31 Days of Makeup: Day 11- Half-Assed Instagram Makeup

Now, what I have for you today can either be offensive or funny to you, depending on your stand in this topic. What I have for you is a “parody” or some shit like that about instagram makeup.

In here I show you how much of a fucking fail instagram makeup will definitely look like if you don’t have the best lighting, at least 3 types of instagram filters, huge eyelashes and skill.

This face here is a compilation of how shit will look like if the key points failed to work. I’m pretty sure that you guys will see where every single shit went wrong in here.

So why did I made a fail look when I’m perfectly capable of making a good one with the same techniques? Because I am jackass who always makes fun of shits that might actually give me a lot of backlash. And I actually thought it would be funny to show you guys a little bit of what this technique looks like in reality.

Because in the real world, a lot of people want to try the shit they see on instagram, are all these people experts? Fuck no. So I made an example here.

That’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😉


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