Just Some Cheap Makeup

Okay, you guys know that I like buying very cheap makeup in gift shops and bargain stores; these are not fake products though; but just some cheap made in China stuff. I know that the Philippines and China have a feud right now, but hey Filipino business owners already paid for these items, I’m buying them from Filipino sellers who pays taxes to our government and I am not mad at China, most Filipinos have the same sentiments, but I think China really hates us though… and If they wage war against us… we are fucked, big time; the military power of my country is next to bullshit.

Now setting that aside, I have bought and tried a lot of cheap makeup in the past, I’ve even tried a lot of counterfeit and replica items, Mostly eyeshadows, eyeliners and lip products. I rarely buy cheap foundation and concealers because that thing is pretty close to my skin I rarely buy mascaras too because that shit is too close to my eyes.

Now here are some stuff I bought recently:

So, I got these nice Meis palettes, these are all mattes and I’m loving them, I got the numbers 01(The pastels), 04(the warmer nudes) and 05(the cooler nudes). These are actually good and I’m going to review them later after this post! 🙂

Again, another thing that I need to review, this is a JECOLOR eye and cheek palette. I really fucking like this, the real star here are the blushes, but the eye shades are good too, I was actually originally going for the palette that has red, gold and orange eye shades, but it was sold out when I came back, I still like this one though.

This is an ADS gel eyeliner duo, it came with a black gel liner with two brushes that are actually usable and quite good. The eyeliners are a little bit disappointing though, because they don’t set, they do not dry. You need to set it with an eyeshadow if you want to use it on your lids, but you can use them for other things too, I used them for my brows when I recreated the “Instagram eyebrows” that I posted on my personal facebook page.

it looked like this:


Not too bad eh…

I also got two MeNow Generation II True Lips lip liners,  I like them, they are good. I have three actually and I think I should review them too.

I gotta say, all of these are a bargain for the price I paid for them and all of these are under Php60.00 (Usd1.27) each. And they work really well for their price.

So, that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😉

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