It’s Summer! (part 2)

So,  few days ago I made a post about the the summer do’s and don’ts the focus of last time’s post was about makeup… today we will go with clothes. Yes clothes. Because wearing turtle necks will probably kill you here. Unless it was made from breathable fabric.

So here are the things you should have in your wardrobe.

A hat… obviously if you are going somewhere warm, that almost always has the sun shinning, get a hat, a big hat or a hat that can cover your face. And if you are not the type of person who likes to buy sunscreen… Get an umbrella. Common dude, you can get an umbrella for Php50.00… Sunscreen costs much more. And have you ever wonder why most most Filipinos don’t get sunburned despite the heat and the sunny weather? It’s because of the brilliant invention that is the umbrella.

You need loose clothing, it doesn’t have to baggy as long as it is loose it’s good, don’t wear clothes that are too tight especially if they were dark colors. A light colored loose shirt is the better option.

A pair of shorts, tank tops and a pair of flip flops is probably the best ensemble that you can wear anytime in here. Trust me you can lounge around at home or roam around the streets outside while wearing these things and people won’t judge you.

Comfy shoes; during the summer season… fuck boots, fuck Doc Martens, fuck Uggs. If you really have to wear shoes, stick to lower cut or shoes that were made from canvas materials, like Keds, Toms or Chuck Taylors. But if you ask me sandals and slippers are your best options.

This is the time to wear your loose skirts, and cycling shorts.

Get some dark tinted shades, blue or black tinted shades are a good option. Stick to cooler lenses, don’t go for brown.

If you want to get cheap accessories, go for plastic. Since you will seat a lot and fake gold and fake silver jewelries tarnish easily when you sweat on them.

Get a big bag that is easy to carry. Because when you go out you shouldn’t forget bringing water, a hat, and every other necessities that you need in order for you to not drop dead from heat stroke.

So that is that for now and I’ll see you all later! 😀



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