Announcement: I Found FAKE Lime Crime Products!

(Update: 06/15/2016- I recently made a Facebook page, just for those of you who wanted to be updated with future posts, or for those of you who just want to get in touch (or if you have any questions), you can visit it by click “Here” I hope I see you there soon! 😀 )

I found some fake Lime Crime lipsticks and velvetines, I was just wondering if you want to see a review for those?

You see, there is a seller living near my house; about 3 blocks away. This is a different seller. And this seller is also one of those honest ones that says that the products are replicas. I already ordered two, fake velvetines in Faded and Cashmere.

I was just wondering if you want to see a review or lip swatches, please like if you want to. 🙂

P.S. While I was on my On the Job Training (OJT), I met a very despicable person… The Salon employees gets their personal makeup products from her. She visits them every 5th and 20th of each month (because pay day is the 15th and 30th) and she sells her items in a “buy now, pay later” system. She sells her fake Mac, Nyx and Naked lipsticks for Php250.00 (Usd5.29) which is Php100.00 more than the usual price sellers sells them for, and she sells an obviously fake Naked 3 that looks like this (but with different shades):


I got this from my friend’s Facebook page; I am not going to link it for her protection.


For Php550.00 (Usd11.64)!!! Php400.00 (Usd8.46) more than the usual price sellers sells these for… and to top it all off; the bitch had the balls to call these GENUINE; FROM THE USA and she got them DIRECTLY FROM THE FUCKING FACTORY! DAMMIT! I want to flip her the bird the moment those words came out of her mouth… but I can’t since we were inside the salon. But I really want to.

Okay, I need to relax for a little bit…

(UPDATE!!!(01/18/16): I already have a review up, click “here” if you’re interested in reading! 😉 )

So… That’s all for now folks and see you all later! 😀


8 thoughts on “Announcement: I Found FAKE Lime Crime Products!

  1. Hey! I’ve been searching for someone else who has found the fake velvetines. I want more info on them. I actually have 13 of the fakes. I can only find these colours: bleached, cashmere, suedberry, pink velvet, red velvet, rave, pansy, utopia, faded, shroom, salem, wicked and riot. I would LOVE to see side by sides of the fakes next to the real thing. I only have the real cashmere and they are different but I love both of them.

    1. Hi there! Good to know that I’m not the only one who has seen fake Lime Crime! Though I only have two; since the other two that I ordered are out of stock as of the moment. Also; I can only compare the ones I have from swatches online since I do not have a genuine Velvetine, since they are hard to find here in the Philippines, and they were sold by 3rd party sellers for a very high price. But even so; just by looking at swatches online I could already tell that the products I bought are different; both in color, finish and consistency. 🙂

      1. Omg.. i have ordered some through Aliexpress and now I see all fake.. earlier I ordered through the eBay and those were authentic..
        Anybody knows any side effects of fake?

      2. The only problems I see with fakes is that you don’t really know what is in it; that’s where all other problems stems to. Because you don’t know if there are anything harmful in there that might put your health into jeopardy. There was this time when a woman bought a fake Dior eyeshadow palette and she had to be hospitalized because because it burned her eyes. It turns out that she was allergic to one of the ingredients in the palette, that was definitely not written in the packaging because it’s only a copy.

  2. Im a victim too… but then.. maybe ill just use it when the occasion calls for it. Sayang din nman! Haha! Oh well! Life!

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