31 Days of Makeup: Day 14- 3 lip looks is to 1 Eye look + Beginner’s Guide

Okay, so now we are going to nail two posts in one. This is a 31 days of makeup post as well as a beginner’s guide post. You can expect this to be a little longer than my other 31 Days of makeup posts since it is a beginner’s guide. And since I’ll also be posting this on my personal facebook account (since a beginner’s eye and lip coordination post was requested by a friend) I’ll try to refrain from saying/typing any profanity in this post… Yes ladies and gentlemen this is the first general audiences friendly post in this blog.

So, like what I said in this “post” (which you should probably look at first) where I discussed the do’s and dont’s when you are still starting with makeup, I said that you should stick to neutrals at first. Why use neutrals and not those blue, pink, and pastel shades that are being sold at teens section of makeup stores? Because neutrals are the most newbie friendly eyeshadow shades that there is. For one, you can still get away without blending these neutral eyeshadows. If you are still new and you can’t blend to save your life, yet; these shadows are more forgiving, compared to purple that can look harsh if you don’t blend it properly.

Also, I recommend matte shades to start with, why mattes? Because mattes, specially lighter colored ones can work as a single shadow eye look. Single shadow eyelook means that you’ll only use a single eyeshadow from lid up to the crease, then you’ll put on your mascara and eyeliner then call it a day.

Not to mention that you can do a lot of looks with just a small all matte palette like these two:

These two matte palettes are also the palettes I used on the first two photos in this post as well as the photos below. I used a mixture of some of the shades. And with only that one neutral eye look I managed to coordinate three lip looks.

As you can see here a neutral eye can work on nude lips or bold lips. it can also work on matte lips and glossy lips, these eye looks will definitely look good with some metallic lipsticks as well.

A neutral eye is the safest choice there is; since it can work with almost any lip color there is. And not to mention that it will look good with any eyeliner shape, eye shape and eye color.

So I hope this post helped you in any way, shape or form.

That’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀



31 Days of Makeup: Day 8- Bored, Bad and Annoyed (Red Themed)

Okay, I have to say it… this is my favorite look so far, from all the looks I did in this 31 days of makeup… mostly because it’s 11:33pm now and I need to publish this before 12:00. But I just really loved how this look turned out! I was pleasantly surprised, it is not a cool toned look but I loved it!

So… What do you guys think?

That’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀

31 Days of Makeup: Day 6- Mermaid Eyes

Okay, contrary to what I always do… I used a model for today’s 31 days of makeup post. My model for today is the lovely Ms. Mae Ane. She was one of my classmates in the cosmetology program I took last year, we did all these inside the salon she manage, yes she manage a salon. She is an excellent beautician and I am honored to do her makeup. She specializes more on hair though.

She requested a green and purple themed look and I delivered. 😉

(please do not mind the scary looking beast behind her… that’s just me…)

Above are behind the scenes photos while I was doing her makeup and making a fool out of myself.

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀

My Makeup Collection (Part 1)


Okay, so last Friday I asked you guys if you wanted to see a “Makeup Collection” and freelance makeup kit blog entry; and some of you guys liked that post. So now I’m doing it! Okay, so I also recently did a decluttering post I called the “Makeup Purge“there are a lot of makeup that I managed to get rid of in that post; which directly affected the amount of makeup that I’ll be showing you here. Also there is no way in fucking hell that I am bragging about the shit I’m going to show you, because again these products are very cheap and my collection is very small compared to other bloggers out there.

So without further bullshit here they are!


Like what I said… Not that impressive. My storage is actually pretty damn simple, bordering mediocre in some way; I have a big tupperware where I store my palettes, highlighters, blushes and loose eyeshadows; and I also have three smaller ones, one for my smaller eyeshadow palettes duos and singles,one for my face powders and powder foundations, and one for my eye products that isn’t eyeshadow. I also have two bags, one is for my lip products and the other is for cream products.

