My Makeup Collection (Part 1)


Okay, so last Friday I asked you guys if you wanted to see a “Makeup Collection” and freelance makeup kit blog entry; and some of you guys liked that post. So now I’m doing it! Okay, so I also recently did a decluttering post I called the “Makeup Purge“there are a lot of makeup that I managed to get rid of in that post; which directly affected the amount of makeup that I’ll be showing you here. Also there is no way in fucking hell that I am bragging about the shit I’m going to show you, because again these products are very cheap and my collection is very small compared to other bloggers out there.

So without further bullshit here they are!


Like what I said… Not that impressive. My storage is actually pretty damn simple, bordering mediocre in some way; I have a big tupperware where I store my palettes, highlighters, blushes and loose eyeshadows; and I also have three smaller ones, one for my smaller eyeshadow palettes duos and singles,one for my face powders and powder foundations, and one for my eye products that isn’t eyeshadow. I also have two bags, one is for my lip products and the other is for cream products.

(Please click the pictures to know what’s in there)

Now let’s go to the products; let’s start with the lips. 😀

So far these are all the lip products I own, and they all fit nicely inside this clear bag. The photo on the top right are the products I own that are either fake/replica or old but has a sentimental value, the one on the bottom are genuine products that I could use, on clients. Also, I really don’t know why, but I forgot to take out the fake mac lipstick on the bottom right part, but it shouldn’t have been there it should be together with the other replicas on the top right side.

Here are all of my face powders and powder foundations. None of them are replicas, but a lot of them has to be replaced soon. I do use all of them, some on myself and some on clients so I’ll be more surprised if they are in pristine condition.

These are all of my smaller palettes, singles and duos, again none of them are replicas, but the three six pans on the photo on the right are very cheap. My Max Factor duo and my Mac shadows are here as well.


Here are all of my eye and brow liners, brow powders, cream liners, mascaras, brow gel/mascaras and my lash glue. The picture on the upper left are the products that I could use on my clients and the bottom right are either old with a sentimental value or a replica(I only own one replica eyeliner though…). I also own some eyeshadow pencils that I use as eye bases. And just so you know, I do not own any fake/replica mascara; since that type of product is too damn close to my eyes.


Eyebrow powders from Ashley Shine and Avon, Annabelle eyeliner in Metal Daze, 2 Allue eyeliners, 2 ADS Cream Eyeliner, 2 Avon Mascaras, 3 Ashley Shine brow gels/mascaras, A & W Clear Mascara/Brow Gel, My Eyelash glue, San san eyeliner pen, Ashley Shine liquid eyeliner, 4 Baolishi Eyeliner duos that I use as bases over my eye primer, MeNow Green eyeshadow pencil, 2 San san Kohl liners, Avon Glimmerstick eyeliner in Lime Sensation,a Fake Mac liner in Sky Blue, a cheap Qiaoer eyeliner in dark green.

(all of the eye products; properly arranged)

Here are all of cream products,from eye bases to bb creams to concealers to primers… they are here. From that cheap concealer palette to my concealer wheel. to my foundations, they are all here, I also do not own any fake/replica foundation and I do not plan on trying one ever. I have foundations for every skintone I see here in the Philippines.However I do not use that blue concealer quad from Cadette, because that thing is old as fuck and I only keep it because it’s from my grandma.


Now for the fun part; the big box. This box contains my bigger palettes as well as my colored face products like blush.


2 Ashley Shine highlight 3d palettes, Kiss Beauty PRO Shimmer palette, a Clinique duo eyeshadow, a MonaLiza Collection Blush, a San san champagne collection blush mosaic, a San san Rosanne Collection blush, a CCV cosmetics blusher, ABH Illuminator replica, an Allue Pretty Cheeks Blush duo.

Here are my highlighters, blushes, and face palettes. The only replica here is the Anastasia Illuminator that I reviewed a week ago.


LOL eyeshadow palette in Neon Lights, 3 Avon True Color Quads, a NYC Individualeyes palette, Ever Bilena 12 pan palette, an Allue eyeshadow trio, Avon 8 pan palette in “the Greens”, Qianyu Eyeshadow Palette.

