These Liquid Lipsticks Are Good, and Cheap, and THEY ARE NOT FAKE!!!

Okay, guys I’ve been loving these liquid lipsticks for a while now and, I am going to do a separate post for each of these. These are cheap one is regularly Php180.00, the other is regularly Php225.00, why is “regularly” in front of the prices, because you can get them for much cheaper.

I am talking about these liquid lipsticks:

The one on the left is Detail Makeover’s Matte in Detail liquid lipstick, it costs Php225.00, but I got the nude one which is called Joyce, on sale for Php180.00, I got the deep maroon one which is Alexandra for Php225.00. The one on the right are Ever Bilena advance Liquid Lipsticks, they retail for Php180.00 each, but can go on sale depending on the store you wanna buy them from; these are not matte lipsticks, but more like liquified lipsticks, they are quite long wearing, and they leave a stain on your lips.

Again I will make a review for each product soon. But I gotta tell you these motherfuckers are really good for their price.

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😉





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