(Please click the pictures to know what’s in there)

Now let’s go to the products; let’s start with the lips. 😀

So far these are all the lip products I own, and they all fit nicely inside this clear bag. The photo on the top right are the products I own that are either fake/replica or old but has a sentimental value, the one on the bottom are genuine products that I could use, on clients. Also, I really don’t know why, but I forgot to take out the fake mac lipstick on the bottom right part, but it shouldn’t have been there it should be together with the other replicas on the top right side.

Here are all of my face powders and powder foundations. None of them are replicas, but a lot of them has to be replaced soon. I do use all of them, some on myself and some on clients so I’ll be more surprised if they are in pristine condition.

These are all of my smaller palettes, singles and duos, again none of them are replicas, but the three six pans on the photo on the right are very cheap. My Max Factor duo and my Mac shadows are here as well.


Here are all of my eye and brow liners, brow powders, cream liners, mascaras, brow gel/mascaras and my lash glue. The picture on the upper left are the products that I could use on my clients and the bottom right are either old with a sentimental value or a replica(I only own one replica eyeliner though…). I also own some eyeshadow pencils that I use as eye bases. And just so you know, I do not own any fake/replica mascara; since that type of product is too damn close to my eyes.


Eyebrow powders from Ashley Shine and Avon, Annabelle eyeliner in Metal Daze, 2 Allue eyeliners, 2 ADS Cream Eyeliner, 2 Avon Mascaras, 3 Ashley Shine brow gels/mascaras, A & W Clear Mascara/Brow Gel, My Eyelash glue, San san eyeliner pen, Ashley Shine liquid eyeliner, 4 Baolishi Eyeliner duos that I use as bases over my eye primer, MeNow Green eyeshadow pencil, 2 San san Kohl liners, Avon Glimmerstick eyeliner in Lime Sensation,a Fake Mac liner in Sky Blue, a cheap Qiaoer eyeliner in dark green.

(all of the eye products; properly arranged)

Here are all of cream products,from eye bases to bb creams to concealers to primers… they are here. From that cheap concealer palette to my concealer wheel. to my foundations, they are all here, I also do not own any fake/replica foundation and I do not plan on trying one ever. I have foundations for every skintone I see here in the Philippines.However I do not use that blue concealer quad from Cadette, because that thing is old as fuck and I only keep it because it’s from my grandma.


Now for the fun part; the big box. This box contains my bigger palettes as well as my colored face products like blush.


2 Ashley Shine highlight 3d palettes, Kiss Beauty PRO Shimmer palette, a Clinique duo eyeshadow, a MonaLiza Collection Blush, a San san champagne collection blush mosaic, a San san Rosanne Collection blush, a CCV cosmetics blusher, ABH Illuminator replica, an Allue Pretty Cheeks Blush duo.

Here are my highlighters, blushes, and face palettes. The only replica here is the Anastasia Illuminator that I reviewed a week ago.


LOL eyeshadow palette in Neon Lights, 3 Avon True Color Quads, a NYC Individualeyes palette, Ever Bilena 12 pan palette, an Allue eyeshadow trio, Avon 8 pan palette in “the Greens”, Qianyu Eyeshadow Palette.

Here are my medium sized eye palettes, I do not use the ones with broken packaging like the 12pan one and that trio; those two are my very first palettes, my mom bought that trio for me in 2009 or 2010, and I bought the 12 pan one on the new year’s day of 2012. I keep both for sentimental reasons only.


JeColor Eye and cheek palette, Avon Over Nature Palette.

Now here are my makeup palettes; or my palettes that has something else other than eyeshadow. I used to have a lot of these types; but I gave them away, I gave three away on my decluttering back in 2015 and I gave one away in my makeup purge.


Allue roll-on shimmer eyeshadow, Aily roll-on eyeshadow, 2 Aily loose eyeshadows.

Now, here are all of my loose eyeshadows; two in roll-on form, two in pots. I have a pale blue one, a metallic blue, a gold and a silver one.


