15 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Buy that Liquid Lipstick/Lipstick

  1. You already have that same shade of red in THREE different finishes.
  2. You already have 10 shades of red.
  3. You already have 5 shades of gray.
  4. You already filled half of your acrylic lipstick organizer.
  5. You already spent $500.00/Php5000.00/Whatever your country’s currency is as long as it has a 2-4 zeroes; in lipstick, last year.
  6. You already have 10 lipsticks. Do you really need more?
  7. You already finished your monthly allowance… in a week. But look on the bright side, you have 3 high end lipsticks. -_-
  8. You already have 3 shades of pink, but you don’t wear that much pink.
  9. You already have 5 lipsticks that gone bad.
  10. You already have no more space left.
  11. You already have that color, do you need the same one in a different packaging?
  12. You already have a wine lipstick; just wear a different lip liner.
  13. You already have 20 posters of that T.V. Show/Movie/YouTuber/Actress/Model… Do you still need to buy that lipstick that you don’t even know if you’ll ever wear.
  14. You already have that lipstick in this finish.
  15. You already have that lipstick in the regular line. Do you need that limited edition one? (or vice versa)



click “Here” if you want to see 55 reasons why you should buy that lipstick. 😉


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