I’m Running Out of Face Powder Again… F*ck.

You see face powder is one of the staple makeup products here in the Philippines… and sometimes, some people even call their pressed/face powders foundation for some unknown reason. But really, what they’re using is face powder… not powder foundation.

So right now I’m in the middle of a huge makeup mishap… I’m running out of my staple product. You see a pan containing 10 grams of powder can only last me about two to three months. The problem with me is; I’m the type of person who buys one powder at a time; same with mascara. And I do not touch the products that I use on others; so yeah… I don’t have a back-up of my stuff.

Which is a big mistake… since the summer season in the Philippines is just around the corner. Who knows I might even make a summer inspired look and put it here.

Here is the three brands that I love!

Two of those are very affordable. One is a little bit out of my reach as off the moment. The first one is a Careline, the Shade up there is Natural but I also use Tan, since those are closest shades to my skin Tan is the closest one though, but when it’s not available I go to Natural, I tried using the shade chestnut… but fuck it’s too PINK! ย The only shade I haven’t tried in this line, aside from white is honey; which I think would be a holy grail for me if only I can find it. It’s never sold in the my local department stores and drug stores. This powder costs Php150.00-Php175.00 depending on the store where you bought it, the refills are Php50.00-Php65.00. I always get the refills, each refill is 12 grams, worth of powder.

Now let’s go to San san. I know you always hear me talk about San san, it is actually a good brand; but it doesn’t get that much appreciation. I actually love a lot of things from that line, their eyeshadows are good, their mascara is good and the brand always has sales even though their stuff is already so fucking cheap. And I love their powder. It works, it’s cheap and it actually lasts.The powder costs Php125.00 at my town’s HBC, while refills are Php85.00.

Then there is this powder that I love so much that it sucks that I can’t afford it. This was a gift from my grandma who lives in U.S. This is lovely. I love it. This is medium to full coverage I literally do not need foundation when I wear this. But the price! The fucking price! This cost Php900.00-Php1,500.00 here in the Philippines depending on where you buy it. I don not have that much cash. I need to do three or more single person makeup gigs, or a single multi-person one to afford that.

Now here are other products that I haven’t tried… but I heard/read that they were good from other Filipino bloggers. I just haven’t tried them yet because they’re expensive. *insert nervous/awkward laugh here*

  1. ) Powders From Ever Bilena- Their face powder is actually Holly Grail status according to other bloggers. (The refill of the said powder is Php175.00 in my local drugstore). (UPDATE!!! )3/19/16… I found a refill for Php75.00 it’s 11 grams, and it’s amazing!)
  2. FS Cosmetics Pressed powder.
  3. Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder

These were the powders that I hear off most often.

Like I said before, powder is important here in the Philippines. So if you are a makeup beginner living in the Philippines or someone who wants to visit my home country who is looking for Philippine local makeup brands to try; I hope I helped you even just a little bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I hope you all enjoyed reading. And See you all later. ๐Ÿ˜‰



2 thoughts on “I’m Running Out of Face Powder Again… F*ck.

  1. Haha! You def. need a powerful matte powder there.. I know how that feels! And gosh.. I haven’t heard of SanSan for a long time! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

    1. Yeah, it sucks that the brand doesn’t get much hype, and to be honest that brand rarely failed me, the only fail I had was with their age defense eye liner and lipstick. The rest was spot on, their HD foundation was good their CYO eyeshadow is good their brushes is good. And don’t even get me started with their limited edition stuff! ๐Ÿ˜€

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