Why Collecting Makeup is a BAD Idea…

Okay, so this types of posts and stuff have been done before… But does anyone listen? No. It is the type of idea that enter your left ear and went out through your right. Why collecting makeup is a very bad idea.

There are a lot of things you can collect. From bottle caps, manga comic books, anime DVDs, and even coins! You do you when it comes to collecting stuff, fuck it; I even tried to collect Pokemon collectibles at one point in my life, and I’ve collected a whole fucking box of paper dolls in kindergarten! But dammit, not makeup!

I know I totally sound like hypocrite right now; but please don’t do it! Especially lipsticks! Or any lip product in general. To be honest I only have a tupperware of stuff and I already feel like I have too much; and I’m a freelance makeup artist…

Here are the reason’s why; one is because even if you buy a new product; it is not a  guarantee that you’ll use it, it might end up collecting dust in your drawer. Another reason is makeup has an expiration date! Makeup expires and when it expires you need to throw it the fuck out; especially if you use it near your mouth, directly on your skin or your eye. And to top it all off, you don’t need 7 neutral palettes, 20 lipsticks, 10 lip glosses, 24 liquid lipsticks and a shit ton of mascaras! You do not need more, to be honest the only excuse that might work for having that much stuff is if you are a full time makeup artist. By full time I mean that is everything you do… Because if you are not, and the only person you are using that much shit for is yourself; then you need an intervention.

ESPECIALLY IF YOU WENT SHOPPING FOR THEM USING YOUR OWN, YOUR SPOUSE’S OR YOUR PARENTS’ MONEY. If you got it as a gift without asking for it then be grateful, and be happy… But if you spent all of your cash for that makeup haul, that you should’ve used for your food, your expenses, school projects, and work materials, then you need to stop now. It is not productive and it doesn’t feel good when your stuff goes bad when you haven’t even touched it.

You see, I’ve been addicted to makeup shopping before, and I am honestly thankful that I was broke at that time; Because if I wasn’t then I’ll probably end up swimming in a shit ton of stuff I do not even need. To be honest even at this state that I only have a medium sized tupperware full of makeup, I ended up giving away stuff, because I ended up neglecting them.

Here are those stuff that I talked about… to be honest I love all these things. I think the fact that I’ve hit pan on a lot of them is proof enough. But I’ve neglected them, and while they still have a year or two, or even some months of use in them I need to give them to someone who will use them… If you’ve been a reader of mine for quite sometime now, you’ll remember those Meis palettes, I raved about them and I still rave about them now, but I haven used them in a while, and two of my friends asked to have them… I realized I need to let them go, but I sprayed them with tons of alcohol before I did.

I gave away five palettes, an eyeshadow trio, two eyeliners, and four lip products… I spent money on those. Money that is sometimes even bigger than my allowance. But to be honest; giving them away is better than keeping them, hoping I’ll get use out of them, which will end up with them going bad.

Things to remember:

  • Makeup expires.
  • Makeup cannot be a family heirloom that you can pass down to the next generation.
  • Let it go, so someone can benefit from it… or let it go to the landfill.
  • Makeup is not a collectible item.

I hope you learned something from this post and I hope you were not offended. See you all later. 🙂

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