Kat Von D Shade + Light eye palette replica, The Balm Nude Dude Replica, e.l.f Little Black Beauty Book Day Edition, L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection in Nudes.

And here are my bigger palettes, the two on top are replicas, the one on the bottom left is a real, genuine as fuck e.l.f. palette that I got from SM, the one on the bottom right is a bit questionable though since I got it from the same place I got the fake Anastasia liquid lipstick, it’s an L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Palette in Nudes… but that place has real Jordana lipsticks though and they did not advertise this palette as SG authentic, which they always do with their other replica palettes. This palette also smells the same as my NYC palette which my grandma sent me from the U.S.A, but I’m still a bit unsure so I’m going to swatch  the tester I saw at SM and I’m going to compare. I’ll give you an update on this one.

Also as you can see; all of my bigger palettes are nudes; but the rest that I own are all very fun and colorful. I don’t really know how to explain that as well, it just happened.

Now let’s move to brushes;most of the brushes I own came in sets of 5 or more. I only have a few singles.

Here are my brushes, the ones that I already used are gathered in a fox candy tin can that I recycled, because why the fuck not? The rest are either in a brush roll or an organizer bag.  As you can see my lash curler and my hair cutting scissors are in the tin can too, just so I can find them easily.

I also put other tools in bags, I have my powder puffs and blending sponges in a double sided bag, the other side holds my puffs and my disposable sponges, and the other side holds my blending sponges. And as you can see my blending sponges are quite dirty because I used them on clients the other day and they need to be washed.

So just to make this post shorter, I’ll cut it here, this will be just my “makeup collection post” my kit preparation and freelance details will be on another post, which will serve as a part 2.

Also if you have any questions, you can comment down below or message me on my facebook page that you can visit by clicking “here“.

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀

2016 Look no. 2: Brown Smokey Eyes (With Tutorial)

as usual you’ll see my winged liner here… I like winged liners… wings wings wings…

I’ve always been a fan of dark lips; unfortunately dark lips can look disastrous if you paired/coordinated it with the wrong eyeshadow combo, most of the time you just need to pair it with a toned down eye look… But sadly, I really don’t like that look; if I have a choice and the time, I’ll wear smokey eyes and over the top looks!

I even wear purple lipsticks to church. Don’t judge me, the older ladies there already do. 😉

So here, I did a smokey eye with a dark lip… you can always pair it with a different lip color, so don’t worry.

The first thing I did was the brows. I’m not really a fan of brow pencils… I know back in the days I always use pencils; but I realized that they do not give me the look that I want. So, I switched to powders.

Here I used two cheap-ass products; one is a brow kit/duo from Ashley Shine Cosmetics, the other is a clear mascara from A & W Cosmetics. The brush I used is the brow brush from the L.A. Girl Essential Makeup brush set.

The first thing I did is I prep my brows using the clear mascara; I let that set for a moment, then I proceed with the powders; I used the lighter one in the inner half, while I use the darker one on the tail.

Then I primed my eyes; I used the salmon corrector on my concealer wheel, since my lids are actually a little dark in real life and I do not want any of those darkness peeking through my shadow. Then I set that with a light yellow-toned eyeshadow to further hide the darkness and to make blending easier. The Eyeshadow is a San San CYO Eyeshadow in Soft Sun Glow, the brush is the eyeshadow brush from the same L.A. Girl brush set.

Now let’s go to the longest part of this post a.k.a the main event. The Eyeshadow. I used the darker brown shade from my Ever Bilena Matte Eyeshadow trio in tango, on my crease, then I blended that out with my Sigma P82 replica, then I took that lightest shade from an Avon 8-pan palette called the Greens, it is a white shade with gold shimmers, I applied that as a brow bone and inner corner highlight using my Ever Bilena small eyeshadow brush. Then I took the second to the lightest shade of the palette and I used that on the inner half of the lid. Then I took the dark metallic brown shade and used it on the outer half, I used two brushes from A & W, 007 and 008 respectively.

