Sigma Brushes Replicas

Okay, I received my fake Velvetines  a week ago, and I’m in the middle of testing them out. But before I review them, I’ll be reviewing this product first. And This is a replica of a beloved brush set called the Sigma Sigmax Precision Brush Kit.

This kit includes the replicas of five brushes; the Precision Flat (P80), precision round (P82), precision angled (P84), precision tapered (P86) and precision flat angled (P88). Okay, first thing is first; I do not have any fucking idea how the real, genuine kit works. I’m just here to show you how the fake one looks like and how it works for me. So, without further bullshit, I present you these fake Sigma brushes!

So, I got these brushes about two months ago, last October. And I gotta say over the duration of the time that I have them, I experienced very good things. the bristles are soft and all of them survived my weekly/bi-weekly washing without shedding. Aside from that these products blends powders and creams like a dream. And to think that I paid only Php320.00 (Usd6.75) for them… But there is two sides of a coin; and I’ll get to the other side of it later.


That is how they came, nice and well packaged. The box is a bit banged up; but it wasn’t really a problem, since the products inside were not harmed. Also after you opened the box, you’ll see a plastic sleeve which holds the brushes together. Then when you remove the sleeve you’ll see that the brushes are inside their own individual plastic sleeve.

My reaction after I took them out of the packaging… these bitches are so fucking SOFT!


Here is what they look like, brand new and out of the box.


They have a holographic print; that says: Sigma, the name of the brush, the number and USA.


The word “Sigma” is also engraved on the ferrule.


And the words “Made in P.R.C.” is etched on the back of each brush.


Here are the brushes the brushes up close.


P80- This brush is called Precision Flat Brush. I use this for blending out my under eye concealer.


P82- The Precision Round Brush; I use this, believe it or not; for blending out my matte eyeshadows, and blending my nose contour. Works like a charm.


P88- Precision Flat Angled Brush. I use this to set my under eye concealer.


P84- Precision angled. I use this to contour my nose, sometimes for blending.


P86- Precision Tapered. I use this to apply concealers and correctors, also to blend the products slightly.

I gotta say; I was WOWed by the quality of the bristles. They were amazingly soft, with the exception of P86, which is harder for an understandable reason. Also when you look at it, the set costs Php320.00; which roughly means that I’ve paid only Php64.00 (Usd1.35) per piece. A good deal for the quality and usefulness of each of the brushes.


Now, the only downside that I saw was this… two of the brushes (the P82 and P88) have broken in half. The ferrule have completely loosened off from the handle.


This wasn’t really a problem for me since it was not something that my long nose pliers couldn’t fix. But it doesn’t mean that this particular shitty event can’t piss off or turn off  a person. Because in reality;  these brushes were supposed to be new!

Good thing that the quality of the bristles overshadowed this event. -_-

Now for the most recent photos. And comparison to the genuine ones; again, I do not own the original version. So I’m practically basing my comparison from two blog posts, and the sigma website in general (feel free to check them out—>>> Lust For Lip, The Daily Bailey B, Sigma).

So, according to all three; the original brushes featured Sigmax synthetic fibers, and were developed to mimic fingertips when applying makeup and is uniquely designed to apply powder, cream and liquid products without absorption into the bristles.

But from my observation; I can say that the bristles used in the fake ones are probably natural hairs, with the exception of P86, simply because they feel and smell like my natural hair brushes.


Also according to the website, the used in the genuine ones is  a “patented 3-ring brush ferrule is made with high performance SigmaAlloy™ for durability and strength” which sounds really impressive.

Although, when I looked at the photos that the two bloggers had on their pages; I saw that one brush set indeed have 3 rings in the ferrules, but the ferrule of the other’s brush set has 2 rings like mine. But BOTH of them claim that they got their brushes from the Sigma website.

But, let’s go back to the comparison; as you can see on the photo above; the ferrule one my P80 brush, had dented easily when my brush bag got too crowded and it got stuck between my blending sponge and my lash curler.  And that shouldn’t have happened to the genuine ones.

Also, according to one of the two bloggers; the holographic print on the handles do not come off, she even compared them to the prints on MAC brushes.


But as you can see in this photo; the prints on the brushes have faded. And the prints on P80 and P82 have completely rubbed off, because I use them more often compared to the others.

But, even with those differences; I think the brushes does perform really well for the  price I paid for them. I actually do like them a lot and I use them almost every time I do my makeup. Will it fool anyone? Probably, because it is going to be difficult for a new sigma brush user to notice a lot of difference from the original, until they’ve used them for a while.


Packaging: 9/10 (the brushes were actually well packaged and it would’ve had a rating of 10 if the box weren’t banged up a little.)

Performance: 9/10

Durability: 7.5/10 (since two of brushes came with undone glue on the ferrule, and one had a small dent after a minor incident.)

Price: 9/10 (1 point is missing because this was actually fake…)

overall: 8.5/10

In the end I actually like this set, I know I really shouldn’t; but I do… And that’s that.

That’s all for now folks and see you later! 😀


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