in the video) Apply a very light coral shade (I used the light coral blush on my San san makeup set in No. 3) on your cheeks.

Step 8: Apply a shimmery light pink (If your skin is fair-medium, a deeper shade of pink if your skin tone is medium to dark) blush (I used the light pink blush on my San san makeup set in No. 3) on the cheekbones only.

(I didn’t do any contours because remember we are on a budget)


Step 1: Use a something to moisturize your lips, like a lip balm (I used my Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti-oxidant Berry), Vaseline or petroleum jelly, or any type of food grade oil like coconut oil. Just use a very small amount though.

Step 2: Use a nude (I used my San san Age Defense lipstick in number 3) or a neutral pink shade for the lips, since we want the drama and attention centered  on the eyes.

Step 3: (optional) Use a clear (I used San san Lip Color Duo in Really Red, I used the clear side of the duo), or a glittery light pink or nude lip gloss to add shine and glossiness to your lips. 🙂


List of Products and Prices

-L.A. Colors Wet to Dry Cream Foundation Comes with a concealer stick. -Php150.00
-San san makeup set No. 3 Eyeshadows: Pink and White. – Regular: Php200.00 I got it on sale for Php150.00
-San san CYO single eyeshadow: Ash Gray. -Php50.00 I got it on sale for Php45.00
-San san Kohl Pencil : Black – Php105.00
-San san Long Lash Waterproof Mascara- Php125.00
-Nichido Eyelash curler. -Php75.00-Php79.00
-Nichido True Color Collection Eyeshadow: Raisin Wine. – Php68:00


-Avon Simply Pretty Eyebrow Pencil: Brown. -Php89.00

-Beauty Treats L.A. Makeup Primer- Php129.00
-San san HD Liquid Foundation: Olive- Php195.00
-San san HD Concealer: Olive- Php105.00
-San san Makeup set No.3, Powder and blushes – Php200.00 got it on sale for Php150.00

-Maybelline Baby Lips: Anti-oxidant Berry- Php89.00
-San san Age Defense Lipstick No.3- Php118.00 warning I used a lip balm underneath and a lip gloss on top for a reason! But, I still like this lipstick though.
-San san Lip Color Duo: Really Red, I used the clear side. -Php105.00, I got it on sale for Php95.00

-San san 5 piece Brush set- Php150.00
-Avon Fab 5-piece Brush set with pouch- Php399.00 But I got it on sale for Php99.00. And I wrote a review about this on my blog…
-e.l.f. Professional Blending Eye Brush- Php149.00 but it’s only Php129.00 on their Philippine website)

The total price of these things: Php1,934.00 ($44.27) and that was everything. But don’t worry I didn’t bought all of these in one go. I got all of them 3-5 months to even a year apart. Some are also gifts (since I’m a very predictable person…). 😀

And please be reminded that all the products listed above are only suggestions, if you already have something similar or even a little different feel free to use them. You can use whatever you want! 😀

And I hoped that this helped or helps you in any way shape or form. And see you on Wednesday or Thursday for an Anime post. 😉 ❤

DSC_0142 (2) eyes 2

Swatch Bank/Library

Hello guys and gals and thanks for visiting my blog.

This post is all about the swatches I do/did for all of the makeup products that I have/will have, this will be updated regularly.

I assure that most if not all of the pictures that will be posted here are in high-definition for you to see the colors and swatches nicely.

1)This is the first entry in this post. The pictures here are swatches from two cheap palettes that I bought a while ago. A review will follow on  a separate post with the link posted below the last picture.

Meis Eye Shadow Palettes

swatch bank 1








Here is the swatch of Meis Palette number 3 which is a neutral palette. Most of the shades are matte except for one shade (in the pan it has a bit of shimmer, but the it doesn’t appear when the shade is swatched).


DSC_0003 (4)

This is how the front looks like.

DSC_0004 (3)

The back with the ingredients, with the manufacturing and the expiration date.

DSC_0005 (3)

Here are the swatches from Meis Palette number 2, which is centered around cool toned bright shades that are all matte.

DSC_0006 (3)



DSC_0007 (3)


Click here for the review!


2) Here is the 2nd post for my swatch bank!

Ever Bilena 12  eyeshadow palette. Ever Bilena is one of the leading brands of makeup in the Philippines and made in the Philippines, that can be found on drug stores nation wide. It is also the first palette I bought way back in January 2012, and it’s my most used and most loved and it is also the first one I had that isn’t a hand-me-down (stolen) from my mom.(trivia: you can find this brand on Daiso too.)

DSC_0077 (2)


as you can see it’s beaten up as F***!

DSC_0078 (2)

The writings in the back are erased already…

DSC_0079 (2)

Hit pans on most shades and totally obliterated the browns.

DSC_0076 (2)