New Year’s Eve (extremely late!!!)

It wasn’t really a custom in my family (By family, I do not just mean my mom, dad, brothers and sister; I mean my whole clan, including my grandparents and aunts and uncles, cousins etc.) to buy and give gifts during the holidays, most of us are broke and if if someone in the family wants to give something to someone; they give cash… I know, we are boring AF.

Also most of us doesn’t celebrate Christmas because of our religion; I won’t get too deep into that topic, all I’m going to say is that we are Christians.

So, since I can remember; we always get the money or the occasional trinket on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

But once in a while, when my grandparents are home; aside from the normal cash we get that ranges from Php40.00 to the rare Php500.00 (Php100.00 is the most common in our family…) We also do exchange gifts! And my grandma also buys us gifts! Way back in 2008 she gave us Art kits and beaded pony tails! Now lets see what I actually got!


Here are the things I got! From a golden shower head makeup and a clip!

And here is how the night went:

From 11:00 pm to 12:30 pm my brother and I are both in at home. There was a street party outside my house and both my mom, her husband and I probably looked stupid while dancing stupidly. My face makeup didn’t last through that…

I started with the one on the left (5:00pm) and I ended up with the one on the right at 12:18am…

And then my uncle picked both my brother and I up, and we went to our family gathering in my other aunt’s house. And we partied.

By party; I mean games and food and shit… we can’t have alcohol since there are five kids under 15 with us. But we did have fun, and I would’ve had more fun if I won a single party game, but I didn’t. And a single game has a price of Php300.00… -_-

Okay, the main reason why we did an exchange gift… is most of us in our family are broke… not all of us, but most of us. And by doing this, we all get presents and all of us can give presents without the obligation to buy them for everyone. The budget is Php300.00, everyone in ages 5 and up are required to participate.

Okay so, we have this unspoken rule whenever we give each other gifts: Do not tear the fucking box, unless you were told so…

here are a bunch of family pictures… just because…

Here we are, getting and giving our gifts.

So, here are the things I got; a golden shower head… a MAC lipstick, a MAC lipglass, a Clinique eyeshadow duo, two MAC shadows, an Anabelle Eyeliner, and a hair clip with a hat design.

And here are the photos of the rest of the night!

So that is how my New Year’s eve went; which is basically the highlight of the holiday season of my family.

Thank you for reading and see you all later!



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