Are You Afraid of Color?


I love colorful eyeshadows, yes I like my cool neutrals and metallics but I do like my jewel tones too. This is actually the first time that I tried wearing two different looks on each eye; it actually ended up looking nicer than I thought it would be. I had more fun doing the green though…

There are a lot of ways to incorporate bright colors in an eye look, not just wearing it on the whole lid like what I did here.And here are three ways you can rock it, for you bright eyeshadow newbs!

  1. Wear the bright shade on your bottom lash line for a nice pop of color! You see the colorful part of the eye does not always need to be on the lid, it can also be on your bottom lash line;and it can look great there. It can make your eye look more interesting and fun. This look is for the girl who wants to be fun in general, the girl who is almost always game for anything, this is for the girl who wants to be noticed. 😀
  2. Wear it as a topper in the middle of the lid. Just for that faint pop of color. This technique of incorporating color on your eye look is more for those conservative types of look, like an office look or church look. These are also for conservative type of girls; girls who wants to experiment a little bit but still a little bit unwilling to go out of their comfort zone , this is safe, this is fun and it has no strings attached to it. it can also be your gateway to bright eye looks. 😉

    okay, so let’s just pretend that I have blonde hair in these photos… I misplaced my usual brow mascara and just used the one nearest to me… I made this from scratch because I realized that I do not have a look like this in my folders, mostly because this is my least used method… 

  3.  Make it your lid color! But just on the lid. Do not cross over to your crease. This is good for the girls who wants to go all out but still want to keep their dignity. 😛 They are the type of girls who goes out with friends on a friday night drink a little bit get tipsy a little bit, but will never be caught dead walking down the street while holding their heels, or running around looking for a missing phone, wallet or jewelry; these are the girls who wanna have some fun but keep their shit classy.

So, there you have it! Three ways in which you can incorporate bright colors into your look!

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later. 😀

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