55 Probable Reasons Why You Bought That New Liquid Lipstick/Lipstick

  1. Because that lipstick you saw on the department store screams “winter”…
  2. Because you don’t have that shade of “red” yet.
  3. Because the packaging of that lipstick screams “you”.
  4. Because the lipstick gods whispered in your ear to buy that plum lipstick.
  5. Because you can still buy one more lipstick.
  6. Because there is still enough left in your allowance to buy 2 or 3 lipsticks.
  7. Because you need that matte red.
  8. Because you need that matte nude.
  9. Because there are still spaces left in your acrylic lipstick organizer.
  10. Because it’s already another season.
  11. Because you want that one that says “enriched with vitamin E”.
  12. Because you want that black one.
  13. Because you need that white one.
  14. Because that lipsticks has a name of a T.V. show plastered on it.
  15. Because that lipstick has a name of a movie plastered on it.
  16. Because it’s (insert a makeup brand here).
  17. Because it’s so cheap!
  18. Because you need at least one high-end lipstick.
  19. Because it’s METALLIC!
  20. Because it says “madicated”.
  21. Because it is enriched with a lot of vitamins, not just vitamin E.
  22. Because it’s a new color/shade.
  23. Because it’s BLUE!
  24. Because it has an unusual packaging.
  25. Because you need to collect all the lipsticks from that brand.
  26. Because the sales lady says it’s good.
  27. Because you saw a demo in which that lipstick was used.
  28. Because it might look good with that lip liner that was given to you last Christmas.
  29. Because your mom/sister/best friend  has the same shade.
  30. Because it goes well with everything.
  31. Because it looks amazing with that blush.
  32. Because it looks amazing with that eyeshadow look.
  33. Because it was used by your favorite blogger/YouTuber/actress.
  34. Because you saw it on T.V.
  35. Because you just got a tan.
  36. Because you got fairer.
  37. Because your old one broke.
  38. Because you used up your last one.
  39. Because you just happen to pass by it at the mall.
  40. Because you lost your other one.
  41. Because someone stole your other one.
  42. Because you need a gift for a friend.
  43. Because you want a gift for your self.
  44. Because it has a “revolutionary/innovative” formula.
  45. Because it’s a bad-ass color.
  46. Because while you’re in front of the cash register; it happens to accidentally got in your cart and you don’t at to put it back.
  47. Because it can be used as an eyeliner/eye safe!
  48. Because it’s vegan and cruelty free.
  49. Because it’s a popular shade.
  50. Because you just love purples!
  51. Because you need it for your kit.
  52. Because it will look good with your current hair color.
  53. Because you know how to use it.
  54. Because you can afford it.
  55. Because you can.

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