Why Do I Test Out Fake Cosmetics?

So, why do I test out fake cosmetics? Those who follow my blog and reads my post might wonder why I use and test fake products. You see, I never used fake/replica/counterfeit cosmetics before August 2015. I got curious when I met my friend who sells it in class.

So did I continued buying them? Because I’m curious AF. I’m as curious as a motherfucking cat.

Like these babies!


at least when they were still babies; they’re grown-ass cats now… the white one is as big as a shih-tzu…  

That was the main reason…

Also I like to test out if they were any good; I just pushed aside the fact that they might be dangerous behind my mind. I try them out and tell you guys the details. It just sucks that I end up liking some; even though I shouldn’t because; I know they might probably cause me future illnesses or even in extreme cases death. But really I like taking chances; and it’s not like I use them on clients anyways. So… meh.

Now another reason I try them is because, I’m amazed and baffled by the pace these people go by. It’s like a collection of counterfeit cosmetics after the other, and they also manage to level up the quality; not even close to the real, genuine products they are copying; but nice nonetheless. Though even if they were nice, there are still probable hazards and dangers that might accompany the purchase and usage of such products.

In the end you just have to be aware, and if you are planning on trying these items out to see for yourself; then use them at your own risk; because I can’t and I won’t recommend using these. I just want to educate you and show you how they perform, and how they look like.

So, that’s all for now, see you all later and have a nice day! :3


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