A Broke Person’s Guide To Life: #1 Don’t be too Picky With Food

Eat what you can eat, when you can eat it. To me this is one of the most useful sayings I’ve heard in my life; and this quote is pretty useful for people who are as broke as I am right now. Because for me, as long as it’s not blood or have blood as an ingredient, or dog/cat meat, or human meat(for crying out loud!); I’ll eat it. Dammit I even ate frog legs before, I’ll even eat rice field mice if the need arises! Call me PG (Patay Gutom) or any derogatory term there is for broke people, but I’d rather survive thank you.

If you are really broke, eat anything that is on the table; being a picky brat won’t keep you alive, so just eat it. Also learn how to swallow your damn pride. If you have nothing to eat and someone (you actually know) wants to give you food voluntarily, then accept it, don’t do that “no thank you, I’m good” crap, and just take it; and promise to give back someday.

Keep in mind that your main goal is to survive.

These are the things to be wary of:

  • Food that you know nothing about
  • Food  from strangers (Home made)(disregard this rule if you got it from a feeding program)
  • Stuff that looks inedible (because most times, they are).
  • Sweets and chocolate (because you might want more, then realizing that you can’t afford one; you’ll just pity yourself).
  • Things you’re allergic from (but then again there is free food in the hospital…)

Okay, that’s all folks, see you again next time and I hope this helps (even though I know most people blogging are probably middle class citizens and above and don’t need these tips). 😀

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