Here are my medium sized eye palettes, I do not use the ones with broken packaging like the 12pan one and that trio; those two are my very first palettes, my mom bought that trio for me in 2009 or 2010, and I bought the 12 pan one on the new year’s day of 2012. I keep both for sentimental reasons only.


JeColor Eye and cheek palette, Avon Over Nature Palette.

Now here are my makeup palettes; or my palettes that has something else other than eyeshadow. I used to have a lot of these types; but I gave them away, I gave three away on my decluttering back in 2015 and I gave one away in my makeup purge.


Allue roll-on shimmer eyeshadow, Aily roll-on eyeshadow, 2 Aily loose eyeshadows.

Now, here are all of my loose eyeshadows; two in roll-on form, two in pots. I have a pale blue one, a metallic blue, a gold and a silver one.


Kat Von D Shade + Light eye palette replica, The Balm Nude Dude Replica, e.l.f Little Black Beauty Book Day Edition, L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection in Nudes.

And here are my bigger palettes, the two on top are replicas, the one on the bottom left is a real, genuine as fuck e.l.f. palette that I got from SM, the one on the bottom right is a bit questionable though since I got it from the same place I got the fake Anastasia liquid lipstick, it’s an L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Palette in Nudes… but that place has real Jordana lipsticks though and they did not advertise this palette as SG authentic, which they always do with their other replica palettes. This palette also smells the same as my NYC palette which my grandma sent me from the U.S.A, but I’m still a bit unsure so I’m going to swatch  the tester I saw at SM and I’m going to compare. I’ll give you an update on this one.

Also as you can see; all of my bigger palettes are nudes; but the rest that I own are all very fun and colorful. I don’t really know how to explain that as well, it just happened.

Now let’s move to brushes;most of the brushes I own came in sets of 5 or more. I only have a few singles.

Here are my brushes, the ones that I already used are gathered in a fox candy tin can that I recycled, because why the fuck not? The rest are either in a brush roll or an organizer bag.  As you can see my lash curler and my hair cutting scissors are in the tin can too, just so I can find them easily.

I also put other tools in bags, I have my powder puffs and blending sponges in a double sided bag, the other side holds my puffs and my disposable sponges, and the other side holds my blending sponges. And as you can see my blending sponges are quite dirty because I used them on clients the other day and they need to be washed.

So just to make this post shorter, I’ll cut it here, this will be just my “makeup collection post” my kit preparation and freelance details will be on another post, which will serve as a part 2.

Also if you have any questions, you can comment down below or message me on my facebook page that you can visit by clicking “here“.

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀


Anastasia Liquid Lipstick Replicas Review

(Disclaimer: I do not recommend the replica/s I showcase in this post; we do not really know the ingredients used in these products and we do not have any concrete information regarding the way these products were packaged, I review them for educational purposes. If you really want to try them, then do so at your own risk.)

Hello there! A few weeks ago I posted about a few ABH replicas that I hauled, there you saw two liquid lipsticks and a highlighter(click “here“), now I’m going to review the lip products. And this is going to be a comprehensive one, so please expect it to be a little longer than the highlighter post.

I’ll review these two lip colors separately, due to the fact that they both have some veryfucking distinct differences, by differences I mean they are fucking different from each other. The packaging may look the same but they are different!

I’ll review the red first since I got it first.

First let’s discuss the packaging… This came in a box, this is the last one of this color in the store I got it from, it was on the display and out of its box but the sales lady made sure that it is not a tester and it was outside because it is the last one. They returned it inside a box, which also happened to be a wrong box, but to me that is not a big deal.

The box they gave me says “Blush” which, I think is a discontinued shade. It really looks legit though, and it has a sticker seal on it.

