Fake Lime Crime Velvetines

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Okay, since I’m already convinced that the other two fake Velvetines that I ordered are no longer coming… I’m going to review them now!

I have two fake Lime Crime Velvetines, and like I said from my announcement; I was never deceived by the seller who sold me this; she actually informed me that they were replicas… But like the other sellers I encountered she was made to believe that these products were Singapore Authentic. Anyways, I already discussed that topic in my previous posts; so I wont dabble on that topic too much. But the seller I got these from is a college student who sells makeup part time for extra allowance.

Again, I got two shades; Faded and Cashmere. While the two that I ordered but never came; were Jinx and Salem. The fake Velvetines cost Php150.00 (Usd3.13) each. I’ve been testing these out for over a month now, and I can give a solid review. Though I’ll only compare them to photos that I’ve seen and reviews that I read.

Okay first, let’s talk about the box… as you can see… the box is red; both inside and out. The box is glossy, it has the product name printed on it and it has roses all-over it. Also, like real Lime Crime boxes they came with a sticker that serves as a seal on the top flap of the box, the sticker has all the details about the product, from the color name to the ingredients, it also has a batch code, but I noticed that both of my Velvetines has the same one. Also, the color of the sticker is based on the color or shade of the product inside.

Now straight to the packaging. The tube itself is matte, but the shade of the product still peeks through. The lid has a similar design to the box, and at the bottom of the tube is a print of the “batch code” that is the same as the one printed on the box and the other fake Velvetines. And it has a sticker on the bottom that says the name and the details.

However; compared to the real Velvetines, the lid of these lip products do not contain lime crime’s symbol on top of the lid/cap…


which looks like this! (credit goes to http://berryduchess.com/  for the link to the post containing this image click “here”.)


the size of the Velvetine compared to my other lip products (from L-R; San San Lip Glass, Bench Paint Box Lip Gloss, my fake NYX liquid lipstick, Sophie Paris Lip Gloss, Maybelline Baby Lips, Fake Lime Crime Velvetine, Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss).


How they look like on my hands.

The tube itself is smaller than what I anticipated, it has 2.6ml of product according to the bottom sticker.

Now let’s go to the product itself; the applicator is just a regular doe foot applicator, which applies the product in a way like every other doe foot applicators. The product smells like cake frosting, with a hint of something chemically-ish. The scent is not really that strong, it will fade after a while. The product themselves are very pigmented, you only need one coat and that’s enough. But by looking at swatches and photos online, I could already tell the difference these has to the original ones.

Here are the differences; one difference I noticed was the shades themselves… If you want an exact dupe of the genuine products, then you wont find them here, since even by looking at the pictures and reviews online I could already tell the differences. For one; the shade Cashmere supposed to be a grey-toned nude shade, the one I have reminds me more of a pink-toned nude… yeah no joke it’s that far across the shade chart. While Faded is supposed to be a purple-nude kind of shade while the one I have is a pink-ish vilolet one.

But really for me the difference is not a problem, since I actually like these shades…

Here are the swatches and lip swatches…


Here they are in action!





Now, even if they look beautiful, they have drawbacks; which actually stemmed from another difference it has with the original. It DOESN’T dry MATTE… it is still a liquid lipstick, but it is NOT MATTE. It still retains a shine after it dries. And it does not completely dry. So you cannot blot your lips together, throughout the whole time you are wearing it. You can’t even lick your lips, since the moisture can cause the product on your lip to peel off or break apart; this also transfer. Also, it is buildable… but I do not recommend doing that with these, since that will cause you more problems than good, since just the slight touch of your lips together will cause a part to peel off.

But despite of all that, this bitch is a bitch to take off. It is long lasting as long as it doesn’t get wet and as long as you only apply one layer. Also, there are solutions for the problems above! Since it is not really matte, you can wear a gloss on top of it to make the peeling stop, and if you want it to be matte; blot it first with tissue.

How it wore: The first photo was taken at 07:18pm, the second Photo was taken at 7:39 after I drank a glass of Coke, the last one was taken at 10:23 pm, after I ate a full mean containing rice, adobo and again a glass of coke.

How it wore: The first photo was taken at 1:32pm, the second one at 3:04pm, the last one at 3:43pm… I didn’t eat nor drink throughout the whole program…

As you can see, the longevity of this product depends on the amount or the lack of moisture introduced to it, if you are going to eat a lot, then this will not work for you, but if you’ll just go out shopping or for a quick run to the store, then it will work.


Packaging: 10/10 since it is both beautiful and convenient.