Then I blend the shades out using my Nichido brush no. 235 which is a tapered blending brush. after that I took my Nichido True Colors eyeshadow in Raisin wine, I applied that to my outer corner using an Avon lip brush that I use as a smudge/outer corner brush, and I blended the shade upwards towards the crease. Then I blended all the harsh lines with the same Nichido brush.

Then I went back to that dark metallic brown shade from the Avon palette; and I applied that on my lower lash line using a think angled brush from Avon.

Now For the liner; I used a cheap liner from a brand called Andrea Secret, yes no ‘s on that name. I got a duo that has a liquid liner side and a white retractable eyeliner. Of course I used the liquid side to create my winged liner. Then I used an itty-bitty Avon Simply Pretty Eyeliner pencil in black on my lower waterline.

Then it’s time for the face makeup… What I did here is not really my usual routine, but since it’s cold, and it the worship service I’ll be attending was the early morning one; by early morning I mean 5:30am. I thought that I’ll be able to pull off some liquid foundation! And I did pull it off thank you very much.

First I took three shades of concealers, well, two of them are correctors from my concealer wheel, the green toned corrector, the yellow-toned corrector and the lighter concealer shade. I used the yellow one on my under eye area, going down to my cheeks in an inverted triangle shape. Next I use the green one to correct the redness on my face. I blended the yellow one using my Sigma P80 replica and I used the Sigma P86 replica to blend the green one since I also did put some of those on the sides of my nose. Then I covered them up with lighter concealer from the wheel and blended the same areas with the same brushes.

After that I took two pumps of my San san HD foundation in Olive, that amount is enough to cover my face, neck and chest. I dotted it using clean fingers all over those areas, slightly avoiding that triangle I made earlier, then I blended that with a damp blending sponge from San san.

Then I set the under eye area with a yellow toned powder from the Ashley Shine Highlight 3D palette in no. 1, I applied the powder using the Sigma P88 replica, then I set the whole face using my San San Pressed Powder in no. 4 which I applied using a powder puff; I used patting motions to apply that powder.

I’m pretty sure that you are wondering why I am using a shade of foundation that is too light for me. Well, it is because that shade is the darkest shade available in San San’s whole line of cosmetics. To be honest most Filipino brands don’t even release any foundation as dark as that, this one is actually the darkest I found so far. As for powders, there are some that has a shade that is close to mine, but those are from brands that I cannot afford yet… and they are not really local.

I took the darker brown shade from the Ashley Shine Highlight 3D palette and I lightly contoured my cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead, I used a Noconi angled face brush to do that. Then I used the yellow shade again (but you can also use the white one) to highlight below my cheekbone contour, the center of my forehead and my nose; I used a very small blush brush from Allue. Then I blended my face and forehead area using a San San powder brush, then I blended the nose area using the Sigma P82 replica.

After that I took my San San blush mosaic in RSVPink and I used the blush shade for blush (duh…) and then highlight shade there to highlight my cheeks and my cupid’s bow. I used an Avon blush brush and a fan brush that I got cheaply… I do not know the brand. -_-

For the lips I used a Fake MAC lip liner that I am testing out in  a wine/brownish red color and a San San Creamy Matte (This is not matte!!!) in Really Red. I used some Avon Aero Volume Mascara in Black on the lashes and then I got ready for church! 😀

I didn’t use false lashes because I was in a hurry; but if I had the time, I would have used these:


By the way; you can use whatever product you already have for this look, the products are not really necessary. 😀

the makeup look under a different lighting (I took these photos while I was in church’s rest room…)

Thank you for reading, have a nice day and see you all later! 😀


Makeup Brands that are Being Faked

I have already featured quite a number of fake products in this blog. But just so you know; these products barely scratch the surface of the fake cosmetics industry.

