Cheap-Ass Way of Drying Brushes

Drying your brushes upside-down (the bristles on top) will loosen the glue thus destroying your brushes in the long run, other alternatives to drying your brush that way is drying it with a brush tree or make it stand up using a brush guard, but a broke jackass like me, here is what I do to compensate, and I promise you it does work.


my broke-ass way of drying brushes…

All you’ll need are these items:

  • A hanger
  • Hair elastics

Just these two. And patience.

you can hang it on a place with direct or indirect access to heat or just hang it in front of your electric fan.

Hope this helps in a way (either you’ll do it or my antics made you laugh either is fine with me). 🙂 See you later!

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