Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator Replica Review

(Disclaimer: I do not recommend the replica/s I showcase in this post; we do not really know the ingredients used in these products and we do not have any concrete information regarding the way these products were packaged, I review them for educational purposes. If you really want to try them, then do so at your own risk.)

Okay, so a few days ago… or weeks even, I posted a mini haul for fake/replica ABH products, I got the illuminator in Peach Nectar. This is the last thing I got for thatcollective mini haul. The store where I bought that item also sells ABH Glow Kit replicas but like I said in the haul post, that just doesn’t catch my fancy. And I already have my eyes on a different highlighting palette that I can actually use on my clients.

First let’s discuss about the outer packaging.

Here is the box. It still has the price tag stuck on it, Php230.00 is very cheap compared to the price of the real deal that falls on Usd28.00 which is roughly Php1323.56. The box is matte black with gold lettering on it, it also has a sticker on the flap that has the barcode a the name of the shade.

The compact feels a little flimsy, though I didn’t realize it when I first opened the box, it has a huge mirror, and the compact itself is shiny. The lettering is not printed on it, that much I can tell, because when I glide my finger on the top of the compact it felt really smooth, it was like there was a thick film covering the top of the compact, and it felt expensive, until I saw the hinge. It was very thin and it felt like it might break if I handled it wrong. Also there is a serial number on the back that was dry sealed/stamped on the sticker.

Now let’s go to the product itself, I think just by looking at the pan you’ll see that this doesn’t totally look  like the real deal.

(for the review in which the picture on the right side belongs please click “here” I do not own the said image and all rights to it belong to its owner)  

As you can see here the compacts are quite different from each other, the mirror on the real one is a perfect circle while the fake one has the bottom of the mirror chopped straight, also the geometric shapes point and start on different directions, and the lines and details  are not that polished on the fake one… also did I mention that the colors are very fucking different different from each other? Because they are.

Now let’s go with the formula, the powder used in here is actually not that finely milled. You get what you pay for with this, but despite that this is actually very pigmented. A little goes a long way, the texture actually reminds me a little bit of my Qianyu eyeshadows that I love. This highlighter is also extremely soft, if you accidentally drop it I can guarantee you that it will shatter.

Here is a photo of the Qianyu palette:


This is actually very orange and bronzy, a little more and it will not work on my skintone… I apply it with a very light hand whenever I use it and I use a very sparse fan brush. This highlighter will definitely look amazing on people with darker skintones, I tried it on my best friend who a quarter Black American and it looked great on her. I also use this an eyeshadow, and it can be used wet, it looks amazing if you wet your brush a little bit before you dab it on the product, just pack it on your lids and it looks gorgeous!




I’m actually wearing it in these two photos, one as cheek highlight the other as an inner corner highlight, again I used a very light hand in both photos!

Overall for the price this is not really a bad product, it can be used in multiple ways, but this is not a dupe, if you are looking for something similar to the original, this is not it. But I do like this. I’ll rate this a 7.0/10

That’s all for now folks, and see you all later (by later I mean in a few hours, I owe that much to you for not posting in weeks!) 😉

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