Anastasia Liquid Lipstick Replicas Review

(Disclaimer: I do not recommend the replica/s I showcase in this post; we do not really know the ingredients used in these products and we do not have any concrete information regarding the way these products were packaged, I review them for educational purposes. If you really want to try them, then do so at your own risk.)

Hello there! A few weeks ago I posted about a few ABH replicas that I hauled, there you saw two liquid lipsticks and a highlighter(click “here“), now I’m going to review the lip products. And this is going to be a comprehensive one, so please expect it to be a little longer than the highlighter post.

I’ll review these two lip colors separately, due to the fact that they both have some veryfucking distinct differences, by differences I mean they are fucking different from each other. The packaging may look the same but they are different!

I’ll review the red first since I got it first.

First let’s discuss the packaging… This came in a box, this is the last one of this color in the store I got it from, it was on the display and out of its box but the sales lady made sure that it is not a tester and it was outside because it is the last one. They returned it inside a box, which also happened to be a wrong box, but to me that is not a big deal.

The box they gave me says “Blush” which, I think is a discontinued shade. It really looks legit though, and it has a sticker seal on it.

Now let’s talk about the wand itself, this wand is a plain white that has a very small doe foot applicator. The wand does not pick up product around it the product only attach itself on the doe foot, the inside of the lid is white and the tube also has a semi-transparent stopper. The tube itself looks exactly like the real deal, though the gold prints on it faded after a while, since I’m like a fucking barbarian with my stuff. The sticker on the tube is glossy and it spells Sarafine as SERAEINE…

Now let’s talk about the formula, this smells like a cross between a root beer and a licorice, mixed with a faint scent of chemical, I actually like the smell, but it fades away after a short while. The product also has a very very slight sweet taste. I got full opacity in just a single coat, but it can be layered as much as three times and it doesn’t flake. It also layered well on the parts that needs touch ups. The shade is a very nice blue toned red, the type of red that I really like.

It also feels very light weight and it does not feel drying even after 2 or 3 coats.


This is how a single coat looked on my lips.

No for the wear, I started wearing it at 9:30pm before I got out of the house, I forgot to take a picture because I was in a hurry to meet my cousin, because we were going out that night to eat at a local grill. I wore two thin layers of the lipstick.

By the time I got home at 12:16pm this is how it looked like:

I was actually pretty impressed, since I was not merciful with this lipstick at all. I drank a glass of Tequila Sunrise with a straw, I ate some delicious as fuck sisig with rice and I ate some sizzling hotdogs that are cut up and drenched in sauce, I also drank a glass of water without a straw and I drank a bottle of Coke Mismo (250ml). It wore down on the inner part of it but still looked good.

I’ll give this one a 8.5/10 I actually liked this one.

I’m wearing this lipstick in these photos:


Now let’s go to the nude one… and this is a whole damn different story.

This shade also came with a box… the correct one this time since this was a one of the store’s stocked ones, it has never been out of the box. This shades reminds me of the photos of the shade “Milk Shake” But this little bitch is called “Potion”, yes, according to both the box and the sticker on the bottom of the tube that is it’s name…

In reality this is what potion actually looks like:


(Click “here ” for the original photo, all credits goes to the owner/s.)

I don’t really know why this is called that… but it is what it is…

The box looks pretty much the same as the last one.

But unlike the last one, the wand in here is a fucking product magnet, almost the whole wand is coated with lipstick when I first took it out, the doe foot is bigger too, the stopper pretty much looks the same. The tube here though is a little taller than the other one, as well as the wand. The tube also has a matte finish sticker on it instead of a glossy one and the prints on this one did not fade easily.

Now let’s go to this one’s formula. This smells like cupcake batter. It smells very sweet but it doesn’t linger, this does not taste like anything. It has full opacity with a single coat, though this one cannot be layered since it will look a gross and it will crack like a motherfucker. This feels significantly more drying than the other one and it feels thicker and heavier. The color is a nice pink toned nude, a nice everyday color.

Now for the wear, this did not wear as good as the last one… unfortunately. Photo4984

This is how it looked like when I wore it at 7:11pm

By 7:58 it already looked like this, I was not even doing anything with it, I was not eating or drinking.


8:29, a little bit before I eat dinner, it already worn off almost halfway on my bottom lip…


At 10:24, after I ate some scrambled eggs with rice and a glass of water…and it’s almost gone.

It only wore nicely for 2-3 hours. My problem with this is, I didn’t put it into much torture as I did with the red one and it faded really fast. I could only wear this when I am running a quick errand or when I’m going to church.

I’m wearing it in these photos:

I rate this 6.5/10.The wear and the feel of it is not really good in my opinion but I love the color, if it wasn’t for the color I’d rate this lower. But it’s significantly better than the fake velvetines that I owned, I know I rated them higher, yeah I know that I gave the velvetines a pretty sweet rate, but now that I’ve tried better ones, I can’t stand those shit anymore I’ll only rate those a 5 now.

Now here are the differences I noticed. There are a lot, from the height of the tube to the applicator they are both very different from each other, yet they are both fakes. It was like two different manufacturers made the lipsticks… and that is probably true, even though I got both from the same store.

I ended up liking one and hating on the other… which is a bummer.


So, that’s all for now folks, see you all later! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Anastasia Liquid Lipstick Replicas Review

  1. I got 2 colors (Dainty and Lovely) yesterday. These lipsticks are so perfect! Love your colors! xx

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