2016 Look no. 2: Brown Smokey Eyes (With Tutorial)

as usual you’ll see my winged liner here… I like winged liners… wings wings wings…

I’ve always been a fan of dark lips; unfortunately dark lips can look disastrous if you paired/coordinated it with the wrong eyeshadow combo, most of the time you just need to pair it with a toned down eye look… But sadly, I really don’t like that look; if I have a choice and the time, I’ll wear smokey eyes and over the top looks!

I even wear purple lipsticks to church. Don’t judge me, the older ladies there already do. 😉

So here, I did a smokey eye with a dark lip… you can always pair it with a different lip color, so don’t worry.

The first thing I did was the brows. I’m not really a fan of brow pencils… I know back in the days I always use pencils; but I realized that they do not give me the look that I want. So, I switched to powders.

Here I used two cheap-ass products; one is a brow kit/duo from Ashley Shine Cosmetics, the other is a clear mascara from A & W Cosmetics. The brush I used is the brow brush from the L.A. Girl Essential Makeup brush set.

The first thing I did is I prep my brows using the clear mascara; I let that set for a moment, then I proceed with the powders; I used the lighter one in the inner half, while I use the darker one on the tail.

Then I primed my eyes; I used the salmon corrector on my concealer wheel, since my lids are actually a little dark in real life and I do not want any of those darkness peeking through my shadow. Then I set that with a light yellow-toned eyeshadow to further hide the darkness and to make blending easier. The Eyeshadow is a San San CYO Eyeshadow in Soft Sun Glow, the brush is the eyeshadow brush from the same L.A. Girl brush set.

Now let’s go to the longest part of this post a.k.a the main event. The Eyeshadow. I used the darker brown shade from my Ever Bilena Matte Eyeshadow trio in tango, on my crease, then I blended that out with my Sigma P82 replica, then I took that lightest shade from an Avon 8-pan palette called the Greens, it is a white shade with gold shimmers, I applied that as a brow bone and inner corner highlight using my Ever Bilena small eyeshadow brush. Then I took the second to the lightest shade of the palette and I used that on the inner half of the lid. Then I took the dark metallic brown shade and used it on the outer half, I used two brushes from A & W, 007 and 008 respectively.

Then I blend the shades out using my Nichido brush no. 235 which is a tapered blending brush. after that I took my Nichido True Colors eyeshadow in Raisin wine, I applied that to my outer corner using an Avon lip brush that I use as a smudge/outer corner brush, and I blended the shade upwards towards the crease. Then I blended all the harsh lines with the same Nichido brush.

Then I went back to that dark metallic brown shade from the Avon palette; and I applied that on my lower lash line using a think angled brush from Avon.

Now For the liner; I used a cheap liner from a brand called Andrea Secret, yes no ‘s on that name. I got a duo that has a liquid liner side and a white retractable eyeliner. Of course I used the liquid side to create my winged liner. Then I used an itty-bitty Avon Simply Pretty Eyeliner pencil in black on my lower waterline.

Then it’s time for the face makeup… What I did here is not really my usual routine, but since it’s cold, and it the worship service I’ll be attending was the early morning one; by early morning I mean 5:30am. I thought that I’ll be able to pull off some liquid foundation! And I did pull it off thank you very much.

First I took three shades of concealers, well, two of them are correctors from my concealer wheel, the green toned corrector, the yellow-toned corrector and the lighter concealer shade. I used the yellow one on my under eye area, going down to my cheeks in an inverted triangle shape. Next I use the green one to correct the redness on my face. I blended the yellow one using my Sigma P80 replica and I used the Sigma P86 replica to blend the green one since I also did put some of those on the sides of my nose. Then I covered them up with lighter concealer from the wheel and blended the same areas with the same brushes.

After that I took two pumps of my San san HD foundation in Olive, that amount is enough to cover my face, neck and chest. I dotted it using clean fingers all over those areas, slightly avoiding that triangle I made earlier, then I blended that with a damp blending sponge from San san.

Then I set the under eye area with a yellow toned powder from the Ashley Shine Highlight 3D palette in no. 1, I applied the powder using the Sigma P88 replica, then I set the whole face using my San San Pressed Powder in no. 4 which I applied using a powder puff; I used patting motions to apply that powder.

I’m pretty sure that you are wondering why I am using a shade of foundation that is too light for me. Well, it is because that shade is the darkest shade available in San San’s whole line of cosmetics. To be honest most Filipino brands don’t even release any foundation as dark as that, this one is actually the darkest I found so far. As for powders, there are some that has a shade that is close to mine, but those are from brands that I cannot afford yet… and they are not really local.

I took the darker brown shade from the Ashley Shine Highlight 3D palette and I lightly contoured my cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead, I used a Noconi angled face brush to do that. Then I used the yellow shade again (but you can also use the white one) to highlight below my cheekbone contour, the center of my forehead and my nose; I used a very small blush brush from Allue. Then I blended my face and forehead area using a San San powder brush, then I blended the nose area using the Sigma P82 replica.

After that I took my San San blush mosaic in RSVPink and I used the blush shade for blush (duh…) and then highlight shade there to highlight my cheeks and my cupid’s bow. I used an Avon blush brush and a fan brush that I got cheaply… I do not know the brand. -_-

For the lips I used a Fake MAC lip liner that I am testing out in  a wine/brownish red color and a San San Creamy Matte (This is not matte!!!) in Really Red. I used some Avon Aero Volume Mascara in Black on the lashes and then I got ready for church! 😀

I didn’t use false lashes because I was in a hurry; but if I had the time, I would have used these:


By the way; you can use whatever product you already have for this look, the products are not really necessary. 😀

the makeup look under a different lighting (I took these photos while I was in church’s rest room…)

Thank you for reading, have a nice day and see you all later! 😀


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