First Look of 2016:Simple Violet

LOOK 1: Violet

This all about violets, And as you can see, I got very carried away with the powder I used for my under eye area and my blush… I know that; no need to remind me. ( -_- ) But  believe me when I say that the blush is good, if it wasn’t for that white cast, this blush would look nice… But sadly, I got too carried away.

For the highlight on my cheeks I used the pale pink shade from the right, and for the blush, I used the one in the middle.


In this look I used that Black brow powder from Avon; this is a gift from my grandma who came home from the USA, this shit is old, but since it’s for the brows then, I deem it as still usable, but only for myself, I’ll never use this to clients… I don’t want to be sued. The crease shade I used here is the 2nd shade from the Ever Bilena Matte Trio in Tango and the shadows are those two from the Avon Fold-up Palette, I used the pale pink for inner corner, and brow bone highlight and and the light violet shade for the lid.For the lower lash line I used a rose gold eyeliner.

I also used the Fake Lime Crime Velvetine that I am testing out, in the shade Faded.

more angles…

So that is that for now folks; I hope you have a nice day. And see you all later!!! 😀




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