Beauty Care/Basic Cosmetology Graduation!!!


So last December 22, I graduated. My younger brother actually congratulated my by saying “Wow ate (a honorific used in the Philippines to address your older sister/ a woman you actually respect)! Na-unahan mo pa ko gu-mraduate ah!” Which roughly translates to: “Wow! You actually graduated before I do!” He’s a delightful kid…

Unlike other graduation ceremonies, we were not really required to wear anything too formal. We were only asked to look decent and wear white; And that’s the look I went for. Though there were people who went and wore dresses and heels. Also, unlike other commencement exercises; We didn’t start on time…

I swear they said the ceremony would start at 1:o0pm, I got out of my house t 1:28pm. I actually thought that the ceremony would almost be over by the time I get to our Municipal hall (The place where the graduation was held) ; but no! There were only a few people in the venue by the time I get there (about 1:38pm, it was just a 10 minute walk from my our house 😀 ), and the registration was in full swing. It was about 2:00pm when we were asked to get in line outside, it was another 10 minutes before things continued, a classmate of mine arrived and got registered within those 10 minutes… AMAZING!

After that everything went smoothly; so smooth that I was asked by my classmates to dance with them for a presentation… WASN’T THAT EMBARRASSING? We didn’t practice, it was a bit of a train-wreck, but fun nonetheless… especially because of the fact the at least three out of us four (including myself) can’t dance to save our lives! I was actually questioning my whole existence during the whole thing, with a matching Fucking idiotic smile on my face… FABULOUS!

But like I said it was fun, and a lot of us were happy.

Photo3289 .1

ahem.. My certificate… on close-up

Photo3290 .1

My certificate with a “proxy” diploma/certificate that the municipal hall people gave us during the ceremony…

Photo3291 .1

My Certificate, compared to another certificate that I received last October 30… The other program that I joined together with most of my classmates also had a graduation ceremony.

Here is how I looked like during that time if you’re curious… I was actually wearing a purple lipstick in both of the photos… But the Beauty Plus App that my classmates used when they took these washed the lipstick out…


See… PURPLE! These were taken using my phone… I asked my classmates to take the two above, because my battery died.


Now speaking of cosmetology, here are the photos of the look I made for the December 22, Graduation I’ll also quickly tell you the things I did to make it… Since I forgot what I did in Oct. 30 version, since I did that one in a hurry; I think you know that already judging by looks of my eyebrows on that one.

BTW if you are not interested on this part, you can actually skip it, and read another blog post. 😀

Firstly, I did my brows first (I’m redundant I know). I used clear mascara first to prep the brow hairs and shape it a little bit. Then I leave it alone, and let that dry for a while. While that place is still drying, I prep my lids using Beauty Treats L.A. Makeup Primer, and went and did my crease, by the way, I used my E.L.F. Little black beauty book Day Edition for the whole eyeshadow look, if you have trouble finding that particular palette, don’t worry, the shades in there are very dupable, I even saw one of the shades in there in another e.l.f. quad.

After I did my crease, I went back to the brows, I used my Ashley Shine eyebrow duo/kit in 04. I used the lighter brown in the inner part of the brows; I used the darker one on the outer part. I didn’t bother using a concealer to clean it up, since I’m running late…

Then I went back to the shadows! By the way,

Here are some pictures of the palette, like I said, these shades are quite dupable. (I might make a review for this palette, if it’s still available; so if it is, please comment it down!)

I used the matte white to blend out the crease, I used the peach one with fine shimmers under the matte white for my brow bone highlight; Both are from the right side of the palette. While I used the matte brown for my crease, I used the metallic gold shade for the lid, and the shade there that looks like a white with gold shimmers on the pan, but applies like a light yellowish gold on my inner corner.

Then I created my winged liner using a black liquid liner, the method I used is the “isosceles triangle” method. Then I lined the lower lash line with a champagne eyeliner.

Now for the face; I used a yellow-toned concealer on my under-eye, to correct the color of my eye bags, that is the only place I concealed. I didn’t bother to use a concealer my shade on top of the yellow toned one, and I didn’t use foundation because like what I said in my other post the humidity would just melt it right off and make me look like a melting jackass. I just set my whole face (including the concealed part of course) with a pressed powder a shade lighter than me because the pressed powder I usually use ran out. I just blended the powder down to my neck and chest, I also put some on my ears.

I also contoured very lightly (my nose, my forehead and my cheeks), using a matte bronzer, I used a matte peachy-coral blusher (I apply my blush starting from the outer part of my cheeks, a little bit above my contour, inwards, until there is a light wash of color on the apples of my cheeks) and I also highlighted lightly using a bronze highlighter on my cheeks, tip of my nose and my cupid’s bow.

Then for the lips I used one of my FAKE Lime Crime Velvetines that I’m testing out; The shade is in Cashmere. I didn’t use anything else just so I can see how long it will last and how drying it can be.

And that is that for now folks! I hope you had fun while reading this and see you all later! 😉




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