It’s Summer: Part 3

So this is the final post in my “It’s Summer” Series, in this one I will talk about the do’s and dont’s with hair care during the Philippine summer season.

Okay, firstly; I’ll tell you this fact… if you get out of your house with wet hair during the Philippine summer; you might be surprised to see your hair dry in under 30 minutes. Yep, under 30 minutes. So I can vouch for it if you see a conditioner ad on the T.V. that says “shampoo isn’t enough”… it really isn’t enough… So I’m going to suggest using a conditioner after washing your hair and using leave-in conditioner every time you go outside.

For hair conditioners, and hair products in general I do recommend the brand Dove, so far I haven’t been disappointed in any of their products, I recommend using the gold and blue ones though, the pink is for straightening so products on this line can get a little bit drying which you don’t want. Also, Palmolive, Pantene and Shokubutsu Hana are all good too!

Like I said, your hair will dry in under 30 minutes… no need for a blow dryer, just go outside for a walk and your hair will go from soggy to crispy in under 30 minutes. And that is the main reason why I’m going to suggest this product… Heat protectant spray.

I know that most of the time people only use that when they were going to do heat styling; but trust me on this… using a heat protectant spray on your hair before going outside would save your hair.

Also if you can’t find a heat protectant spray here or if you just don’t like them in general, then just keep your hair hydrated, one way is by using leave in conditioner regularly all throughout the day.

Another way is to use oils… but please use it only on the tips of your hair up the middle, do not put it on your scalp. Because it will mix with your scalps natural oil and it won’t be pleasant; but it’s good for keeping your hair hydrated. The most popularly used here is Vitress… but you can find a cheaper alternative from Hortaleza Professional that can be bought from HBC, the same place where you can get Sansan cosmetics. I can say that both brands are good since I’ve been using their products for years.

Also I found this:


I got this from a local beauty supply store for Php120.00 it is a hair oil and it also has sunscreen properties. And it also smell like olive oil. And it has vitamin E. It is going to be a part of my birthday haul… I use it after I wash my hair and before I go out.

Also, get a good comb or a good hair brush; since the humid air and sudden wind gusts can bring massive tangles on your hair so I suggest getting one. Also a bandana or hat is a good companion.


good thing I got this a few months ago…

And if you want to skip more than  half of this post (because using conditioner is a must!!!)… get an umbrella.

I hope this helps, I hope you have a nice day and see you all later! 😀



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