It’s Summer! (do’s and don’ts in the Philippine summer season: part 1)


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Okay, it’s summer here. Probably still winter in other places. Since I think spring equinox is on the 20th… So some of you would want to go to vacation. And some are probably locals who wants to learn what to wear here; makeup-wise, clothes-wise, hair-wise…

Part one of this series is makeup. And this series will end on or before April; which is the start of the full blown summer season here.

So makeup. I know that I’ve been stressing since my past posts that you need powder foundation. POWDER. Since the weather is hot as fuck, specially now. Don’t get me wrong you can still wear liquid and cream foundation, but not in daytime. PLEASE.

Also when I said that cream and liquids are not a good Idea during daytime… I also mean contour and highlight. Yes. No cream contour and highlights for now girls and boys, not only in daytime but also night time… at least not here in the Philippines. Because guys, those will melt, whether you set it with top grade powder or setting spray. The moment you sweat; and you will sweat I guarantee that, they are gone. But if you plan on always staying indoors with an air conditioner then go ahead.

And please moisturize your face before putting any makeup, because sweat is not moisture, so even if you sweat please wear a moisturizer, also this is the moment to get your sunscreen to good use. There are a lot of products with sunscreen so don’t be afraid to use ’em.

Get a good lip balm. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as it moisturizes them lips it’s all good.

Also… get a good eyeliner. I do not care if it came out of a rat’s ass; as long as it’s good and it won’t poison the fuck out of you then it’s all good. Eyeliner tend to act like migratory birds during the Philippine summer season, it travels everywhere; so get one that doesn’t do that or get a good matte black shadow to set it.  Get good eyeshadow bases, because if you did not use a good base or any at all; you’ll lose that nice eyeshadow work by the first hour of wearing it. Avoid not setting cream shadows, I know that there are people who do not set their cream shadows; I know the label or the brochure said that it will last all day, but let’s face it, the damn thing will crease if you don’t set it so, set the damn thing!

This is my personal preference, use a matte blush. If you use shimmer or pearl finish; then skip highlight. You’ll look like a walking oil slick or a walking disco ball if you wear a shimmery blush with highlight. ESPECIALLY on broad daylight.

If you really need high coverage shit, use stick foundation… please stay the fuck away from 2 way cake. It clings very hard on the skin, it’s a bitch to take off, and if you don’t clean it properly then say hello to pimples.

Please avoid too much layers of products. Trust me wearing more than three layers and it will feel like you have a furnace on your face.

This is not makeup…  but please for your own sake use hydrating lotion please always remember to moisturize.

That’s all for now folks; see you all later! 😉



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