Here I’m going to show a list of all makeup brands that are being faked that I know. From MAC to Wet ‘n Wild; yes there are fake Wet ‘n Wild Products circulating around the online shops here in the Philippines. Probably even whole Asia; and I have no doubts that these products might reach the U.S. and other first world countries soon. Through the help of online selling.

Here is the list in no particular order:

  • MAC-This is a no brainer; from their foundations, liners to their lipsticks… you can find fakes of everything this brand released.
  • REVLON- Yes Revlon, a drugstore brand is also being faked quite a lot. I’ve stumbled upon a travel makeup palette, powders, lipsticks lip glosses and the likes.
  • Maybelline- Another frequently faked brand, I’ve stumbled upon fake mascaras, liners, powders, liquid and cream foundations and lipsticks.
  • Urban Decay- Most commonly their NAKED line. You’ll find everything from Naked palettes, lipsticks concealers and powders, not to mention NAked 4 and up, that doesn’t even exist in genuine UD lines.
  • Etude House- Korean Makeup Products are also being faked to, the level of counterfeiting done to this brand is at the same level as MAC.
  • 3CE (3 Concept Eyes)- Another Korean brand. I’ve seen fake lipsticks, eye liners, mascaras and powders.
  • Monomola- I’ve seen fake lip tattoos and brow products.
  • Skinaz-  I’ve encountered fake lip tattoos.
  • Sigma- Fake brush kits are scattered across Facebook pages.
  • BH Cosmetics- Yes your eyes are not playing tricks on you, I’ve seen fake palettes and fake brush sets.
  • Wet’N Wild- Fake lipsticks and Liquid lipsticks of this brand are pretty popular on online selling pages on Facebook.
  • NYX- I’ve seen fake lip creams, lipsticks, and cream products.
  • Makeup Forever- Fake Makeup brush sets and palettes.
  • Lime Crime- Fake lipsticks and fake Velvetines.
  • L’Oreal- I’ve seen fake lipsticks, fake foundations and fake powders.
  • Victoria’s Secret- I know that the only thing makeup related that the company produce nowadays are lip glosses and lip balms since they ceased the production of other makeup products; but up until now their makeup is still being counterfeited. I came across lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadows and powders.
  • Too Faced: I’ve seen fake chocolate bar palettes and their nine pan small palettes.
  • The Balm: I’ve seen fake palettes, higlighters and blushes.
  • Benefit-I’ve seen fake liquid products like high beam, sun beam, lolli tint, bene tint, cha cha tint and sets. Also, fake bronzers, concealers, mascaras and liners.
  • Bobbi Brown- Fake makeup brush sets and powders.
  • Everyday Minerals- Fake brush sets.
  • Real Techniques- Fake Brushes, blending sponge and brush sets.
  • Beauty blender- Both the normal one and mini.
  • Eco Tools- Brushes and sets.
  • Sally Hansen- Their nail polishes are also being faked.
  • Moonkini- Brushes and sets.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills- I recently came across fake brow brushes and fake liquid lipsticks.

So, that is the list. I’ll update this post if I forgot anything.

That’s all for now folks! See you all later. 😉



Tutorial: Glam Makeup on a Budget! :-D

Okay, here I am blogging again after I woke up… Don’t judge me I was up for 31 hours straight before I slept a while ago 🙂 so now I’m up again like a ball of energy! (just kidding I still wanna sleep. -_- It’s only 11:39 pm and I slept at like 7:45 pm-ish)

Right now, I’ll give you the step by step, steps ( 😛 ) in making/doing this makeup look that I posted on YouTube a while ago, if you want to watch (my crappy way of makeup application 😉 ) it click “here”.

