31 Days of Makeup: Day 15- Neutral

Hello there! This is a continuation of yesterday’s shit. But this time I can actually say random out of the blue profanity because this one is not going to be on my personal FB account!

In this look I used a very dark glittery metallic shade on the lids, I gotta say 1/4 of the glitter/shimmer on that shade ended up all over my face, my pillow my body every-fucking-where, and that is just 1/4 of the shimmers, most ended up on my lids since they are not chunky as fuck. Anyways, my point here is even shimmery neutrals are very workable, dark shimmery neutrals to be specific. If you read my post yesterday, I stressed out that the easiest eye looks are made from light matte neutrals. Here I’m basically showing you the opposite.

Here is the catch though, these types of looks requires a lot of blending but not as much as blending bright shades. This requires less transition shades and less blending compared to your purples, pinks, reds, blues and greens and black.

Like I said neutrals are the most basic shades you can use.

That’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀


31 Days of Makeup: Day 13- I Wanna Look Like A Crayon…


This is the look I have for you today… Crayon… and yes… I’m wearing the same shirt as yesterday, because I did 4-5 looks yesterday since it’s my day off. I just got a new job, another part time job that does not pay well, but hey beggars can’t be choosers.

This actually looks pretty good…


That’s all for now folks and see you all later. 😀

31 Days of Makeup: Day 12- I Went Full Glam… Minus the False Lashes

Today I went full on narcissistic and took a lot of pictures… And today, I tried something new again with the brows and failed miserably, bull hell yeah I’ll just roll with it! Today I actually took the time to wear foundation. And I went back to cool toned neutrals with a soft pale gold lid color.

I actually like it, now if only I played safe with the brows this would’ve looked perfect…

So what do you guys think? Good? Bad? Ugly?

Honestly guys you can tell me.

That’s all for now folks and see you all later. 😀

31 Days of Makeup: Day 7- Warm Toned Halo

So, I saw a lot of stuff on YouTube about halo eyeshadow and I said to myself… it’s been a long while since I tried doing that so I did one now. I paired it with a bold lip just for kicks. Unlike my other looks I didn’t use a foundation for this one since I’m too lazy today to do so, and I do not want to scrub my face hard tonight.

So what do you guys think? Good or Not good?

That’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀

31 Days of Makeup: Day 3- Purple and Pink

I have been a huge fan of this color combo since I tried it back in 2013, back then I used my Meis Palettes. What’s weird though is that I’ve been doing looks like these for almost 3 years and I haven’t posted posted a single photo of these type of looks on this blog… Well I’m changing that now. So here you go guys!

P.S. I know my eyebrows looks weird in here, and it will still look weird on tomorrow’s post… please just ignore it…

That’s all for now folks! 😀


You see, I rarely use blue eyeshadows… mainly because my least favored color family in eyeshadows is blue. Which is also why I made this look; I want to make something beautiful and memorable by using my least favored eyeshadow color. I think it turned our great!

What do you guys think?

So that is all for now folks and see you all later! 🙂