The Shit I Got Last Holiday Season and My Birthday (Makeup Related Only)…

Well, this is another haul… I was planning on putting this shit together with my December-March one, but hey… I figured out that I’ll just put this shit on a separate post.

So, my birthday was in the last week of March, it’s almost the end of May now…

Basically this post is month and a half late, for my birthday… But hey, better late than never.

By the way… some of these stuff are things I would never have bought, or even think of buying right now. Not in any way shape or form… and the birthday thing is more of a haul rather than “the shit  I got” because most of my relatives just gave me straight up cash. The only thing I got as a gift is  a makeup bag from my mom. But hey, I’m still thankful. I really needed the cash at the time because I have clients and I ran low of things.

So, basically most stuff I got by myself are for clients.

Holiday Gifts I got:

Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip gloss in 330 Lily on Park Lane, this was given to me by my grandma; and I love it! I swear by it.

it was already so banged up when I remembered that I haven’t taken a photo of it…

Vintage (I don’t want to say old) Avon Eyebrow Powder; this was another thing from my grandma… she lives in the US though so I only see her every 3-4 years. The date on the packaging says 2000, this was made in the year 2000, I’m older than this product by only 5 years. She never used it though, the pattern on the product itself has never been disturbed… and I can see why; this brow powder is black, my grandma’s hair is light brown, naturally light brown. Why did she bought this? I don’t have any idea. But I do like this  though, I’m just glad that I don’t have sensitive skin, because a product this old can break-out a regular person easily.

I know that it looks brown on the photo, but in real life, it’s black.

Clinique Colour Surge Eyeshadow Duo (sparkling sage and daybreak), My cousin’s wife came home from Canada… and it just happens that he (my cousin) is the one who got my name when we draw lots for our exchange gifts, boy, was I lucky! I got high-end makeup, 6 pieces of them that I never thought I’ll have right now… this duo is one of those 6. And I’m in love with this.


Mac eyeshadow in Juxt, this one of the items I got from that exchange gift stated above. This shade has been discontinued for quite some time now, and I think that this one has been with my cousin’s wife for a long time; but it has never been used, there is not even any sign that it has been swatched. Now I am not complaining; even if this is a hand me down, I don’t fucking care, I’m thankful, since I can’t afford a single Mac eyeshadow with the way I’m living right now. And the budget for the exchange gift is only Php300.00 (Usd6.42) So the Clinique duo and this shade already exceed that budget.

Mac single eyeshadow in Golden Crown, again this shade has been discontinued for a while now, by for a while I mean since 2010. This shade was part of the collection called “A Tartan Tale” which was launched on October 2010. Again this was never used, never swatched, that pattern it has on the eyeshadow itself was still VERY clear when I got it.

Mac Satin Lipstick in Brave, this was supposed to be the lipstick that I will compare my fake ones to… sadly my mom “borrowed” it, and then borrow turned to “thank you for giving this to me” so basically she won’t be returning it. The shade doesn’t work for me though so… meh… Oh and this was brand new, still in the box and never been used.

Mac Lipglass in Revealing, I love this lip glass… sadly it has been discontinued. But this was still new and in the box when I got it. Yep, never been used.


Annabelle Smoothliner in Metal Daze, This is probably the only drugstore product out of the six products I got, this is also new, never been swatched, never been sharpened and I like it, it’s creamy, pigmented and it doesn’t budge until I remove it.



San san Matte Finish Foundation in Warm Almond, this is almost exactly my shade, and as off the moment, my most used foundation.

San san Matte Finish Foundation in Porcelain, The same foundation above, just way lighter, I got for the sole purpose of custom mixing.

San san eyelash curler, this is a pretty good curler; I’m impressed.

A lot of random supplies…


A Cheap No Name Brush Set That I Got For A Very Good Price, I like this; great quality for Php159.00 (Usd3.40), they are synthetic and dyed.

Ever Bilena Pressed Powder in Natural, I got this for my fair skinned clients.

Avon Ideal White Foundation in Ivory Pink, this is the darkest shade available from this line…

Avon Simply Pretty Lipstick Lovestruck ColorBliss Lipstick in Mysterious Mauve, I love this lipstick so fucking much. This shade is amazing!

Disaar Hair Oil with Olive Oil… I love this thing.


Epsa Hairspray. Again, I got this for my clients.


Kiss Beauty Eyelash Glue… This is gooey AF… But it gets the job done so, fuck it.



This cheap 2 in 1 razor pack.

These Moonkini Blending Sponges. I like them, they are soft, and they get the job done.

Avon Makeup Bag, this is big, big enough to hold a lot of stuff for clients.

As you can see, most of the stuff I got for my birthday were “client-centric” or stuff for my kit. I took advantage of my extra cash to invest in my kit.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I hope you have a nice day and that’s all for now folks, see you all later! 😀


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