I posted a video since my friend and a reader Ate (an honorific used in the Philippines for addressing your older sister, or a friend who’s older than you 😀 ) Paula, requested one. Believe it or not, I posted a video way back in December about my review on the Avon Fold-up Palette, which is Avon Philippines’ holiday palette for 2013. I since put it on private since the quality is really not good. 😦

What is this video all about? It’s about doing a glamorous makeup, but under a budget. n this video I used two very affordable brush sets, it’s up to you on which one you would prefer, since you can do this look even with just one of these brush sets, or whatever brushes that you have. It also features affordable makeup that even a student like me can afford without breaking the bank too much.

So now let’s proceed to the more detailed steps on this particular thing:

EYES: (as usual, I did my eyes first)

Step 1: Use a sticky eyeshadow base. (I used L.A. Colors wet to dry cream foundation) So why do you need to use a sticky base rather than a regular base, a white one, just a primer or nothing at all. Let’s admit it some of these cheaper eyeshadows has crazy fall-outs, but not impossible to work with. Another way of working with these shadows is by using them wet.

Step 2: Apply a bright pink shadow all-over your lid (I used the pink shadow on my San san makeup set in No. 3). I know that some girls are afraid of brights, for their eye makeup, and I know that pink specially a bright cool toned pink or hot pink is really intimidating. But trust me, if you wear it with neutrals, you can rock pink shadows even in the middle of the afternoon, not just for this glam makeup (which most will probably use for night makeup).

Step 3: Apply a neutral color, (which in my case a reddish brown by Nichido called Raisin Wine) on your crease. If you do not have a crease brush, you can apply it using a small paddle brush, and just blend it out using a blending brush.

Step 4: Blend the outer edges of the brown using a windshield wiper motion. And a little bit of circular motion and  windshield wiper motion to blend the two colors for a smoother transition. Two blocks of color on top of each other WILL look funny, so please blend them out. (Maybe in the future I will show you how to make a complete eyeshadow look using just a paddle brush and a sponge tip applicator… how does that sound? 😀 )

Step 5: Take a dark metallic color, (like San san’s Ash Gray) and use a pencil brush/ outer-v brush to map your outer corners. If you don’t have both like the person in the video (me) then use a CLEAN lip brush to do the same thing, then just blend it out thoroughly.

Step 6: Line your lower lash-line using the same dark metallic color. You can use either the same lip brush or an angled brush.

Step 7: Line your lower waterline with black pencil eyeliner. (I used my San san black kohl liner)

Step 8: A pencil eyeliner is very versatile. You can use it to up to 4 different types of usage: 1) As a lower lash-line/waterline liner, 2) To line your upper lash-line, 3) For your brows (but set it with something), 4) For lip liner. So, use the same eyeliner you used for your lower waterline to your upper lash-line. Make little dots or lines and then connect them with each other. You can also do a cat eye if you want.

Step 9: Curl your lashes, then apply generous coats of black mascara, pick a mascara that either lengthens or voulumizes, I used something for lengthening (San san Long Lash Mascara), You can use regular or waterproof, but I used waterproof since waterproof is known to hold curls better.

Step 10: (Optional) Line your upper waterline with the same liner.

Step 11: Highlight your brow bone and inner corners using a slightly shimmery white shadow (I used the white shadow on my San san makeup set in No. 3). Apply it on your brow bone using a sponge tip applicator, a small fluffy brush, or the lip brush you used for your outer corners, but please wipe it off clean first. And apply it to your inner corners using your lip brush or your fingers.

(You could use false lashes too if you have one)


FACE: (Before you put makeup on your face, please make sure that all of the fall-outs and oils were cleaned off your face.)

Step 1: Prime the face with a primer, to help control oils and matify the skin. (I used Beauty Treats L.A. Makeup Primer) apply little dots first then blend it out using a sponge, a brush, or your CLEAN hands.  But one of the tricks I’ve learned is to use baby powder for substitute if you do not have a primer, just apply a very thin layer evenly all-over your face before applying foundation.

Step 2: Apply your foundation (I used San san HD foundation in Olive since out of the three available shades it’s the closest to my skin tone),  first apply small/big dots all-over the face and neck. Then blend it out by using  a sponge, a brush, or your CLEAN hands.

