Thrift/garage sale Shopping: shoes

My mom and I have been fans of Ukay-ukay (thrift shop) and Garage sales (even though the people who does these sales don’t even have a garage…)  like a lot of Filipinos… and I have scored a lot of awesome shit in these places, most are under Php200.00. I bought shoes and shorts from these places, my mom has scored bags, tops and pants.

Now I’m a shoes person and I like heels the most… since I like semi-formal and formal wear. And I have scored two awesome shoes from a Garage sale that my friend’s aunt did a while ago. I got a fucking awesome deal there.

Both shoes cost Php150.00 each… and the black one is made by Ramarim… the cheapest Ramarim shoes that is sold in the Philippines is Php2055.00 that is a pair of fucking sandals… so this is a steal! The yellow one is has no name though.

You see, there are hidden treasures in 2nd hand stores; we even found a Calvin Klein shorts and jacket in a local thrift store… it’s just sad that it does not fit me since I’m size 4… I’m a size 8 bitch. It does not fit my mom too.

Now there will be those people who would raise their brows at my choice of store to shop to… some may even scrunch up their nose, and say “wait a sec, you have a laptop and you can pay, for internet and you can buy makeup… but you can’t buy new clothes and shoes?” well yeah, you see I do not have a permanent job, and my brother and I still live with my mom, my mom doesn’t want me to work right now because she needs to always have someone with her in the house, because she’s sick, so my grandma and I stays with her.

I only get by nowadays with doing freelance makeup work and with the allowance my mom gives me and the occasional money my grandparents send to us (by us, I mean to me and my cousins). Most of the cash that we have in my family goes to bills and our daily meals and personal care items. Also most of my money goes to makeup, because it is my job… I do it for a living. And it’s not like I have a huge makeup arsenal… nope I do not.

So of course I’ll buy cheap clothes and shoes, clothes that are on sale, 2nd hand etc. I do not even buy clothes often, most of clothes are in a wear-wash-wear-wash process. And I only buy new shoes when my old one broke. I only use one bag right now.

I won’t go broke to look stylish, I won’t spend Php1500.00 on new clothes, bags and shoes and not have a single penny the next day.

We all have different kinds of life and each of us do our own thing… this is basically my thing so please do not hate me for it.

I just like shoes, and this is actually one the cheapest ways to get them, the other is buying those cheap China made shoes from Divisoria.

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀



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