My Kind of Alcohol

Well, I’m 21… I’m way over the legal age for drinking in the Philippines, which is 18, and fuck it I really did not drink until I was 18(minus some sweet red wine; because fuck it; that does not count). And based on that 3 years of drinking I can pretty much tell what I like to what I don’t.

I fucking hate beer, any fucking type of beer. I do not like the taste of beer, just give me some Tanduay Ice if you’re planning on giving me some San Mig light; these fuckers cost the same! I do not like beer whether it’s the light or hard version. Fuck beer.

I hate any bland or bitter tasting alcohol, except for Emperador light, I don’t know why but I have cheap taste in brandy. GSM Blue is good too, since you can mix it with almost anything. I like mix drinks, as long as they don’t have BUBBLEGUM Flavored anything in it, especially the atrocity that is that bubble gum flavored lambanog.

I like alcohol that you can take with chasers. Whatever the fuck that is as long as chasers are within the criteria, then I’m good. I love Nestea as chaser.

My favorite mixed drinks are Tequila Sunrise and Pina Colada.

I like my alcohol but I only got totally smashed once, and that was my mother’s birthday. My mom and I went out drinking and since I was with my mom, I went ahead and got smashed as fuck, since I can trust her completely. When I’m with my friends I rarely get drunk, since I actually know when to stop, I like to get a little tipsy, but I don’t like the feeling of someone jackhammering my head in the morning, when I woke up. So I don’t go overboard.

Now you might ask me, why drink if you don’t want to get drunk? For recreation, I do it for recreation, when I hang out with friends, and when I want to sleep easier, I drink. If I can’t sleep at night a bottle of Tanduay ice helps. I don’t drink if I have problems, because most of the time, money is my problem and when money is your problem do not fucking drink!

But well, these are my kind of alcohol.

That’s all for now folks, and see you all later! 😉

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