Step 3: Blot the excess oil (Even if it says “oil free” it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain even a single trace of oil) on your foundation by using a tissue paper.

Step 4: Apply some concealer (I used San san HD concealer in Olive) on your problem areas (Mine are my under eye area, red cheeks nose and forehead). Blend it out using a sponge or your ring finger.

Step 5: Again blot out excess oil using tissue paper.

Step 6: Apply some powder (I used the powder on my San san makeup set in No. 3) to set the foundation. The shade will depend on the color of your foundation. If you used a foundation that is too dark, use a lighter powder, if it’s too light use a darker powder, if the foundation is right use a translucent powder or the same shade as your foundation. You can use a brush or a puff to apply the powder (put some powder on your ears too, to even the colors out).

Step 7: (I’ll put it here even though I did it after the lips in the video) Apply a very light coral shade (I used the light coral blush on my San san makeup set in No. 3) on your cheeks.

Step 8: Apply a shimmery light pink (If your skin is fair-medium, a deeper shade of pink if your skin tone is medium to dark) blush (I used the light pink blush on my San san makeup set in No. 3) on the cheekbones only.

(I didn’t do any contours because remember we are on a budget)


Step 1: Use a something to moisturize your lips, like a lip balm (I used my Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti-oxidant Berry), Vaseline or petroleum jelly, or any type of food grade oil like coconut oil. Just use a very small amount though.

Step 2: Use a nude (I used my San san Age Defense lipstick in number 3) or a neutral pink shade for the lips, since we want the drama and attention centered  on the eyes.

Step 3: (optional) Use a clear (I used San san Lip Color Duo in Really Red, I used the clear side of the duo), or a glittery light pink or nude lip gloss to add shine and glossiness to your lips. 🙂


List of Products and Prices

-L.A. Colors Wet to Dry Cream Foundation Comes with a concealer stick. -Php150.00
-San san makeup set No. 3 Eyeshadows: Pink and White. – Regular: Php200.00 I got it on sale for Php150.00
-San san CYO single eyeshadow: Ash Gray. -Php50.00 I got it on sale for Php45.00
-San san Kohl Pencil : Black – Php105.00
-San san Long Lash Waterproof Mascara- Php125.00
-Nichido Eyelash curler. -Php75.00-Php79.00
-Nichido True Color Collection Eyeshadow: Raisin Wine. – Php68:00


-Avon Simply Pretty Eyebrow Pencil: Brown. -Php89.00

-Beauty Treats L.A. Makeup Primer- Php129.00
-San san HD Liquid Foundation: Olive- Php195.00
-San san HD Concealer: Olive- Php105.00
-San san Makeup set No.3, Powder and blushes – Php200.00 got it on sale for Php150.00

-Maybelline Baby Lips: Anti-oxidant Berry- Php89.00
-San san Age Defense Lipstick No.3- Php118.00 warning I used a lip balm underneath and a lip gloss on top for a reason! But, I still like this lipstick though.
-San san Lip Color Duo: Really Red, I used the clear side. -Php105.00, I got it on sale for Php95.00

-San san 5 piece Brush set- Php150.00
-Avon Fab 5-piece Brush set with pouch- Php399.00 But I got it on sale for Php99.00. And I wrote a review about this on my blog…
-e.l.f. Professional Blending Eye Brush- Php149.00 but it’s only Php129.00 on their Philippine website)

The total price of these things: Php1,934.00 ($44.27) and that was everything. But don’t worry I didn’t bought all of these in one go. I got all of them 3-5 months to even a year apart. Some are also gifts (since I’m a very predictable person…). 😀

And please be reminded that all the products listed above are only suggestions, if you already have something similar or even a little different feel free to use them. You can use whatever you want! 😀

And I hoped that this helped or helps you in any way shape or form. And see you on Wednesday or Thursday for an Anime post. 😉 ❤

DSC_0142 (2) eyes 2