You see… I realized that I’m slowly becoming the person that I’m trying to avoid being. A lip product hoarder. Here’s the deal; I’ve always seen myself as a makeup palette/eye shadow hoarder; and I can actually say a semi-valid reason for it, since eyeshadows can last up to 3 years and up, depending on how you take care of your stuff… and lipsticks, and lip products can only last two years tops! So now, I really want to kick my dumb ass for letting it get this far.


I know that that doesn’t look much to most of you but… Dammit I don’t see how can I fucking use these all up by myself. If I wasn’t a freelance makeup artist I do not see how the fuck I can use them all up.


Here they are when they were all arranged… So far I have 14 lipsticks. I used to have more but I already tossed 3 or 4. I have 11 lip glosses, I have 2 magic lipsticks, 4 liquid lipsticks, 8 lip liners, 3 lip balms, a small 6-pan lip palette, a lip paint and two lip crayons, I used to have 3 more but I’ve given those away to a friend and a cousin.

So you see, compared to most bloggers and people in the beauty industry… I have way less; but compared to a normal functioning human being; this is an obscene amount. And to think that I was thinking of getting more. Since I saw that Sophie Paris released their liquid lipsticks, I also remembered seeing a L.A. Girl liquid lipstick in SM Department Store. So… I’m fucked. I need a new job, pronto!

I’m becoming someone I don’t want to be… and I have no one to blame but myself. Humanity including myself sucks.

Also, an update on the fake ABH Liquid Lipsticks I was trying to get my hands on… turns out the supplier of the person I’m getting my products from while my friend is taking a break from selling stuff, didn’t foresee that there would be an out pour of people buying and pre-ordering the ABH replicas. In the end the resellers (which the person I’m buying from) suffered a major set back in orders. So in the end it might still be another month or a month and a half before I get my order and I’m having none of that shit so I just changed my order. I just told her that I’ll get the ABH ones when she get her stocks.

And what I got in the end are those two lip crayons called MeNow Powder matte Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks “Kiss Proof” Lipsticks in short. Which I’ll be reviewing later.

So that’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀


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