Birthday Story Time!!! And Unlike Most People This Sh*t is True… Sadly

WARNING: this contains blood, so if you have blood triggers; please leave now… I won’t be responsible if shit happens to you. No violence though. I’m not a violent person… But if you are interested and/or curious please feel free to continue. 🙂

Well, you guys know the feeling when you look like this before your birthday, because you wanna test out the looks that you might wear the next day (don’t get me wrong I’m only going out to shop some stuff for clients, I’m not going to party or anything, in fact I’ll only be going to church on my birthday ’cause it’s Sunday. But common party or no party a birthday is a birthday, I have the right to wear makeup that I want.):

I feel like the the shit and I think I look like the shit (and I hope you guys don’t think I look like shit…) I went out that night with my church friends because we are planning for a sports fest for the younger members of the church. We went to the house of one of my friends and we ate and talk and eat, I was the one in charge for the drinks so I bought some soda. That night was actually fun.

Then 1:00 am rolls around and I got a very wonderful gift from fate:

So, here is what happened… I didn’t get to a fight. In fact I was quietly sleeping since I was planning on going to church first thing in the morning. Then while I was sleeping something fell on my face.

It turns out that while I was sleeping, my cat was sleeping too on our ceiling, and for some unknown reason she fell from there and used my face as a landing spot. And it also turns out that the spot under the brows tends to bleed more compared to other areas on the face.

I won’t get too descriptive about the things I felt when I learned the there was blood on my hand and my sheets but I remember screaming “SHIT” before I bolted out to go to my mom’s room to ask for some betadine. They have the medicine box in their room.

The funny thing is my mom was laughing before she opened the door because she thought I bolted out of the room because of some shit she did with my computer that I wasn’t using at the time, she said what she did would’ve frightened me… but she was the one who got  a fright… she didn’t scream though; but she stared at me wide-eyed while asking me about what happened.

No worries though… I wasn’t bothered by the wounds or the scars that came after; as long as the wound didn’t got infected I didn’t give a flying fuck… I thought the scars were cool though to be honest. But really of all days that shit might explode; it happens on my birthday. I didn’t get to wear makeup the whole day. Oh well.

BTW, if you are curious about the lipstick I as using since that is the focal point of the look above, I used a mixture of two products. A MeNow Kiss Proof lipstick and the fake Mac lipstick that I reviewed “here”; I’ll also post a review of the MeNow stuff soon. I’ll also post a haul since it’s been a while since I did one.

See you all later! 🙂



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