Longevity: 6/10

Smell: 7/10

Application: 8/10

Quality: 6.5/10

Overall: 7.5/10 Not too bad, especially for the price… But I think quality wise the Fake NYX product I featured “here” is much better. Again, I do not recommend using these products because of the risks; but if you want to use them or try them, then do it at your own risk…

(Update: 07/23/16, Now that I tried a lot of other liquid lipstick brands aside from these I realized that these are quite bad, even if they are just replicas. So I changed the rating of this from a 7.5 to a 6.0 yes that is currently the lowest rate I gave a product. Packaging: 10/10, Longevity: 4/10, smell: 7/10, application:6/10, Quality: 5/10, Comfort: 4/10

I still do not recommend the usage of any counterfeit products, there are a lot of risks involved in using these things; but if you still want to try them, then do so at YOUR OWN RISK.)

That’s all for now, see you all later and have a nice day! 😀




22 thoughts on “Fake Lime Crime Velvetines

  1. I just bought the same shades but they remain sticky on my lips. Is that the same for you? I also looked at the packaging and it says 26ml instead of 2.6ml. So much for copying huh?

    1. yes, I experienced the same things; and I’m glad someone noticed that typo too. 🙂 To make them work; I blot my lips with a tissue paper five minutes after I applied the Velvetine. 😉

  2. Earlier, I just bought two fake velvetines in the shade Salem and Wicked. I’ve tried Salem and it really has a matte finish, it wouldn’t budge if I haven’t used baby oil to remove it from my lips. I swatched both on my hands and tried rubbing them off in running water, washed my hand thrice but it’s still there, though it has faded slightly. I got them for 170php each.

    1. Hi Vanessa! Mine and yours might be made by different counterfeiters. Like the Naked 2 palette that I reviewed; my friend and I got ours from 2 different resellers who got their stuff from different suppliers; both palettes ended up looking very different from each other. Mine has better packaging and pigmentation, but the shades are very different from the original, while my friend’s has bad packaging that is made poorly, but the shades are almost the same to the original, just a little chalky. That’s when I got the idea, that there is more than one “company” that makes fake stuff. 🙂

  3. I got mine (Riot) for a hundred and it dries to matte fast and it doesn’t transfer which is a good thing I guess??? Mine has more of a chemically smell though, kinda creepy.

    1. Well, to be honest; I think there are more than one company/laboratory that counterfeits makeup. And formulation differs from one place to the other.

      Same with the naked 2 palettes; when my friend and I bought from different sellers; I got mine for 300 or 350, she got hers for 250. When we both received our packages, we noticed a lot of differences even though both are fakes/replicas.

      1. Hi Nilum Taj! I got them from a friend who resell them… that friend got hers from a store on Facebook. Most of the stores that sells replicas/fakes that are known here as “Singapore Authentic” stuff always spells shop as “Shoppe” on their page name. So if you type “Shoppe”, I’m pretty sure you’ll see a store that sells them. Or you can just go to AliExpress if you don’t live in the Philippines. I think they ship world wide. But again I would not advice you to use these stuff, but the decision is still yours to make. Just be cautious and take care. 🙂

  4. Helpful review! I’ve read some others too. thanks on the info
    Btw, does anyone know who sells legit lime crime here?? I cannot afford to buy on their online shop.

    1. Yes, I know a lot of legit sellers but they sold theirs for 1000-1500 Philippine pesos each. I would actually splurge on the legit ones if I could. 😀

      1. A Facebook page called “Your Makeup Store”, and “Makeup Your Mind” sells legit Lime Crime stuff. But they are expensive AF. 😀

  5. You’re look like you’re from China.Whos going to believe you!
    Also are you a school kid!

  6. @HAVE A LIFE wow man you sound like a real joke. lol You obviously don’t know how to use these (?) things hahahaha. they’re called question marks and they are used to ask sentences lol

  7. I bought 12 fakes for £13 and I got them I was so stoked to try them.

    Be very, VERY cautious with this product. I never have allergic reations to any makeup or foods what so ever. I wore these for 1 day and my lips started to blister. I’m in so much pain because of these, Be very careful around this product!

    1. Yes, that is true. And since the ingredients listed there is just a copy from the original, you won’t really know what was in there. You might have an allergy from one of the ingredients of the lipstick. 😦

  8. Was looking for some blogs related to fake Velvetines and found yours. Though I’ve never owned any fake lippies, I’m quite tempted to try the fake Velvetines but kind of scared thinking about it. Thanks for your detailed info! 🙂

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