New Blog! And My Twitter Account!


Hi there people! So, I decided to make another blog which I will dub as the “Bullshit Blog“. So why the fucking hell did I created another blog? Well, because there are a lot of things in my head that I cannot post here, this blog is something I consider as my “Serious Blog” (Yep I still consider this fucker serious, despite all the profanity and humor involved here…) I post more serious topics here, from makeup reviews to random issues and even some historical and educational shit. But that bullshit blog is going to be more of a playground, totally random and full of bullshit that might fill you with multiple emotions at the same damn time. Basically that is blog where I can go full retard.

So if you wanna see some shits and giggles from yours truly, please feel free to visit my other blog, you can click on that link on the first sentence to see the “about” page of the new blog or you can click “Here” to go straight to the homepage. Also later I will post the review of the product I mentioned on “this” post. And here is my twitter account, where you can follow me if you want to: @BlankPaperTowel. 😀

Another thing my “facebook page” is still active… just saying… :-/

So, that’ll all for now folks and see you all later! 😉


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