Second Hand Mac Palette ;-) (Not a review)

I bought a second hand Mac Palette, and I am happy. Since I can’t afford these shit on full price.

I got this from a friend who has a relative that works at a Mac store in Dubai. The said relative sent my friend a lot of barely used Mac products, this one in particular was brand new when she got it, she used it once and she decided that these shades are not her style; so she sold it to me for Php650.00 since she used it already.

Now I’m going to tell you a story, my friend got two of these times 9 palettes, an Amber one and a Burgundy one… I bought the burgundy one, when I got at her house the other girl that was there was buying the Amber one, both that girl and I got curious about each other’s palettes and we took them out of their boxes to compare, both boxes looks exactly the same, after we looked at each other’s palettes we went our separate ways, I was already home when I noticed that we accidentally interchanged the boxes… the box I’m showing you up there is the box for Amber Times Nine…

This is how the packaging looks like, it came with a pretty unique plastic sleeve, it has magnetic closure and the finish of the packaging on the outside is matte, the inside is glossy.



Here are some swatches… I gotta say, I was pretty impressed with the quality of these shadows all it took to get that color pay-off from these swatches was a single swipe, that’s it. I didn’t need to work hard to get it to work. But really, to me if you are paying more than Php500.00 for makeup, it should work like that. This palette in full price is about Php1547.99 which is a lot…

Over-all I like this palette and I’m glad I bought it.

That’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀

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