Random Lip Arts

Lip art has always fascinated the crap out of me. From those very simple ones to those over the top ones, they were all mesmerizing in my eyes. So freaking mesmerizing  that I tried doing some myself.

Good thing these didn’t end up as epic failures!

All of these are all pretty easy; the most complicated one was the blue leopard print; which is the one that took the most work out of these, the other three were on the same level. In my opinion these are some of the easiest ones out there.

Also aside from these I also made some Halloween themed ones; that i posted on Facebook last October. These didn’t end up as well as the others; but still look fine in my opinion.


So here are my lip arts; feel free to make your own too! 😀

And that’s all for now! See you all later! 😉


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