My Bad, I’m Very Sorry…

Okay, guys do you remember that concealer wheel I featured on my this “post” (please just click the damn thing)… I said that was a replica but I was so damn wrong… it was actually made by a Chinese brand called O.TWO.O.

I did my research and found out that Naked 4 is just a very popular label in Chinese cosmetic companies as  well as Naked,as long as it is Naked + a number it will pretty much be used by local Chinese cosmetic companies… The local companies there just want to mimic the Naked line of Urban decay, but not necessarily counterfeiting it. My dumb ass just went straight to assume that it was an Urban Decay replica, because that’s what the seller who sold this to me said. Now I can actually recommend this to you if you are not vegan and you have nothing against China made products. I got the idea to research about this product too when I bought the palette that I am going to review later.

So yeah… My bad…

That’s all for now folks and see you all later… :-/


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