Another Cheap-Ass Haul


Okay, here is another cheap-ass haul… BTW I forgot to mention that most of the items included in last haul are for my clients, since I do freelance makeup, hair treatments and nails. I don’t just get stuff for no reason, I don’t just buy stuff because I want them, if I just want them, it means; most of the time, that they’re not important. Right at the moment I only get the important stuff that I can actually afford; by important, I mean the stuff I use for work.

Note: I borrowed the money I used for this haul… Because I really do need these stuff for 3 clients. Two of them are going for mani-pedis, while the other one is a friend of mine who will join a pageant called Mr. & Ms. Tourism or something along those lines… he will get his hair and his “male” makeup done by myself. I am not proud of borrowing money off relatives, since it makes me feel like a damn leach, but I do pay up when I have the cash, sometimes with interest. I HATE borrowing money or depending on others, it just steps on my pride so freaking much; but what can I do? Like what I said in my last post, your main goal is to survive.

But really, in the end it’s better to borrow money while you are younger and starting to make a living and a name for yourself; rather than borrowing money in your 30’s or 40’s because you didn’t try and work harder when you’re younger. Basically you wasted your youth.

By the way, there is no makeup in this post… but they can be considered as “cosmetics”, and “cosmetic tools” though. -_-

Now on to the haul (that almost made me feel like banging my head on the nearest wall because of the debt it came with :-/ )!

I shopped all of the items from a store called Trendee, yes it is spelled that way; A store under the management of a company called Asia-One General Merchandise.


The first thing I got is a ten piece comb set. This cost Php65.00  (Usd1.38), a steal considering that most shops online sells this for Php100.00 or higher, and it isn’t available on the other places I frequent ( -_- ). It includes all the basics you’ll need from a teasing comb to a pitchfork comb.


Then I got this! This is a hair coloring brush with a hook for a tail. I forgot the proper name of this but it sure is useful, it’s a multi tasking tool and is amazing for the price I got it for which is Php15.00 (Usd0.32).


Now lets go to the nail art tools I got, here is a set of dotting tools of different sizes, back then (as in until to yesterday morning) I was using a wooden pointed cuticle stick to make dots, now  got this! and this is the item I was very excited about, it is also the most expensive item here! It cost me Php120.00 (Usd2.55).


Then I got nail art brushes that comes in a set of three, it includes a pointed brush, a flat one and an angled one. It cost me Php78.00 (Usd1.65).


Then I got two nail decor wheels, one has a design of fruit cut-outs while the other are assorted colored tear shaped rhinestones. Each of them cost Php48.00 (Usd1.02). Both cost Php96.00 (Usd2.04)


Then I got this fairly ordinary round nail art display card for Php10.00 (Usd0.21).


Now, last but not the least, the only legit cosmetic product here, this awesome little mofo! Derma Vio Nail Polish Remover Pads, this thing is actually pretty effective; the pad actually just slight touched my painted nail and a chunk of the polish came off! I’m quite impressed and annoyed at the same time since I’ve only been wearing that polish for a day! And this cost me just Php28.00 (Usd0.59), it is a little oily though but still totally worth it!

The over all cost of every single this is Php412.00 (Usd8.74). Which I’ll need to pay off this month, but hey almost everything here is reusable, so the head ache from the debt is worth it! 😀

So, that’s all for now, see you later! 😉

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