Fake Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette

(Disclaimer: I do not recommend the replica/s I showcase in this post; we do not really know the ingredients used in these products and we do not have any concrete information regarding the way these products were packaged, I review/bought them for educational purposes. If you really want to try them, then do so at your own risk.)


Okay, I hauled these fake items and one real palette a couple of months ago; at the same damn time. I gotta say I went crazy and I regretted spending that much on makeup in one go, I spend Php950.00 on all of these stuff, I felt bad. Anyways, I got this palette.

When I first saw this I grabbed it immediately; mostly because I wanna review it. This palette is very neutral like the palette it’s trying to copy.

Here is the box. I do not really know how the box of the real version of this product looks like, you could be the judge yourself.

This is the palette:

Okay, here is something I would like to point out first… this packaging is CHEAP… The words “Shade + Light” are supposed to be raised and in the real palette, the words are just printed on the fake palette. This came with a pamphlet though, like the real ones. The patterns on the mirror is half-assed the small details are even folded outwards. I like the mirror itself though.

The packaging broke a month after I bought the palette.

Now for the quality of the eyeshadows themselves…

These shadows are bad… they are workable but they are bad… these shadows

Photo4866.jpgI needed to work on the lighter shades to make them show up. The best shade in here is the Sytry. it is the only one that is pigmented and smooth, the others either lacks pigment, or pigmented but patchy. And I already hit pan on some of the shades, after only a few months, it is not because I used this palette a lot, but it is because of the fact that this lacks pigment to the point that I have to dig my brush into the pan to get the desired color pay-off.


Most of the shadows also developed these hard casts after I swatched them with my fingers, my hands were clean, and they are a little wet though because I just washed my hands. Meaning you cannot use these wet.

So, majority of the shades in this palette are matte… 2 have shimmers on it, from what I heard this palette is supposed to be an all-matte palette. The shades Lucius and Latinus have shimmers.

I used this palette on the looks above, I can only make a few whole look with this palette, mainly because of the lack of pigmentation in the lighter shades, I mainly used this as brow bone highlight, setting of my cream eye base, on the crease and on the outer corner and lower lashline, I rarely use it on the lid, I only used it on the lid wen I created my Grunge inspired look where I used the black shadow on the lid over a black cream base.

I really do not like this palette, it is not worth my Php350.00; if you want an all matte palette just go for drugstore ones. The quality of this palette leaves a lot to desired and it’s a huge fucking waste of cash.

These small cheap-ass palettes are better quality:

And these three only cost me Php99.00, FOR ALL OF THEM…

RATING: Price-6/10 (CONSIDERING THE QUALITY), Packaging-4/10 (the glue on the shit is ratchet), shade range-6.5/10, pigmentation-6.5/10, versatility-5/10. Overall=5.6/10

Yep, that is not a very stellar review, I know… But hey at least you know that this shit is not worth your coin. And BTW this one is coming next.


This one is also going to be my last replica review. I am no longer spending money on replicas mainly because my budget is limited and buying replicas all the time limits me in purchasing legit items and 100% original items.

So that is all for now folks and see you all later! 😀

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