When Your Feet Don’t Work Like They Used To Before

You see, there was this job stint that I tried a few days ago… I wouldn’t say the name of the company, but it was a bad idea. Really bad. Right now I’m rehabilitating my foot… Because it was in pain and I ignored it. I ignored it. Now my fourth toe on both my feet are numb. For 5 fucking days now, my big toe was swollen for days and the middle part of my right foot hurt like fuck.

And it’s because of this:


(thise is just a pair of pumps made by M.Y Beyond the Fashion Shoes that I got for Php268.00 (Usd5.66), it was originally Php309.00 (Usd6.52), it is in the color apricot and the bottom is tinted red for unknown reason (But I’m pretty sure that it was trying to look like a Louboutin … or at least as classy as one), and I got it because the job requires closed shoes that has a stiletto heel, and this looks professional.)

Well, not really because of the shoes; but because of the job itself… you see we were required to stand in these for 10 hours above… yes 10 hours… not that I’m complaining. To be honest I got through that by sheer will power, I managed to stay wearing that without complaining. But really I love this pair; I’m actually the one who choose them and I got them for a very good price. And not mention that I’ve worn higher heels like 4 or 5 inches without difficulty… But we are talking about 10 hours here, no sitting down.



You see the job that I was into was marketing; marketing of what? I can’t tell you (because if I tell you, you’ll guess it easily). But we don’t have uniforms, but we were required to wear formal attire which my closet is lacking. Since my church clothes are not within their standards. And they also want me to replace this particular pumps with something higher and more extravagant… -_- uh… it’s already hell wearing these for 10 hours, you still want me to wear higher pumps? FUCK YOU.

Not to mention the pay… the pay is only Php5160.00 a month (Usd108.85) that is way under than the minimum wage of our province, and we work for 12 hours with no over time pay… And we only get 10% commission on each sale we made, if we made a sale ever since the products are so damn expensive (I’m talking about 5-6 digit amount),and the branch is in a small rural town with only 10-15 percent of people who can afford the price of those products.

The chances of making anything pass that 5160.00 is very slim. Therefore I quit… I didn’t even bother lasting for a week. And that’a one of my bad qualities that I’m not really proud of, because as soon as I see that something is not really going to benefit me or my family in any way, shape or form; I stop right away. Because why would I waste my efforts and not get properly compensated; LIFE itself is a two way street, you can’t always “get” you’ll need to give too, and you cannot give a lot of effort and then gets nothing in return.

I’m crazy… not stupid.

So yeah I resigned from my job on Valentines Day.

And my feet is still killing me.

Sooo… thank you for reading and see you all later! 😀






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