Kiss Beauty PRO Shimmer Palette


Hello people of planet Earth!

In my last makeup post, the one directly before this one, I explained to you, even apologized about categorizing a certain product as a counterfeit despite it being not… You can read it and the details about it “here”, and see for yourself, the dumbass that is I…

Now to the product.

This is the Naked 4 PRO Shimmer Powder Palette by Kiss Beauty. Kiss Beauty is a Chinese brand that I’ve seen everywhere here in the Philippines. And as you can see that company also used the “Naked 4” tag on this product, despite it being no way connected to Urban Decay.

This is actually a highlighting palette. A pretty good one too, and cheap. I got it for Php400.00, back when it’s clients season (June, since it was graduation season for University of the Philippines and some other State Universities and it is also a wedding season since lots of brides are obsessed with the idea of being a June Bride…), and so far I’m liking it.

When I bought it, it was nicely sealed with plastic, and it has a cardboard sleeve that looks exactly like the palette itself, the only difference is that the sleeve has the manufacturing and expiration details on it and the palette itself does not.

honestly… that girl on the right kinda freaks me out… just a little bit… 

The palette says that you can use the shades inside as powder,
highlighter and bronzer… I do not see “powder” happening though because all of the shades in here are very shimmery/glowy, which is not something you want for setting powder. I also do not see bronzing happening here, at least for my skintone because the bronzers (That also happens to be shiny and glowy) are too light for me; maybe it can happen if you are fair, but I doubt that you’ll love a very glowy product as a bronzer either.

Now back to the packaging; the cardboard used in this palette is actually pretty nice and sturdy, and the magnet is so fucking strong to the point that there are some days when I can’t open the damn thing; so I really think that this won’t just open up and shatter the contents if you drop it, the pans are also well glued on the palette. The outer packaging is cream colored(Majority) and has pictures of three pin-up women.


When you open the palette, you’ll see a pretty nice quality mirror that huge enough to see your whole face in. And the mirror’s frame is pink that has PRO. Shimmer Powder written on top and My skin, My shade, My makeup! on the bottom. It also came with two plastic sheets to protect the product inside. Why two? I really don’t know, but the seller says that all of the PRO Shimmer palettes did came with two plastic sheets each.


Now to the product itself,  there are four shades in this palette, the first one is a a very shimmery white that has a little bit of a gold shift; great for fair skin, and also great for inner corner highlight. The next one is a very light bronze shade, good for medium skin tone. The next one is a light pink, good for fair to light skin tones. The next one is my most used one, it is a little darker than the first bronze in this palette, it’s still a bronze shade though almost the same as my skin tone, I use it mostly for a very nice glow on my cheeks.

Photo4916 (1)

So, This product cost me Php400.00 (Usd8.63) and the the product weighs 20 grams (o.705 oz.), which means, you get 5 grams per pan. Which also roughly translates to Php100.00/5 grams (Usd2.16/0.176 oz.). Which is not a bad deal for the quality of this product. Though I could’ve gotten it on sale and pay less for it… This shit sold out easily during sales though for some reason, so I had to get it reserved.

I really like this… it is not that finely milled, and it smells fucking powdery but I really like it; since it does its job well.

I think the dirty as fuck palette and mirror proves that I like using this little fucker, if that’s not enough of proof then just look at the dents I left on the pans.

I used this palette as a highlight in all three pictures above.

So really, all in all I like this palette. It is definitely not the best highlighting palette there is but it is amazing for how cheap it, also the shade range is pretty nice. You can also use these shades as eyeshadow if you want too.

Rating: Price-7.5/10, Packaging-8.5/10, Pigmentation-8.5/10, Shade range-8/10, versatility: 7.5/10, Overall: 8/10.

So, will I recommend this product? Yes, if you want an array of highlighters in nicely sized pans that will last you for a long time, then yes.Also it’s better to just buy these than buying fake Anastasia Highlighters (that is the same price as this palette).

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀

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