Now let’s talk about the wand itself, this wand is a plain white that has a very small doe foot applicator. The wand does not pick up product around it the product only attach itself on the doe foot, the inside of the lid is white and the tube also has a semi-transparent stopper. The tube itself looks exactly like the real deal, though the gold prints on it faded after a while, since I’m like a fucking barbarian with my stuff. The sticker on the tube is glossy and it spells Sarafine as SERAEINE…

Now let’s talk about the formula, this smells like a cross between a root beer and a licorice, mixed with a faint scent of chemical, I actually like the smell, but it fades away after a short while. The product also has a very very slight sweet taste. I got full opacity in just a single coat, but it can be layered as much as three times and it doesn’t flake. It also layered well on the parts that needs touch ups. The shade is a very nice blue toned red, the type of red that I really like.

It also feels very light weight and it does not feel drying even after 2 or 3 coats.


This is how a single coat looked on my lips.

No for the wear, I started wearing it at 9:30pm before I got out of the house, I forgot to take a picture because I was in a hurry to meet my cousin, because we were going out that night to eat at a local grill. I wore two thin layers of the lipstick.

By the time I got home at 12:16pm this is how it looked like:

I was actually pretty impressed, since I was not merciful with this lipstick at all. I drank a glass of Tequila Sunrise with a straw, I ate some delicious as fuck sisig with rice and I ate some sizzling hotdogs that are cut up and drenched in sauce, I also drank a glass of water without a straw and I drank a bottle of Coke Mismo (250ml). It wore down on the inner part of it but still looked good.

I’ll give this one a 8.5/10 I actually liked this one.

I’m wearing this lipstick in these photos:


Now let’s go to the nude one… and this is a whole damn different story.

This shade also came with a box… the correct one this time since this was a one of the store’s stocked ones, it has never been out of the box. This shades reminds me of the photos of the shade “Milk Shake” But this little bitch is called “Potion”, yes, according to both the box and the sticker on the bottom of the tube that is it’s name…

In reality this is what potion actually looks like:


(Click “here ” for the original photo, all credits goes to the owner/s.)

I don’t really know why this is called that… but it is what it is…

The box looks pretty much the same as the last one.

But unlike the last one, the wand in here is a fucking product magnet, almost the whole wand is coated with lipstick when I first took it out, the doe foot is bigger too, the stopper pretty much looks the same. The tube here though is a little taller than the other one, as well as the wand. The tube also has a matte finish sticker on it instead of a glossy one and the prints on this one did not fade easily.

Now let’s go to this one’s formula. This smells like cupcake batter. It smells very sweet but it doesn’t linger, this does not taste like anything. It has full opacity with a single coat, though this one cannot be layered since it will look a gross and it will crack like a motherfucker. This feels significantly more drying than the other one and it feels thicker and heavier. The color is a nice pink toned nude, a nice everyday color.

Now for the wear, this did not wear as good as the last one… unfortunately. Photo4984

This is how it looked like when I wore it at 7:11pm

By 7:58 it already looked like this, I was not even doing anything with it, I was not eating or drinking.


8:29, a little bit before I eat dinner, it already worn off almost halfway on my bottom lip…


At 10:24, after I ate some scrambled eggs with rice and a glass of water…and it’s almost gone.

It only wore nicely for 2-3 hours. My problem with this is, I didn’t put it into much torture as I did with the red one and it faded really fast. I could only wear this when I am running a quick errand or when I’m going to church.

I’m wearing it in these photos:

I rate this 6.5/10.The wear and the feel of it is not really good in my opinion but I love the color, if it wasn’t for the color I’d rate this lower. But it’s significantly better than the fake velvetines that I owned, I know I rated them higher, yeah I know that I gave the velvetines a pretty sweet rate, but now that I’ve tried better ones, I can’t stand those shit anymore I’ll only rate those a 5 now.

Now here are the differences I noticed. There are a lot, from the height of the tube to the applicator they are both very different from each other, yet they are both fakes. It was like two different manufacturers made the lipsticks… and that is probably true, even though I got both from the same store.

I ended up liking one and hating on the other… which is a bummer.


So, that’s all for now folks, see you all later! 🙂

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator Replica Review

(Disclaimer: I do not recommend the replica/s I showcase in this post; we do not really know the ingredients used in these products and we do not have any concrete information regarding the way these products were packaged, I review them for educational purposes. If you really want to try them, then do so at your own risk.)

