25 Things I Wish I knew When I was A Little Girl

  1. Those siestas (a.k.a afternoon naps) that your grandma keeps shoving down your throat will be missed as you grow older.
  2. You will lose a lot of sleep in college.
  3. You have to eat a lot of bananas so you wouldn’t have potassium problems.
  4. You will loathe the pink princess dress that you like right now. You’ll start hating it when you turn 10.
  5. The “relationships” your elementary school classmates have is not as serious as you thought, though some of them did get pregnant early… just be glad you are not one of them.
  6. You and your younger brother will stay close.182289_189873001034079_5985894_n
  7. Your younger brother who looks like whale will grow up to be way taller than you, he’ll also have a better active life than you.
  8. You will end up looking like a whale when you turn 16 and in your first year of college.fat-ass-sonuvabitch
  9. You will not graduate on time… But no worries I haven’t graduated as well. 😛
  10. Your parents will go on their separate ways when you turn 15.
  11. You will rarely draw anything at the 19.
  12. You need to learn how to save money.
  13. The makeup that you loathed so much in your early teens will be your creative outlet when you reach 17-onwards.
  14. You will get bullied in high school, bring a lot of courage with you on your first day.
  15. You’ll still love anime.
  16. You will be an avid shipper.
  17. You’ll still like wearing heels.
  18. You’ll have a baby half-brother on the year 2007, and a baby half-sister on 2015. photo1584e001
  19. Mestiza girls are going to be your type.
  20. You’ll stop chorale singing at age 16.
  21. You’ll learn to sing properly at 18. You won’t struggle with high notes anymore. 😉
  22. You’ll end up being a cat person instead of the dog person that you were raised to be. 😀 photo5763
  23. You can tell your mom that your crush right now is a girl.
  24. You’ll fell in love with a girl (or three).
  25. Everything won’t be easy, but it’s gonna be okay.

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Thrift/garage sale Shopping: shoes

My mom and I have been fans of Ukay-ukay (thrift shop) and Garage sales (even though the people who does these sales don’t even have a garage…)  like a lot of Filipinos… and I have scored a lot of awesome shit in these places, most are under Php200.00. I bought shoes and shorts from these places, my mom has scored bags, tops and pants.

Now I’m a shoes person and I like heels the most… since I like semi-formal and formal wear. And I have scored two awesome shoes from a Garage sale that my friend’s aunt did a while ago. I got a fucking awesome deal there.

Both shoes cost Php150.00 each… and the black one is made by Ramarim… the cheapest Ramarim shoes that is sold in the Philippines is Php2055.00 that is a pair of fucking sandals… so this is a steal! The yellow one is has no name though.

You see, there are hidden treasures in 2nd hand stores; we even found a Calvin Klein shorts and jacket in a local thrift store… it’s just sad that it does not fit me since I’m size 4… I’m a size 8 bitch. It does not fit my mom too.

Now there will be those people who would raise their brows at my choice of store to shop to… some may even scrunch up their nose, and say “wait a sec, you have a laptop and you can pay, for internet and you can buy makeup… but you can’t buy new clothes and shoes?” well yeah, you see I do not have a permanent job, and my brother and I still live with my mom, my mom doesn’t want me to work right now because she needs to always have someone with her in the house, because she’s sick, so my grandma and I stays with her.

I only get by nowadays with doing freelance makeup work and with the allowance my mom gives me and the occasional money my grandparents send to us (by us, I mean to me and my cousins). Most of the cash that we have in my family goes to bills and our daily meals and personal care items. Also most of my money goes to makeup, because it is my job… I do it for a living. And it’s not like I have a huge makeup arsenal… nope I do not.

So of course I’ll buy cheap clothes and shoes, clothes that are on sale, 2nd hand etc. I do not even buy clothes often, most of clothes are in a wear-wash-wear-wash process. And I only buy new shoes when my old one broke. I only use one bag right now.

I won’t go broke to look stylish, I won’t spend Php1500.00 on new clothes, bags and shoes and not have a single penny the next day.

We all have different kinds of life and each of us do our own thing… this is basically my thing so please do not hate me for it.

I just like shoes, and this is actually one the cheapest ways to get them, the other is buying those cheap China made shoes from Divisoria.

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀


New Blog! And My Twitter Account!


Hi there people! So, I decided to make another blog which I will dub as the “Bullshit Blog“. So why the fucking hell did I created another blog? Well, because there are a lot of things in my head that I cannot post here, this blog is something I consider as my “Serious Blog” (Yep I still consider this fucker serious, despite all the profanity and humor involved here…) I post more serious topics here, from makeup reviews to random issues and even some historical and educational shit. But that bullshit blog is going to be more of a playground, totally random and full of bullshit that might fill you with multiple emotions at the same damn time. Basically that is blog where I can go full retard.

So if you wanna see some shits and giggles from yours truly, please feel free to visit my other blog, you can click on that link on the first sentence to see the “about” page of the new blog or you can click “Here” to go straight to the homepage. Also later I will post the review of the product I mentioned on “this” post. And here is my twitter account, where you can follow me if you want to: @BlankPaperTowel. 😀

Another thing my “facebook page” is still active… just saying… :-/

So, that’ll all for now folks and see you all later! 😉



I do not know about you guys, but there is something really sad about crying in the middle of the night because you suddenly remembered a person who was dear to you who left almost 3 years ago.

