When You are So Cheap that You’ll do Everything to Make Shitty Products Work

Oh shitty products… we’ve had our fair share of those things; from clothes to personal care products, skin care or even makeup. You will definitely encounter a shitty product or more.

People do lot’s of things to shitty products after they purchased them, like; returning it to the store, passing it along to people, or just downright throw them in the garbage bin.

But I live in the Philippines; I can’t do the first one… I do not like giving people shitty products, so I will never fucking do the second one and I’ll also never do the third one because that is just WASTING money. So what I do is to try and make the product to work in every way possible. By every way; I mean not just for makeup.

Aside from doing makeup; I actually do like to draw. So, one of the things I use these products for; If I tried everything already and they’re still not working for me as makeup products. I use them as coloring materials; especially the glittered ones. So even though they did not belong inside my makeup kit; they do belong in my art one.

But before I use the items for coloring my drawings; I need to see first that they will not work as makeup. And here is what I do; I use them on a place that they were not actually created for. There is one time that I use a practically useless blue eyeliner that I have to make fur like strokes on my face when I did the look that I passed for my fantasy makeup look.

Then you can also use shadows for blushes, highlighters, bronzers and vice versa. If you don’t like that highlighter as a highlight; you might like it as an eyeshadow. You don’t like that lipstick as a lipstick; it might work as a cream blush.

There is also one time that I bought a lip crayon that is in a pale pink shade similar to St. Germain of MAC. Then I tried it on I realized that I really hate the texture, I tried it as a blush, but it was too light that it will never work as a blush on me; but then I realized that it brought a nice sheen to my cheeks so I used it as a highlight.

Also if you have a concealer that is too thick you can always put moisturizer on it to make it thinner. And you can also use the same thing to bad foundation to make it a tinted moisturizer.

See, there are a lot of things that you can use your shitty products for, you can even use bad nail polishes for paint.

See you all later and have a nice day! šŸ˜€

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