Instagram Makeup Vs. Editorial Makeup

I do makeup for other people, my makeup style varies from person to person. I ask clients about what they want to see and what they want to be done; which is weird according to the other local makeup artists that live around my area, since they do whatever the fuck they want with their clients without consulting them, which is a norm in my community. But that shit just doesn’t sit well with me, because the client wears the makeup, not the artist.

Here is my regular makeup style, as in the makeup I do on my face on a regular basis:

You see, I like full brows, I like my winged liner and my highlighter, I rarely contour though, and my lips depends on my mood (you also see that I like that ear shit I’m wearing the first two photos, that is so fucking cheap too!).I’ll discuss all about that Later, but let’s go to the main topic at hand. INSTAGRAM VS. EDITORIAL Makeup.



Let’s discuss about  EDITORIAL makeup first, editorial makeup is the type of makeup used on magazine shoots, makeup ads and other media, it is also called “Print makeup” it is also the makeup used on actresses and models. Editorial makeup favors a more fresh faced look.

It gives emphasize to the model’s natural features, it’s goal is to enhance the natural beauty of beauty of the wearer, it can also be artsy or glam but it stays on the natural side of things.

The main goal of foundation in editorial makeup is not to cover up the whole damn face, its goal is to even out discoloration and even out the whole complexion in general, concealer and correctors are used only when necessary, for dark circles and blemishes. Highlighter is used too, but not excessively, light contouring can be done too, and a light wash of blush. Eyebrows are tamed, but stays natural, eyeliners are optional but stays on the softer and thinner side. Eyeshadows are neutral most of the time, but it can vary depending on the client or the theme of the shoot. Lip liner is used too, but only to keep lip colors from bleeding and feathering. Small, natural looking eyelashes are also used.

The key to make the look work is moisturizing.



Now let’s move on to INSTAGRAM makeup. This is the type of look that is always seen on Instagram(a social media platform that I do not use, I’m very sorry). It is a look that very much trending right now, tutorials on how to do this look has even crossed over to facebook.

(Yeah, I know that, that lip look I created there looks botched… over-lining just don’t work on my bottom lips…) 

This is the look that took most time for me to do… It has a lot of steps, a lot of layers and a lot of details.

Let’s go to the eye brows first… instagram brows pretty much looks like this:


It is made really sharp (it can cut through a man’s soul) and faded at the inner corner, sometimes feathery lines are added to mimic real brow hairs and the lines are cleaned up and made sharper by using concealer. It can also be called the “On Fleek” eyebrows. This look steers away from natural, but I’m not saying that it isn’t any good. But I can pretty much say that it doesn’t look good on everybody and it won’t work for every occasion.

Next is the face, unlike the editorial makeup that aims to enhance; Instagram makeup aims to reconstruct. It aims to chisel out cheekbones and make someone look pretty much “perfect”. The skin needs to look flawlessly mannequin like. In the instagram look I made I used twice the amount of the foundation that I usually use I also did some cream contouring and highlighting, baking, the whole nine yards. I used a highlighter to highlight every high points my face has; the cheekbones, the chin, the forehead, the tip of the nose, the inner corner of the eye. The eye makeup is very bold; consisting of a very bold and big winged liner, thick lashes and very elaborate eyeshadow work. False lashes is pretty much a prerequisite. The lips are contoured and overlined to make it look fuller using lip liner. Matte lipstick or liquid lipstick is also pretty much required.

Overall this is the type of makeup that aims to make you look not so much like yourself… This is the type of look that most pro makeup artists are very much against; since it pretty much contradicts all the principles of editorial makeup.

The origin of this look pretty much shares it roots with Drag makeup. The makeup style of drag performers like drag queens and drag kings. The main focus of drag makeup is also, to reconstruct the face into making it look more feminine in case of drag queens and making the face more masculine in case of drag kings. It is a more elaborate makeup art. It is basically an illusion. Which is also an aim of the instagram makeup.

I’m not really saying that instagram makeup is bad, if that is your thing then just fuckin do it.

My makeup style though a little bit of the two styles, I like the  minimal layers of the editorial face makeup the eye look of the instagram one, the eyebrows of of the editorial one, I like matte lips too, not so much the lip contouring and overlining. Overall you can do whatever the fuck you want with your face. I’m just here to point out the main differences of the two huge and well known makeup styles that surrounds the internet.

Just have fun with your makeup.

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😉

(If you want to learn more, ask questions and see more looks that are not posted in this blog, please visit my “facebook page”  🙂 )







2 thoughts on “Instagram Makeup Vs. Editorial Makeup

  1. great post! i love how in detail you go 🙂 my favorite is definitely editorial – i think fresh faced is just naturally beautiful ❤ you're very talented!
    instagram: the_ch1ara

    1. Thank you very much! 😀 ❤ I like editorial makeup as well, though most makeup artist that lives around my area would beg to disagree with me. But, really thank you for this very nice comment! 🙂

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