March 21, 2014… A day that changed my life for the worst; the day all shit in my life began spiralling downhill. And up until now, my family and I are still trying to get back up from the mess that is 2014. That day, I learned that my best friend; the person I first came out to and a person who I saw as the older brother I never had passed away the night before on the 20th. He was coming home from a friend’s house and he was shot dead  while he was waiting for a jeepney that will take him home. The sad thing about this was the hospital was only a few meters away from where he was waiting.

At first I did not believe the friend of mine who informed me of his death… But then I went to the chapel where his funeral was held, I saw his picture there, I can’t believe what I as seeing so I walked away and rode the first jeepney I saw that will take me home. When I got off, I walked the farthest route from my house, I stared into nothing all throughout my walk. When I was in front of our  apartment’s door, that’s when I realized that, yes.. he really was dead; I’ll never see him ever again. I’ve never cried so hard in my life.

Up until now, I can’t bring myself to delete the final conversation we had on my phone, and up until now I still can’t visit his grave… I can talk about his death to other people now without breaking down, but really I still find it hard to believe that he is gone forever and we can never see him again.

I’m sorry if this makes you sad too, but I need to let this out somehow.

My Kind of Alcohol

Well, I’m 21… I’m way over the legal age for drinking in the Philippines, which is 18, and fuck it I really did not drink until I was 18(minus some sweet red wine; because fuck it; that does not count). And based on that 3 years of drinking I can pretty much tell what I like to what I don’t.

I fucking hate beer, any fucking type of beer. I do not like the taste of beer, just give me some Tanduay Ice if you’re planning on giving me some San Mig light; these fuckers cost the same! I do not like beer whether it’s the light or hard version. Fuck beer.

I hate any bland or bitter tasting alcohol, except for Emperador light, I don’t know why but I have cheap taste in brandy. GSM Blue is good too, since you can mix it with almost anything. I like mix drinks, as long as they don’t have BUBBLEGUM Flavored anything in it, especially the atrocity that is that bubble gum flavored lambanog.

I like alcohol that you can take with chasers. Whatever the fuck that is as long as chasers are within the criteria, then I’m good. I love Nestea as chaser.

My favorite mixed drinks are Tequila Sunrise and Pina Colada.

I like my alcohol but I only got totally smashed once, and that was my mother’s birthday. My mom and I went out drinking and since I was with my mom, I went ahead and got smashed as fuck, since I can trust her completely. When I’m with my friends I rarely get drunk, since I actually know when to stop, I like to get a little tipsy, but I don’t like the feeling of someone jackhammering my head in the morning, when I woke up. So I don’t go overboard.

Now you might ask me, why drink if you don’t want to get drunk? For recreation, I do it for recreation, when I hang out with friends, and when I want to sleep easier, I drink. If I can’t sleep at night a bottle of Tanduay ice helps. I don’t drink if I have problems, because most of the time, money is my problem and when money is your problem do not fucking drink!

But well, these are my kind of alcohol.

That’s all for now folks, and see you all later! 😉

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I Have Short Hair. So What?

So yep, a week ago I got my hair chopped off, for no reason other than it’s getting hard to manage; I was never really a fan of long hair for myself. I have been having short hair cuts since 2014. I am actually a big fan of wash and wear hair. And this is it, I wash it, comb it a little bit then I leave the house, no hassle. (AND THAT IS WHY I CAN NEVER BE A BEAUTY GURU…)

But why is it such a big fucking deal to some people?

Some said it’s cool, some people said it looked good, my mom freaked out, some said I looked like a dude, some said I looked like a lesbian (Which I am…), and there is one douche bag  who said (“jokingly”) that I looked like a “disgusting trans-person”… I wanna punch that girl in the face, not really because she called me trans, but mostly because she called transgenders disgusting. She’s lucky we were in church and I do not wanna cause a scene, not when my grandma is a few feet away. There is nothing bad about being trans, remember that. And it sucks that most of the people in the Philippines have problem with LGBT people, in here we are tolerated, but not really accepted, but this is an issue for some other time, let’s go back to the main topic.

So why is hair such a huge fucking thing in a girl’s like and does it really make you less of a woman if you want to cut it short?

Well , nope… cutting your hair short should not be a fucking big deal, it’s your damn hair. And, no cutting it won’t make you less of a woman. You see, I think hair is being too glamorized in fashion and everywhere else. But really, your hair is just one part of you, it does not make up everything that you are, so does your makeup, body, money, educational attainment etc. These are only aspects of you, not who you really are.

So do whatever the fuck you want with your body, as long as you don’t harm yourself or others around you. Because really no one’s opinion of you should matter aside from the opinions YOU and the IMPORTANT PEOPLE in your life have. So feel free to do shit as you please if they have a problem with it, it’s their fuciing problem; not yours. Be yourself, because really fuckers are always going to exist, and they will fuck you up if you listen to them.

So, that’s all for now folks and see you all later. 🙂

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My Old Facebook Posts Makes Me Cringe

Okay, You guys know about that shit called “Memories” on facebook that you can share, right? Those “On This Day” crap that always pop up on your notifications every single motherfucking day…

Well you know what? There is a reason why the saying “Past is Past” was invented… because they should remain in the past; because everytime when I look at those facebook memories; I feel like punching my younger self in the face. Those posts make me realize that I was a fucking dumb kid.