Okay, so a few days ago… or weeks even, I posted a mini haul for fake/replica ABH products, I got the illuminator in Peach Nectar. This is the last thing I got for thatcollective mini haul. The store where I bought that item also sells ABH Glow Kit replicas but like I said in the haul post, that just doesn’t catch my fancy. And I already have my eyes on a different highlighting palette that I can actually use on my clients.

First let’s discuss about the outer packaging.

Here is the box. It still has the price tag stuck on it, Php230.00 is very cheap compared to the price of the real deal that falls on Usd28.00 which is roughly Php1323.56. The box is matte black with gold lettering on it, it also has a sticker on the flap that has the barcode a the name of the shade.

The compact feels a little flimsy, though I didn’t realize it when I first opened the box, it has a huge mirror, and the compact itself is shiny. The lettering is not printed on it, that much I can tell, because when I glide my finger on the top of the compact it felt really smooth, it was like there was a thick film covering the top of the compact, and it felt expensive, until I saw the hinge. It was very thin and it felt like it might break if I handled it wrong. Also there is a serial number on the back that was dry sealed/stamped on the sticker.

Now let’s go to the product itself, I think just by looking at the pan you’ll see that this doesn’t totally look  like the real deal.

(for the review in which the picture on the right side belongs please click “here” I do not own the said image and all rights to it belong to its owner)  

As you can see here the compacts are quite different from each other, the mirror on the real one is a perfect circle while the fake one has the bottom of the mirror chopped straight, also the geometric shapes point and start on different directions, and the lines and details  are not that polished on the fake one… also did I mention that the colors are very fucking different different from each other? Because they are.

Now let’s go with the formula, the powder used in here is actually not that finely milled. You get what you pay for with this, but despite that this is actually very pigmented. A little goes a long way, the texture actually reminds me a little bit of my Qianyu eyeshadows that I love. This highlighter is also extremely soft, if you accidentally drop it I can guarantee you that it will shatter.

Here is a photo of the Qianyu palette:


This is actually very orange and bronzy, a little more and it will not work on my skintone… I apply it with a very light hand whenever I use it and I use a very sparse fan brush. This highlighter will definitely look amazing on people with darker skintones, I tried it on my best friend who a quarter Black American and it looked great on her. I also use this an eyeshadow, and it can be used wet, it looks amazing if you wet your brush a little bit before you dab it on the product, just pack it on your lids and it looks gorgeous!




I’m actually wearing it in these two photos, one as cheek highlight the other as an inner corner highlight, again I used a very light hand in both photos!

Overall for the price this is not really a bad product, it can be used in multiple ways, but this is not a dupe, if you are looking for something similar to the original, this is not it. But I do like this. I’ll rate this a 7.0/10

That’s all for now folks, and see you all later (by later I mean in a few hours, I owe that much to you for not posting in weeks!) 😉

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Replica Haul (I’m Not Being a Lazy Bitch Today So Here I am…)

Okay, so I have been putting this off for a while now; but here they are. I got two liquid lipsticks and a highlighter. Here are some swatches if you are curious:

That is really all I can tell right now, since I’m going to do a separate review each types, I know that there are fake face palettes too, but I am not really into those items.

I didn’t get all of these at the same time, I got the red lipstick first, the nude second and the last was the highlighter, I got them all from the same place though, and they are not that expensive, these are very cheap, except for the highlight. I got each the lipsticks for Php100.00 each, but the shop I got them from sometimes put them on sale, and they sell 2 of them for Php170.00. I got the highlight for Php230.00.

Again I do not encourage anyone to buy replicas or fake products. You do not know what’s in these stuff, I buy stuff like these because I want to be informative; and just like you I am very curious. But if you really want to try these products and if there is no amount of discouragement that can stop you, then try them at your own risk.

If you want to, you can visit my facebook page “here” for more information and discussion regarding this post.

That’s all for now, see you all later and have a nice day. 🙂