What to Do or NOT to Do When You Are Still Starting with Makeup

Everything has a beginning; your birth is the beginning of your life, nursery is the beginning of your school life and just like that there is also a beginning when it comes to your makeup life. If you are a teenager or just someone who would like a head start with makeup then this is for you.

Let’s get started shall we!

  1. Don’t use red lipstick- Why should you avoid red lipsticks for now? A red lip is very high maintenance, you can fuck it up as easily as you can fuck up with using chopsticks for a beginner. What you should do is start gradually by using nudes and baby pinks and if you manage to not have lipstick on your teeth, or completely avoided your lipstick bleeding out of your lip line throughout the day then you might be ready for a red lipstick.
  2. Do use a product with Sunscreen- Or just get a sunscreen in general. You need protection from harmful UV rays. A lot of people takes this fact for granted. Don’t be one of those people, trust me your skin will thank you if you protect it as early as you can.
  3. Get Hypo allergenic products- If you are still starting then you might probably still don’t know anything about ingredients yet, which ones you are allergic with or which ones agrees with your skin; so I personally think that it is safer for you if you start with something that is tested to not cause any damage to sensitive skin.
  4. Go for drugstore brands- Or go for the affordable option. Because experimenting should not be expensive, that simple.
  5. Play safe- Read reviews first before buying something, and ask yourself “Am I gonna use this?” everytime before buying things.
  6. Don’t wear too much STUFF!!!! Please don’t pile too much stuff on your face specially if it’s hot outside.
  7. Stay with neutral eyeshadows, at least until you learn how to blend properly.
  8. Get a nice starter brush set- if you will invest in an expensive item; invest on this. Don’t choose brushes with scratchy bristles.
  9. Use good quality face makeup-  This means concealer, BB creams, foundations and powders. They don’t have to be too expensive but invest in good ones.
  10. Get your brows shaped by a professional. Nuff said.
  11. Don’t wear eyeliner ONLY on your bottom lash line/waterline. If you leave your top lash line bare while lining your bottom ones will make your eyes look heavy and saggy. WEAR LINER ON YOUR TOP LASH LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12.  Get a good lip balm. Moisturize your lips properly.
  13. Stick to light, matte blushes- just in case you get heavy handed on your first few tries. You don’t want to look like you’ve been slapped.
  14. Get good quality lash curlers. They don’t have to be expensive, but please stay away from those Php10.00 each curlers.
  15. Get a waterproof mascara.
  16. Don’t wear white while putting on your makeup.

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I hope that this may help you all in some way, that’s all for now and see you all later!!!!! 😀


What to Pack For a Philippine Vacation (Makeup) Part 2

-Bring a foundation (preferably, powder) and a setting powder that is your shade. Because if you plan on buying your base makeup here; you’ll get in trouble. Because the shade range of local cosmetics here is pretty limited. By “limited” I mean 3 shades of foundation is the most common shade range, and most of those shades won’t even reach my shade, that is the main reason why my foundation is lighter than me… I always pick the darkest shade available; but it is always lighter than myself.

Although; you might find your shade if you go to malls and scan the international brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon and e.l.f. though I’m telling you; they are 3x more expensive here compared to the US, or if you get them online. A one dollar e.l.f. blending brush costs Php149.00 (Usd3.12) here.


Spot the difference! Hint: it’s my skin… and to think that, that powder is one of the darkest ones here! I look like snow! 

– Bring a concealer… because it is the same shade range as the foundations and powders… sadly.

-Bring your favorite bright lipstick; because blue, violet, black and green are hard to find here. Unless you want to buy counterfeit lipsticks… or you want to buy lipsticks online.

-Your favorite eyeshadow palette, because if you like your Naked 3… you won’t be able to buy it here. You’ll have to get it online, and if you see someone on Facebook selling one for Php300.00 (Usd6.29), then it’s fake. Because local online resellers who sells legit Urban Decay Products sells the Naked Palettes for Php3000.00 (Usd62.89)-Php4000.00 (Usd83.85).

So, I suggest just bring your own! Not mention the drugstore palettes like the e.l.f. 100 eyeshadow palette costs about Php899.75 (Usd18.86) here.


And that’s the  list of things you might need to bring; makeup-wise if you want to have a vacation in the Philippines. But just a disclaimer; I do not mean that local Philippine cosmetics are bad. Most color or base cosmetics from local brands are actually very good, but then again if your skin is darker than mine you really need your own foundation. But everything else is good, to be honest my favorite Matte eyeshadows are from San san and Ever Bilena, my favorite Mascara is from San san, and my favorite lipstick is from Sophie (not really local but you can find it everywhere in the Philippines and it’s only Php95.00 (Usd1.99) which is even cheaper than fake MAC lipsticks sold by people in Facebook)!

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And that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