17 Things I Learned as A Member of A Religion With No Christmas

  1. You can get bullied for your religion… -_-
  2. It is not fun to see your house once December hits… (Majority of the houses have Christmas decorations.)
  3. You see other children go out on the 25th to go to their relatives and get some cash or toys while they’re at it. You’ll be so fucking envious.
  4. You only got to have a very good meal at 12 midnight once a year… on New Year’s Eve…
  5. You do the exact same shit that kids did on the 25th on January 1st.
  6. You get your presents late; so by the time you got yours; the other children had already gotten tired of their new ones… They’ll be the one who’ll get fucking envious.
  7. You’ll have a holiday because of a holiday that you don’t even celebrate. #HAPPY
  8. On the 25th, you are the only kid who doesn’t feel like a zombie.
  9. Most of the stuff you’ll be getting are bad and or extremely not relevant to you; since most of the good stuff were already gone by the 23rd, and your amazing family only decided to buy the gifts on the 30th onwards.
  10. You’ll probably be getting a pair of underwear.
  11. Or a shirt a size or two, big/small.
  12. Or some shit that you don’t use.
  13. You’ll be thankful that you weren’t caught by other church members when you attended your school’s Christmas party.
  14. You’ll get caught and be called in the church’s office and then you’ll get reprimanded.
  15. You would feel the want to kill that person who tattled…
  16. You get your money almost a week late; so you’ll probably still have most of it by the time school starts rolling again.
  17. You were better off getting money… at least you could just buy you own gifts when the good stuff is back in stock.

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